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The official website of NFL, until the rams lost playoff hopes gove is likely to start in football nest no one heard the expectations of the Losangeles goats fans for Jared - Goff (Jared Goff). When participated in the NFL official website program, NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that as long as it is still possible to enter the playoffs, rams will not plan to change the quarterback. according to what I know about the quarterback of the ram, Rapoport said. It was not until they lost the playoffs that they wouldn't make a change unless Case Keenum showed a huge landslide. and another NFL official website reporter Steve Veitch (Steve Wyche) reported a similar message, he said he just thinks that gove is not ready to play. was not surprised by those who saw Goff's poor performance in August this year. Although Goff has been involved in part of the starting lineup training, he showed in the preseason game that he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping could not quickly read the opponent's defense before kick-off and after the kick-off it was difficult to cope with the speed of the NFL level defensive team. He still had a long way to go. When 3 wins and 5 rams against New York jets in the next game, they believe it is their best quarterback. They also think the rest of the attack team is not enough to provide support for an inexperienced new rookie quarterback. can start running back Todd in the offensive attack (Todd Gurley Karli) open, rushed the ball in the League ranked third will let the quarterback continue to bear the burden of overweight. The coaches know they cannot ask Tom, like gove the past two games a week. That is about 50 times the ball. even though it is frustrating, the ram fans have to remain patient. Kinam had 4 passes in the London game, and then more than 6 games failed to lead the team. If this is not able to change the candidate to huge landslide quarterback performance, we see in the game before the ram has gove disappointing season will get worse. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.after two years and two days, the Dallas cowboy defensive cut-off Josh Brent (Josh Brent) returned to the stadium. according to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) said that Brent in today's Chicago bears on Thursday also are active in the game. The latter had been trained with the team after the 10 match period last month. Brent was accused of involuntary manslaughter because of a traffic accident in 2012. His driving failure resulted in his friend Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown) dying on the spot. The cowboys and Brent had completed a year's renewal not long ago, expecting him to help the team's weak defense.tiger news August 10th the United States on Wednesday, the New York giants officially announced the signing of the line Colin - Brooks (Corin Brooks), so the line - Jiesamen dunca (Jessamen Dunker) into the abandoned / injured list. Dunca is falling in April and the team signed the draft. Brooks was undrafted, was at the Emirates short trial. He served as Zuo Jiefeng at the University of Dezhou. line last season is the giant demons, but they did not make a big change in the offseason.The staff | NFL website |NFL survey patriots locker room football According to informed sources Fawkes sports reported that NFL has found a new England patriots locker room staff, he was considered in the game ball from the referee will take the road to the locker room and take it to the other place. , according to Fawkes sports reports, has already interviewed him and has a video. The report said the alliance was still investigating whether there was a misconduct, but he was very suspicious. on Thursday more than 30 minute press conference, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) explains how he chose 24 for football referee in the ALCS against Indianapolis Colts before the examination, he also said that he did not use any method to change the ball. , who was familiar with the progress of the investigation, told ESPN that the League found patriots had 11 inflatable volume in 12 matches, which was significantly lower than the requirement in the 45-7 victory. NFL issued a statement on the survey last Friday, saying that they had made nearly 40 interviews by the time. Matthew Slater (Matthew Slater), a patriot, said on Saturday that the NFL players' Union recommended patriot players not to discuss the ongoing investigation. also on Saturday, Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) a detailed explanation of the team is preparing for the match ball of the process and that the pressure of weather may affect the ball. The long patriot chief defended his team passionately, and he said we did everything in the right way.

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