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In order to embody the symbolic "CR7" in everyday life, Nike's designers integrated all the diamond print patterns in the whole series in delicate style. The performance of single products including Nike Mercurial Lite CR7 shinpad high degree of professional, can ensure that you don't hurt in the fierce competition.The official website of NFL | pony look forward to take on more responsibility | rookie wide receiver Rugby rookie wide receiver East Mon Cliff (Donte Moncrief) as the season will become a key figure in the Indianapolis Colts offensive? Mon Cliff's playing time has increased steadily, with his debut against Cleveland Brown to reach a career high 50. This number must continue to increase. Hakim Nicks (Hakeem Nicks), who has signed off this year's free agent, is disappointing, and it is difficult for him to pull out of the air in the confrontation with the defender of his opponent. After suffering torn triceps playing hurt veteran Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) has just hit career worst performance, 3 times and 2 times to get rid of the ball, the ball when the ball from the hand was destroyed, quarterback Andrew ruck (Andrew Luck 2) was also sent to the ball steals hi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s direction. after the game, offensive coordinator PEP Hamilton (Pep Hamilton). In addition to number one wide receiver T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) outside will be greatly dependent on Mon Cliff as well as 2 tight end Kobe vrinat (Coby Fleener) and Dwayne Alan (Dwayne Allen). This strategy has perfect effect in the thirteenth week of the game, in this game against the Washington Redskins game, and Mon Cliff vrinat made a total of 261 yards and 4 touchdowns. Hamilton's offensive strategy is unique because he uses a large number of players, and is a minority and will set up an offensive system to take the role position. When learning all over moncrief line running position and his playing time was limited, but he has gradually achieved the trust of iraq. was obviously able to finish the attack, Hamilton said this week. In addition to the ability to complete the attack, the goal is to take over moncrief became a full out like Wayne, can accurately complete the route running the ball in a small space and help open at the ball in. He can do all that, Hamilton explained. But I think we chose him just to get him to get it. is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. Mon Cliff, who has a tall figure, is one of the best qualified hands in this year's history. The pony picked him up in order to eventually replace Wayne and set up a strong combination with Hilton. They don't think this process needs to be speeded up. In the last few games of Wayne's brilliant career, Raymond Cliff will make the veteran's pressure a little smaller.Atlanta falcons locked up the Robert Alford (Robert Alford). falcons announced that they had renewed their agreement with the corner guard for 4 years. The contract is worth $38 million, including $21 million in security income. He also received a $3 million signature bonus and $7 million for team bonuses, which were all guaranteed. The falcons selected Alford in the second round of the 2013 draft. He has entered the last year of the rookie contract. Alford has been acting up and down in the first four seasons of his career, but he has proved that he can make a contribution to the stability of the falcons defense team. He showed his potential in the rookie season, but his performance in the 2014 season was bad. He has rebounded last season and he has been stable this season. Alfred sometimes defeated by rival long but can also complete some important failure to pass. Alford has made 47 passes in his career (12 times this season) and 9 copies. Alford was partnered with Desmond Trufant, the first round show in the 2013 draft. He was more targeted than his opponent at the same level. When trurvan has been put into the list of injury reserves, it is the top priority of the falcons to lock Alford. The falcons gave a good contract that Alford would not get into the free agent market. Alford's new contract value of $38 million is fifteenth in the position of the player. The $21 million security income is more than ninth of the horns. if falcons are willing to give Alford such a contract to prevent him from entering the free agent market, he can also believe that Teru Fant will get a similar contract in a year.Dave - Gethmann (Dave Gettleman) returned to New York. New York giants Thursday appointed Gayman to become the new general manager of the team. Guttman accepted the team boss John Mara in December 20th (John Mara), Steve (Steve Tisch) - Tisch and served as a consultant and former general manager Ernie Akasi (Ernie Accorsi) interview. The giant also interviewed Kevin Abrams (Kevin Abrams) as the temporary general manager and Lewis Reddick (Louis Riddick), who served in the management of NFL team. Gethmann, a 66 year old, has a profound origin with the giant. He had been in giant management for 15 years between 1998 and 2012. Then he became the general manager of the Carolina panther and helped the team get into the Super Bowl in the 2015 season. has won 40 - 23, 1 - draws in his panther and won the National League Championship in the south for 3 consecutive years. After he took office, he solved the problem of the Panther's salary cap and unearthed a lot of excellent players. But he was unexpectedly dismissal of by the team in July this year needs to be responsible for reorganizing the team's lineup, making a bad offensive front and solving the team's future quarterback. Another big thing he needs to face is the extension of the Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham). The latter will be a free player in 2019. Hetman will have the opportunity to find in the 2018 draft quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) possible successor and shape the future development of the team found. But it remains to be seen whether the giant's conservative decision to hire an old man can work.

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