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The bright blue / orange color matching is the result of the combination of the team's traditional color matching and the prevailing fashion. Color design shirt for the 1955 design of the famous statue of Peace West Village, is located in Nagasaki peace park; the statue side, full of origami. The goalkeeper's shirt used the Yellow / powder color. in commemoration of this event, the team in August 8th and Consadole Sapporo before the game, held a memorial ceremony to pray for peace ". This day is a very important day for the team and Nagasaki, although it is a 70th anniversary anniversary, but it is still unforgettable. And the significance of the competition is not only competitive, but also transformed into the memory of the day and the desire for the unity of the nation. Before the game, about 1300 players, coaches, and their families went into the game to form a "peace" square.In the fifth week of the regular season, the chief of the emirate had just played the Dezhou people for 10 minutes, and the Dezhou people lost two defensive frontline players. 〉 〉 〉 Wei Wei outside Terry · tamoxifen DeGeneres muscle tear, upcoming surgery, season. 〉 〉 〉 defensive end forward JJ- Watt fractured his leg in one stroke, left the court in an ambulance, and reimbursed the season. coach Obrien said after the game: "obviously, for they (Watt and Timothy DeGeneres) the injured team they have to feel sad, ahead of the end of the season, it is difficult to accept it. But this is a professional league, and we need someone to come cheap nfl jerseys free shipping out and make a contribution to the rest of the game. We will not stop training and competition, but on the contrary, we will work harder. " Although was known for his defense of Dezhou in the PFLP and Mckinney, and Cunningham clowney defender, but suddenly lost two out from players, for Dezhou's defense, is still a great loss. Last season, vatersay newspaper, and stood out DeGeneres clowney Moxy, against the defense team rushed. This season, Klauni is the great Klauni, but Watt and Timothy DeGeneres will miss the rest of the game. Then, who's going to replace them? defense end front team DE position, in addition to Watt, there are the following players can play. 〉 〉 〉 Christian · card Winton, in the second, third and fourth weeks, respectively, defensive 14 (accounting for 22%, the same below), 16 (25%), 9 (22%) files, respectively, 2, 3 and 3. This season, it has taken 13 escapement, 1 escapement, and 1 balls. 〉 〉 〉 Joel · Sith, defending 26, 41%, 16 (25%) and 18 (44%) files in second, third and fourth weeks, respectively, 1, 0 and 1. This season, 8 grabs and 1 escapement, including the 4 capture against the chief. 〉 〉 〉 Brandon · Dunn, second, third and the fourth week, respectively, defensive 11 (17%), 13 (20%), 13 (32%) files, respectively, 0, 0, 2 times. This season, a total of 6 escapement, including 3 capture against the chief. 〉 〉 〉 Carlos · Watkins, the 4 round of the new season, only to defend the 12 (29%) gear in the fourth week and complete the 1 capture. This season, a total of 1 escapement. In 's current performance, Winton will be a partner with Sith.Squash | costumes Guangzhou Asian Games 100 day countdown "we looking forward to this moment" click the view group in Guangzhou in August 4, the beautiful Guangzhou pearl joy passion rich multicolored decorations! This evening, the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 countdown to the 100 day celebration party is held in Guangzhou. Wang Yang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, started a 100 day countdown ceremony. , director of the State Sports General Administration of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, Asian Paralympic organizing committee chairman Liu Peng, deputy secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, governor of Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee executive chairman Huang Huahua, chairman of the CPPCC Guangdong Province, the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, Asian Paralympic Committee Vice Chairman Huang Longyun, China Federation party secretary and chairman, Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee executive chairman Wang Xinxian, vice chairman of the Council of Timothy Fok and Zhu Xiaodan, Xiao Zhiheng, Lin Xiong, Liang Weifa, Xu Shaohua, Zhang Guangning, Lin Musheng, Wan Qingliang, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city leaders attended the party. 7:30 in the evening, the ceremony kicked off in the China sonorous agitation drum. Two giant dragon boat rowing to the center of the stage, the huge sail rises, masts moving together, people look forward to the common meaning of the Dragon Boat Race in Guangzhou Asian Games opening has been getting closer to that moment, Guangzhou is struggling to sprint! five, four, three, two, one! At 8 o'clock in the evening, with the countdown countdown, ocean press start switch, the Guangzhou Asian Games will usher in the 100 day countdown to this important node! Looking forward to this moment, looking forward to a happy landing, the dream comes out of the fruitful fruit; looking forward to this moment, to work hard, life will be more wonderful and more worthy of... The joy of the song sounded all over the field, and passion infects everyone. The evening party is divided into 4 chapters. It shows the theme of Guangzhou's profound historical and cultural details, reform and opening up to promote urban development, eulogize the people's welcome to the Asian Games and the Asian Games. It's a profound implication to welcome the Asian Games and create a new life. show in the form of chorus, from two Guangzhou ten district (county) people and municipal authorities and the army, the professional Choir composed of 10 chorus square, a total of 2000 people participated in the show. Mao Amin, Sun Nan, Han Lei, Tan Jing, Karen Mok, Ku Kui Kei, Joey Yung and other famous singers took the lead in singing, singing together with the chorus of the masses. The scene was grand and the crowd was jubilant. show, "is looking forward to this moment", "Harmonious Asia" and other dynamic fashion Asian Games songs, also have "," clouds chasing the moon "welcome song" so full of rich characteristics of South of the Five Ridges traditional music. A song "Tianya at this time" sent the Chinese people's deep blessing to Guangzhou Asian Games. With the eagerness call of "more wonderful together", the Asian actors dressed in colorful ethnic costumes dance to show multicultural and colorful Asian culture.The official website of NFL | Bill ran Peeler Weiss activation this week, is expected to debut | Rugby The battle of key buffalo Bill team against the Green Bay Packers in the win also need to continue to win in order to continue to compete for the wild card playoff seats, and this week they run the main defender C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller) has recovered, they need to increase his attack power. Spiller, with a fracture of the clavicle, could be on the stage this week after 8 weeks of short-term injury reserve window. Doug Doug Malone announced this week that he would activate him to the 53 people's list, and based on his training this week, the players' team will be adjusted in. , on the team's official website, said: he's injured now, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he's doing this week. He had done very well before, and it would be great to get back into the squad for our attack. Spiller Malone and Nathaniel Hackett - offensive Coordinator (Nathaniel Hackett)'s performance in the 2012 season as he is so good, but his return will help the team should strengthen their offensive against the packers in last week's game offensive team scored 253 touchdowns but no code.

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