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New York Giants fans expect has wide receiver Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz) and finally to the back. In the local time related media reported Tuesday, is very optimistic, he now for the injured leg had no pain. Ke Luzi revealed this in an interview, he plans to local time on Wednesday to accept the nuclear magnetic resonance detection. If the results are satisfactory, he is expected to resume training this week, even in the weekend. The giant's opponent this week is the Dallas cowboy, who believes he is more likely to return to the New Orleans saints in the next week. is in the training camp during the week before the start of a calf injury, aggravating the injury in the season. The 2014 season, the Cruze had longer because of the absence of a knee injury, the giants also intend to use a more conservative approach to the veteran injuries. Ke Luzi will return more options for the team's offensive offer.Xichaluote high school recently received $200 thousand in donations from the Carolina Panthers and the NFL foundation of grassroots plan, so that they can have a new stadium. the Carolina Panthers team president Dan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ny - Morrison (Danny Morrison) said in an interview with WSOC: "high school has a proud history of West Charlotte, the football field served their students and their families and community, from the glorious history of football shows its glory, but the need for new construction of the stadium." 's money comes mainly from the NFL Foundation's grassroots plan to raise $200 thousand to build Rugby farms by local companies. According to the foundation website, "the project is nonprofit, working with financial and technological support companies to help improve the quality, safety and availability of the local courts." The grass-roots plan began in 1998, and NFL and LISC invested $35 million to 273 project cities. Those who have been helped to the court are now in use. With these funds, local organizations can improve fitness equipment, group activities and community activities to help improve the health of the community. Xichaluote high school is just a school benefit many projects, more will be help to the football players.Squash, squash tour in 2017 Chinese (Beijing Railway Station) competition rules 1. Host: national sports administration small ball sports management center China Squash Association two, undertaking unit: Beijing Ling Dongfang Sports Development Co., Ltd. three, co - unit: Carla Cara (Shanghai) Sports Development Co., Ltd. Dalian Guoguang sports facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. East Lake, East Lake villa, , Beijing four, competition project: men's singles and women's singles five, competition time: from May 19 to 21, 2017 (May 19th report, May 20th -21 day competition) six, the venue: East Lake villa squash hall, East Lake, Beijing seven, competition method: According to the 2017 Chinese squash Tour Championship (hereinafter referred to as the 2017 in the standings, attached) divided participants into two groups, group A was 2017 in the standings of men and women ranked the top four players, group B received accord with the condition of the player registration. (a) group , 1 men and women from the standings ranked the top four players to decide the place of single round robin. 1 wins 1 points, integral multi position before the column. If the score of the two people is equal, the winner of the two match is listed before the list. If three or more points equal to victory is more position before the column, if the two victory is equal to the number of two people, to match the position before the column. If more than three people and is equal to the number of the victory, scoring innings before ranking, if two of them by Bureau of the same number of two people to play the position before the column. If more than three people and is equal to the number of margin Bureau, by fractional multi position before the column, if two of them winning score two game winner of the rank. If the draw is equal, the number is decided. 2, a wild card allows the contestants, wild card qualification after a player I apply after identified by Chinese squash association. (two) B group 1, registration number less than 16 people (including 16), the double elimination playoff and decide the place. 2, the number of applicants is more than 16 people, the single elimination playoff and decide the place. 〉NFL Jason - Pierre Paul's official website | encourage children | football finger amputation in July 4th this year is a tragedy for Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul). But he decided to tell her children with her experience that it's not terrible. 11 year old Xie Moss - Berhane (Seamus Bohannon) in November 3rd this year because of being caught in the bicycle chain had to be amputated fingers 2 fingers. Semos's sister found Pierre Paul through social media, and hoped Pierre Paul could encourage his brother. So on Tuesday night, Pierre Paul made a video conversation with Face through Time. After , Zamos's mother interviewed him: he didn't need to do this, because he was busy, but his encouragement made a lot of gains for my son, which is very important for my son, because he was no longer sad and began to smile. Pierre Paul in the months after the amputated finger went back to the New York giants began their battle field, apparently he used to prove this fact not what all children. finally wrote the message to the child: stay strong, keep courage, and you will get everything at the end. related news: the giant took over Cruz to receive the calf operation season reimbursement

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