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The average price of forty-ninth Super Bowl TV ads is close to 30 seconds, 4 million dollars, but this is not the highest point. According to CBS TV, they predict that the Super Bowl advertising will reach 30 seconds and 6 million dollars in February next year. CBS chief executive said, "there is no doubt that 30 seconds of advertising is close to $500-600 million, and our ads are absolutely selling out." But you need to know that in the first three years and 30 seconds in the first three years of the Super Bowl advertising, the ad was just $3 million 800 thousand. data show that this super bowl attracted 114 million 400 thousand viewers. The past five super bowl is regarded as the most worth watching Series in the history of American TV. In fact, it's all about the needs of the fans, at least for now, American football cheap nfl jerseys free shipping has reached the highest demand in the United States since its history.the United States Wednesday New Orleans saints safety Kenny Vaccaro (Kenny Vaccaro) - when interviewed said that he believes his team's four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) can get more than 4 super bowl. Vaccaro said: "Bracey must be members of the hall of fame, I hope he get more ring, even more than Tom Brady (Tom Brady)." Obviously Vaccaro's idea is not practical, Bracey currently has 1 rings, Brady has 4 pieces, if more than Brady Bracey means that at least 3 led to win the super bowl, but Bracey is 37 years old. the new England patriots have 5 consecutive American League finals this year to enter, but also did not play now Brady patriots 3 wins and 0 losses, and the saints 0 wins and 3 losses, Vaccaro is a typical representative of the team defense group, can not stop the opponent's run and pass the ball. also has a point. Since 2013, the saints have not entered the playoffs any more.when Palmer Carson (Carson Palmer) recently announced that he is "100%" from November last year, the knee injury healed, the Arizona Cardinals let other National League West team noticed that they will be a great team this season. "in his quarterback, we know that we are the champion competitor, real competitor," selected occupation bowl defensive end Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) to the NFL official website said Wednesday night. "His ability to pass the ball helped us to face the defense, and he led the team. He is a natural leader. " data can prove Campbell's confidence in his team as a champion contender. Palmer in the past 15 starts in the Cardinals won 13 games. In his knee cruciate ligament tear in November last year before the Cardinals have had the best record in the League 8 wins and 1 losses. In the absence of Palmer, the four point guards, Drew Stanton (Drew Stanton) and Ryan Lindley (Ryan Lindley), had only won 3, 5 and a half in the remaining games. since Palmer led the Cardinals from 2013 mid season offensive, he has become one of the best quarterback alliance, a total of 27 touchdowns 12 passes by quarterback steals, the score reached 96.1. , despite the difference between conservative estimates and Palmer's quick return to training, Campbell said Palmer was "looking good" in the recent training. "He proved to them that he had recovered 100%," Campbell said. "... he finished every pass on the court." if Palmer in 16 games this season, stay healthy, the League of nations, the best three teams will have two teams in the National League West was the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks include.After NFL's official website | Josh Brent two years to return | football after two years and two days, the Dallas cowboy defensive cut-off Josh Brent (Josh Brent) returned to the stadium. according to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said that Brent in today's Chicago bears on Thursday also are active in the game. The latter had been trained with the team after the 10 match period last month. Brent was accused of involuntary manslaughter because of a traffic accident in 2012. His driving failure resulted in his friend Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) dying on the spot. The cowboys and Brent had completed a year's renewal not long ago, expecting him to help the team's weak defense.

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