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Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist perhaps the "NFL unveiling war" is a natural orientation. in the past five years of opening 2009 Steelers overtime win over the Titans, both sides played extremely ugly, a series of mistakes, created a low score of fierce battle. In that season, the Steelers Titans fall in the playoffs for both ugly edge. 2010 opener, arrangements to challenge all saints faffe uncle, this is the 09 postseason classic drama, but the new season opener without the playoff elegant chic, both foot work in defense and pavement, the saints won a slightly raised, took the victory, and the final season as a result, the saints scored 11 wins but only won the National League wild card in Seattle, eventually lost to 7 wins and win the division the Seahawks, and the Vikings is bad, season 6 wins partition bottom, which directly leads to retire after the season Favre uncle. 2011 opener, the saints became hostesses off from the defending champion, the defending champion packers and they staged a tactical high offensive war, coupled with the special combination of both offensive and defensive 10 touchdowns, the packers blocked the saints finally back off the game. The Huashan mountain after the two sides of his strength with the end of the regular season, then they are proudly had 15 wins and 13 wins, but both collapsed in the NLDS. 2012, the alliance arrangement for the 11 season of "regular season battle against the giant cowboy drama. Cowboy town popped a young Kevin Aogeteli, relying on his excellent play, remove the cowboy game, on the season at the giant counterattack couldn't again staged a comeback. The season is the final result, the giants lost the battle, failed to achieve the comeback season. But the cowboy again fell into the "regular game". 2013, the city MLB team the Baltimore Orioles to prepare for the playoffs, only in the away game t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o challenge the crow form, firepower horse, horse game eventually evolved into the offensive group training performance, and the crow getting ready for the match seemed far better than the opponent fully. In the end, the Raven failed to recover, and the attack was far from the supremacy of the championship season. The horse is sweeping stride forward singing militant songs in the regular season, losing super bowl is something. This year the opener, 16 to 36, the Seahawks beat the packers in the home court to gain victory with unstained swords, the game in the future history will occupy the high position? This is not necessarily true. After all, this is just a regular regular game. But from the summit match, we seem to be able to see some sides' trend this season. Next, let's first review the match: . -- -- -- -- Sea Hawk in the starting lineup basically not too many surprises, is basically a pre-season games to determine the main. The packers side, the main center of J.C. Trevor (J.C. Tretter) were injured, rookie Cory risler (〉The official website of NFL | statistical data of zero Sherman staged a classic performance | football cornerback for the defensive line, line guards, grapple sacks means more digits in the player's ruling power is stronger, but for a star guard, do not dare to complete his opponent quarterback passing direction challenge him, is to be shown a top cornerback, usually they are even difficult the opportunity to steal. just in the end of the NFL2014 season opener, the top cornerback Sherman hit the top Seahawks cornerback classic performance. He finished the statistical data: 0 tackles, 0 opponents to pass his defense, this also means that the number of successful passes, promote the code number, the number was 0 touchdowns. most of the time, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, one of the four major league elite quarterback Aaron Rodgers (AaronRodgers) will not even choose to go to Sherman guarding the right to seek outside the region, leading the packers took over Jody Nelson (JordyNelson) is arranged in an array is basically the Seahawks cornerback other sectors. Because of this, the game down, the number of Sherman even appeared in the relay lens are very few. All the actions of the opponent showed Sherman's strong strength and deterrence. Sherman proved his strength to be the name of the league's first corner guard.The official website of NFL |2015 season by the Denver Broncos Rainbow Night | Rugby in the spring of 2015, is not only his 49 44 wins 19 flat 1 negative Jim Harbert fired, Fawkes also led the Broncos 46 wins and 18 defeats John in four years (and his coaching team) was also swept out of blue chip coach was expelled, and the stock three Mustang Gary Kubiak and his team the next pointer, the only score of 7 wins and 1 losses is quite successful, even from a distance the Super Bowl trophy, but the 7 wins experienced frustrations and past defeat to the blazing hot horse poured ice water. I come to you, what is the absolute advantage of horse let them ride the wind and waves will sometimes, what is the disadvantage that they did not sell iron with broken halberds defeat. fire! Wade Phillips epic level defense group , 68 year old Wade Phillips came from a football family, father Phillips is one of China, the history of the famous master of defense Wade monasteries, fell from the defense, and at the University of Houston linebacker position with a few years, but he was short of stature disservice, after graduation directly at the University of Houston as an assistant, open a long way of managing. Because of his extensive connections, Wade's way of teaching was very successful. He joined his father's think-tank at the age of 29, and became the Houston oil worker's line guard and defensive front line coach. Then he followed his father South Louisiana for the first time as the NFL - level defense coordinator. A long way, father's retirement, Wade in 80s and 90s to become an apprentice, Bardi Ryan and Dan Reeves, deputy marshal, and even served as the Mustang two season manager at the beginning of 90s, but hovering at around 50% grades. Then he moved to Buffalo as a defensive coach and coach, to travel around the world, by Jerry Jones - the nouveau riche fancy, even before the three season coaching cowboy twice in the playoffs, but Jones is still not satisfied, looking for a chance to fire Wade halfway through the season. Then the aging Wade knew he had no energy again as a coach, but also found a close cooperation Kubiak, from Houston to Denver have been together. is not destiny, or to the great defender Wade and tireless in teaching others, seem particularly fate, Reggie White, Bruce Smith, DeMarcus, and J.J. watts, is not in his hands on Star Road, this summer he met today this horse, think of the season offseason the introduction of John elvy has accumulated enough for his great defender, Wade coached the team to success is a natural thing. Wade is a chastity guy, victory is we played and coached the team and the fans to pursue, is our motivation. This is a simple word.regrets is the worst, isn't it? when people feel sorry for you, it makes me crazy. They asked you how you did it, you said you were good, and then they looked at you with that expression - do you really say it? I have a lot of experience in the offseason, I know why. We were in close proximity to the super bowl, and we gave it out. I won't lie to you and say it's just a game. It's not. This is the most important game in our life. we screwed up. to be honest this bad. It's still hard to come in now. It's hard to think about it later. But the question we are facing now is: how can you recover from the setback? I think: you just do what you need to do. because you can't go back and change what's going on. I'm sorry about all the cliches, but what you can do is learn from it, use it as a driving force and move on. This is what we should do as a team and a unique falcon. let's go on. I know you read this article, think that the Iceman you really do it? Isn't that the word you should have prepared? well... Yes, it is. I believe a lot of people say that everything is fine, when all the way, I did a few times in the offseason. but when I said "yes", I didn't pretend that we were moving forward. The change we have made is real. at the end of the super bowl, everyone in the team are basically each spent several weeks of vacation, independently visit family, or go home to rest for a period of time, until the offseason training. I don't know what others have done, but to me, going back to the super bowl is a kind of vent, and I've done it a few times. Watching the video brought me almost a real sense of reality, man, it really happened. yes, it's not instant. Even after the end of the game, it took me some time to really determine what had happened, and I really accepted the defeat. There's a time to mourn, of course. I feel scared for a while. When someone will talk to me about the "super bowl" - it may be anyone... The family, the fans, the media - this sad feeling will be filled with the rest of the day. No matter what I'm doing, I may go to the grocery store and get into my mind. I'm going to stand in the farm area, and I'm obsessed with thinking, how did we lose that game? That idea has been back all the time. but in the next three weeks of the offseason, as at the end of February, Dan · Quinn to the whole team sent several emails. Most of what he said, you know we have to keep it secret. But I can sum up for you. basically, to 〉

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