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The defensive front player Jeremy Ratliff (Jeremy Ratliff) ended the Chicago bear team. In the past 3 seasons, he has only made 17 appearances for the team. On Tuesday, local time, the team announced that he was cut off because Ratliff and the team general manager had a quarrel. Then, the bears will be announced before the first round of the Pittsburgh Steelers show Ziggy hood (Ziggy Hood) added into the list. bear's general manager, Ryan Pace, said: "I think it is the best choice for the team to break up with Jeremy. We thank him for his contribution to the team and hope that his future will go well. We are very excited about Hu's accession. " in 2012, Ratliff and the Dallas cowboy owner Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) broke out in conflict. The 34 year old has been banned in 3 games this season, in the past two Zhou Junxian. The bear team will be more depend cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ent on Will Sutton, Jarvis Jenkins (Jarvis Jenkins) and new rookie Eddie Goodman (Eddie Goldman).The official website of NFL | crow defensive end: Patriot habitual cross-border | football the new England patriots may be willing to pay any price to let the gas gate be in the past. Baltimore defensive end Chris Crow - khanthy (Chris Canty) believes that this happened in the American League Championship event is a series of violations of the Patriot a recent example. This is the habit of cross-border Aigo, khanthy told the media on Wednesday. If the accusation is true, what you are talking about is the attack on the fairness of the competition. I am against this behavior. He also says, "I want to talk about blowing the ball to the ball. It doesn't make any difference between me and doping. You were cheating. You get the advantage out of the rules in the game and have some consequences for such a behavior. Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) on Thursday in front of a crowd of reporters read a prepared statement, he claimed that he was shocked to learn NFL for the Patriots defeating the Indianapolis Colts game game ball over deflation investigation. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) has denied any relationship and the ball goes far beyond the standard alliance inflation deflation. for me, fair competition is the most important, khanthy said. As a player, you want to be successful, but you have to think that what you do is in accordance with the rules. You have to think of your playing on the field instead of raising your performance on the pitch with or without doping. when the national media focus on Feinikesi next week, it will only get bigger and bigger. You have to consider how the wave will have a great impact on the Patriots in 9 days.Severe slots ceaselessly, joy not only, sina NBA God slots column continues on the stage! Darcy_Dean: the Losangeles rockets said they were dissatisfied with LeV-1ne: with JR: I knock in Gigi Sensen I: Thibodeau: my death wuhu. Because the injury is stronger than the tiger aircraft fly away: collect 96 Jordan, Pippin, Rodman. The forest bull championship. where is my thousand words: Thibodeau... The veterinarian of the year isn't cool: it's going to go in the summer and it doesn't mean much to change to . Licc: but only 19 games of can be used. dog Zhang Lanlan: would you be able to beat a change of armor, I pretend to have nothing to say: 199 of the skin to know about woo eight Ye Street: also want to retire two shirts about Yunmei hey yo oh well: James: you listen to my explanation, this is before Jordan threw the basketball on the roof, just off the 's most beautiful taste is intriguing: This is not a self - deducted love Jen's Zhan Xiaopang: be afraid of the air suddenly quiet refutation: alopecia, and stronger flower fall drop Hui Wei Shanshan: Durant: coming to an end? Let's start with Whampoa Lau Lao Han: a half day of water, a Durant took the game to (all statements are from the wisdom of the netizens, not the Sina NBA view) scavenging code pays attention to the Sina NBA public number to get the latest and fastest NBA information! statement: Sina Net exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint!Our football equipment network is the largest and most complete and the most authoritative football shoes, football equipment website, to provide learning and knowledge search platform for the football fans of football equipment.

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