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has decided to change the offensive coordinator after the Oakland Raiders hit the league's best level this season. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported that Bill Musgrave (Bill Musgrave) was "not expected to return" in 2017. Musgrave's attack team ranked sixth in the total number of advance codes, and ranked seventh in the league. The Raiders scored 12 wins and 4 defeats in the regular season. Quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) was the most valuable player's strong contender before his leg fracture in December 24th. in the two season worked with Musgrave, Carle was a two time occupation bowl, pass nearly 8000 yards and 60 touchdowns, only 19 passes was stole. According to reports at , Musgrave and the Raiders of the contract for only two years, but chose not to renew his contract with the raiders. The quarterback coach, Todd - Downing (Todd Downing), is expected to be his successor. It is reported that a number of offensive coordinators vacant cheap nfl jerseys free shipping teams are interested in him. Before joined the raider, Musgrave served as the quarterback coach for the Philadelphia hawk. is always an adventure for a young and rising attacking team. But it seems that Jack Del Jack has confidence in the remaining members of the coaching group, Jack.The official website of NFL | Beckham: NFL player should get more income | football the New York giants wide receiver Odair Beckham (Odell Beckham) is the beginning of a good occupation career, his rookie season won the offensive rookie of the year honors, he was on the cover of madden 16. but in an interview recently, Beckham said that if there was a need to change in the league, it was the players getting higher income. he said: I know basketball players play 80 games, baseball games are more, football is also, but football is the most people in the United States. It was also the most serious injury. It is not fair to provide a non guaranteed contract that is always provided. The players have a short career. They are all injured when they leave the field. They may only stay in the League for 3,4 years but think about how they spend their lives. According to , according to Forbes, the average NFL player income in 2013 was $2 million, which was lower than NHL, NBA and MLB. In addition, the minimum wage in 2014 was $420 thousand, which was much lower than any major career movement.talked about the quarterback scramble for each team in the new season and had to mention Cleveland Brown. At present, Josh McKoen is the most effective candidate for Brown's first quarterback, while Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) is hopeless. It may only be the quarterback quarterback No. third in the team, Josh McCown. But coach Mike Pettine said he has not decided to let the McCain start. Peitingben Monday in an interview with reporters, said: "I can not say the first week starting quarterback is McCain, I can only say that if this week of the game, Namaikaoen will start. Of course, I admit that between McCain and Manzel really is a big gap between the McCain, ability to be a lot stronger than he. Especially before McCain with DiFilipo (John DeFilippo, Brown offensive Coordinator) has worked, he was evidently stronger than a length." Pei Ting is not willing to disclose the new season starting quarterback for just NFL coaches smoke behavior common, anyone can see McCain has basically locked the main seat, Manzel difficult to pose a threat to the.NFL official website | Marshall Cutler joke: no one love ex | Rugby ????????????????????-???????Jay Cutler???????????NFL??????????????-??????Stacey Dales?????? Not long ago, before the bears star wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) has publicly expressed a lack of reaction to bear on season team offensive dissatisfaction, and Cutler in this interview humorously responded to this news. Cutler said, "no one can love his ex girlfriend after breaking up." There's nothing wrong with him. I know him for years. He's such a person. He was a good player and he made a lot of contributions to the bear team, but it didn't turn to the record in the end. In fact, I would probably have left the bear team like him. Cutler continued: (Marshall will face) new environment, the new team manager, everything is unknown. I believe Marshall can perform well in the jet. As far as I know, he is in good health now, because I have seen a little bit of his private training in Chicago before. So he's sure to keep the good state of it all the time. Marshall previously claimed Kell - Orton (Kyle Orton) is the best quarterback he worked, the outside world that this is the irony of Cutler Marshall in injury to men inflicted by evil persons. However, Cutler's response is quite generous. There is no return and sarcasm. What he wants to do now is to adapt himself to the new coach team of the bear team and prove himself with excellent performance.

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