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on Thursday U.S. time, the Denver Broncos left Jiefeng Russell Okun (Russell Okung) in the free market to test the water, but not with the team to continue their 4 years of contract 48 million. , Ueno Ma is very disappointed in his offensive position this season. Russell has been poor in many passes protection this season. He only ranked 48 in the 74 cutting edge of the league. now Russell himself has refused to take the next step with the team, with a second - year guarantee of only $5 million. But is currently Mustang to re sign back to Russell, giving him a new contract, because the 29 year old left Jiefeng in the free market is still very popular.The official website of NFL | eagle and safety Jenkins signed 5 years | football Philadelphia Eagles completed a contract renewal with the team's core players in the first time. Local time on Monday, the team announced and safety Malco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) for a period of 5 years, including 4 years of contract part of the contract agreement. The NFL official network reporter reported that the extended 4 years were partly worth $35 million, including a $21 million guarantee. Under the new contract, the two parties will cooperate to 2020, with a contract size of $40 million 500 thousand. before, Jenkins and the eagle's contract for 3 years, worth $15 million 500 thousand, the next season will be the last year of the contract. The eagle decided to beat the defensive core ahead of time, and the two sides agreed before the start of the new season. Jenkins is also the eagle this offseason signed fourth players, the team's next goal will be Fletcher - Cox (Fletcher Cox). over the past 2 seasons, Jenkins's grabs and the number of mistakes in manufacturing have both led the team. The 28 year old safetys are currently playing in front of eagle is one of the most consistent player, it is self-evident importance of defensive tactics.New York giant Victor Victor Cruz took the season off in the middle of last season, which resulted in a reimbursement for the season, which has been recovering since then. The Victor season has been recovering. As a result of the good recovery, Cruz was not placed in the list of "physical reasons", and his training was increasing. Cruz took part in all training on Sunday and Monday night. He said in an interview with reporters: "I feel great. My knee has been restored to one hundred percent. Sunday's training is the longest physical training I've had in such a long time. Before that, the coaching team kept controlling my participation in the training sessions, and Sunday was the largest number of times I participated. Cruz continued to add, "I feel very good. I got up this morning, no injury, no pain, no swelling, nothing, I think I've come back full of blood. " Cruz also wants to be in this Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the second preseason go into battle, he believes he is ready. But the giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) but in the words of Cruz reveals absence all the preseason, he said: "this (Cruz for pre-season) and there is not much need, he still need to step by step, he's step-by-step recovery to a good point, but his attitude is very good, not afraid of injuries. Our pre-season games brought him to let him participate in the warm-up before the game is also a reason, although he did not play, but at least on the sidelines, his spirit and thoughts into the game atmosphere, as for his next step we have to go slowly."NFL????|?????-????a???-???????????|????? because of a contract dispute, cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) failed to attend the Seattle Seahawks opener training. But on Thursday's training camp in the United States, his teammates, Marshawn Lynch, were dressed in his training suit. Seahawk training Lynch in money Eisner No. 31 dark blue jerseys after money Eisner in their social software wrote: Thank you very much for the support, thank you very much. 2 years ago, the Chancellor and the Seahawks to complete the contract, the security deposit is $17 million, since he has always maintained the position of player in the league's top strength. Because of his contract reasons, he has no guarantee for the next season, and his basic income will be 4 million 500 thousand in the 2015 season, 5 million 100 thousand in the 2016 season and 6 million 800 thousand in the 2017 season. now seems to consider the Seahawks to continue in no money Eisner case, but apparently Lynch money Eisner supporters.

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