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In recent weeks, 's comeback news about Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is coming forth. It is not known whether he will return to Oakland next season, but at least he visited the Raiders this week. us time on Friday, Lynch's personal store web site gave a huge hint. Lynch's website, beast models online sales website has appeared 4 new products, interestingly, they all used black and silver color matching, which is also the color matching for the Raiders, and two of them even have black silver helmet on it. with that does not mean that Lynch will pay, perhaps only to support a form of expression in his home team. but if you look for it, you'll find some clothes that write "BEAST MODE OAKLAND". Maybe Lynch's comeback is imperative.The official website of NFL | crow Coach: receiver Perryman have the opportunity to play the first game of rugby | when the 2015 season comes, uncert cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ain factors outside Baltimore crow took over the position is very large. crow in the draft first round pick Perryman wide receiver Bray Shad (Breshad Perriman) and Steve Smith (Steve Smith Sr.) partner long ball threat. But the new rookie has been out for a long time because of a knee injury. crow manager John Harbert (John Harbaugh) was asked Saturday if Perryman was ready to be prepared for the season's first battle against Denver Mustang. No, I had no idea. I really have no answer to this, Harbert said. I think he has a chance, yes. But how big the chance is now an unknown number. No, I had no idea. Perryman had a knee injury on the first day of the training camp, and he was still unable to return to training after more than five weeks. The injury was described by Harbert as a bruise at the beginning, but was later redefined as a sprain. we think Perryman won't make a big impact on the crow attack team immediately, even if he's suddenly restored to health. The crows are one of the most unstable teams in the United States, which makes them not concerned. In addition to Smith, Kamal crow will rely on Aiken (Kamar Aiken) and Malone Brown (Marlon Brown) of these players to play an important role.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in his brilliant career occupation was also increased by a pen, in the game very touching, Brady led the team completed 10 ball reversal in the fourth quarter, in the occupation career won fourth Super Bowl at the same time, also won the third Super Bowl trophy MVP. The said in an interview after the game: "start is not what we want, two interceptions hurt morale. But we have survived the great psychological fear. No one has blamed each other for complaining, and it has been a great pleasure for me to play for such a patriot team. also won 4 passes in the match while winning the championship, so that the total number of his super bowl came to 13 times, which surpassed 11 of the 49 names of former San Francisco 49 Montana Montana. Brady passed the game 50 times, completed 37 times, got 328 yards, and the 37 pass was also a new record of the super bowl. Therefore, the MVP trophy is absolutely deserved.Handball | Asian Games history to create a gold medal in women's handball | China pride | hand Co It is reported that , the sixteenth Asian Games women's handball game on the afternoon of November 26th, ended in the Guangzhou Industrial University Stadium, China women's handball team beat the Japanese team to 31 than 22, won the first gold medal in Asian Games history China, and rewrite the South Korean team 5 consecutive packet won the gold medal of the project of the history of Asian games. Chinese after the game, players and coaches are very excited, the press conference, Wang Xindong said that today can be said to realize people's dream of several generations of China handball team has achieved this, Asian Games gold medal in very difficult circumstances, I think is great significance. This gold covers several generations of handball people's efforts, this is the administration and the hand curved rod base center leadership, and many domestic Tongren handball struggle together, without the leadership and colleagues for their support and help, not the players every day hard training, we can get the results today. So I'd like to thank everyone and thank you for everyone contributing to the Chinese women's handball. Wang Xindong confessed that the Chinese team won the Asian Games, but our ultimate goal is to get tickets for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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