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The official website of NFL, the cardinals and Palmer, Fitxgerald completed the renewal in football nest , the Arizona Cardinals clearly do not want the team with quarterback Carson Undue delay may bring trouble. recently, Palmer (Carson Palmer) and Larry Fitxgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) completed a one-year contract, Palmer's contract will continue until 2018, Fitxgerald's contract will continue until 2017. Palmer is 36 years old this year, the first 16 games last season, led the cardinals in the second round of the playoffs, his regular season finished with 4671 yards passing and 35 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Fitxgerald is 32 years old this year, finishing 109 times in the last season with 1215 yards and 9 players. two obviously is the cornerstone of the offensive team last season the cardinals. Such a renewal would be guaranteed as long as Palmer was able to guarantee his health, although he had had 2 ligaments. for Fitxgerald this deal means that he is likely to retire in the cardinals.The official website of NFL | giants to enter the list | activation of Pierre Paul Rugby Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) is back. The New York giant announced on Saturday that they formally activated the defensive end forward to the 53 man list. He will play in the next game against Tampa Bay pirates. The move was expe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cted after 's JPP regression training. JPP missed 8 games after an amputation of the right index finger. last week, JPP signed a one - year contract with a large amount of bonuses worth up to $8 million 700 thousand. It is reported that the bonuses depend on whether JPP will be able to fight 7 games. The return to the game in the next game means that he has 8 games to accomplish this goal. boss Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) this week praised his passing impact, he said on Wednesday: JPP's physical condition is very good, so we are willing to accelerate his return. is not sure how much time JPP will have in the next game, and it's not clear whether the giant will control his time. Defensive coordinator Steve (Steve Spagnuolo) Genuoluo spa said this week should not be regarded as the Savior of the defense giant JPP. no matter how much time JPP goes on, the giant is in urgent need of a good defensive player like him. The giants are at the bottom of the league in terms of the number of escapement, the total number of defensive codes and the passing defense.last week suffered due to allergic reactions and once absent will meet the media and then abruptly answered reporters questions compared to the first round of the Miami dolphins - Tang Searle (Laremy's Remy Tunsil) this Saturday, a lot of good mood. was in a happy mood. Tansil, who was laughing with reporters, met the media second days after the new rookie Mini training camp and kept smiling all the time. Tang Searle stressed that his personality is not the question and was left to him to prove this dolphin. "I don't worry about it, everyone has their own opinion," Tang Searle said Saturday. "I am the only one who knows his true character." for the past nine days is not calm down searle. First, on the day of the draft, a video of a video of marijuana sucked down the market. Tansil and his agent said that his social media account was hacked by hackers. At the press conference after the draft, Tansil also acknowledged the money he had received a coach in college. Tang was unwilling to dilate the details of his Saturday. But most of him said he was looking forward to the future. Dolphins coach Adam - Gass (Adam Gase) also said Tang Searle looks very pleased to be able to focus on playing again.Jun 17, 2012Garrett Ellwood/Getty ImagesLeBron James and Kevin Durant will try to lead their respective teams to the win in Game 3 on Sunday night.The Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat will play Game 3 of the NBA Finals at 8 p.m. ET Sunday on ABC.How important is a win in Game 3? In NBA Finals series that are tied at one game apiece, the Game 3 winner has gone on to win the title 85.3 percent of the time. Here are some key factors that could decide this critical game:GET INSIDEIn the Thunders Game 1 win, OKC outscored the Heat 56-40 in the paint, the second-most paint points allowed by the Heat in a playoff game in the Big Three era. Seven players scored from inside 5 feet for the Thunder, led by a postseason-high 14 from Russell Westbrook and 10 from Kevin Durant.Heat Inside 5 Feet NBA FinalsIn the Heats Game 2 victory, Miami had a 48-32 advantage in the paint, the Heats second-largest paint points margin this postseason.LeBron James was 9-of-16 in the paint in Game 2, and all but one of his 10 made field goals came from that range. Dwyane Wade also attacked the basket more in Game 2, going 3-of-7 from inside 5 feet after making just one of four shots from that area in Game 1.X FACTORSShane Battier has been the biggest surprise of the Finals, scoring 17 points in each of the first two games, the first time he scored in double digits in back-to-back games this season. He has made nine of 13 3-pointers, after shooting a career-worst 34 percent from long distance in the regular season.Nick Collison scored eight points and grabbed 10 rebounds in 21 minutes in Game 1. But he disappeared in Game 2, scoring zero points while not attempting a shot in 14 minutes. His plus-minus of plus-21 this series is the highest of any player in the NBA Finals.LINEUP COMPARISONStarting Lineups Per 48 Minutes NBA FinalsIn the first two games, the Heats starting five have far outperformed the Thunders starting five. James, Wade, Battier, Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers have outscored their opponents by a team-best nine points in the 39 minutes they have been on the court together.Durant, Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins and Thabo Sefolosha have really struggled in their 28 minutes together on the court, having been outscored by 18 points, the worst of any lineup in the Finals.FROM START TO FINISHThe Thunder got off to a slow start in each of the first two games of the Finals, falling behind in the first quarter by 11 points in Game 1 and 17 points in Game 2. They were able to erase the deficit in Game 1, but their comeback fell short in Game 2.Westbrook shot a combined 5-for-20 in the first half of both games but made half his shots (15-of-30) in the second half. Durant, who averaged less than 10 points in the first half in Games 1 and 2, has taken over in the fourth quarter for the Thunder.He has scored almost half his total points in this series in the final 12 minutes (33 of 68). According to the Elias Sports Bureau, he is the first player to score at least 16 fourth-quarter points in consecutive NBA Finals games since the ABA-NBA merger (1976-77).Statistical support from NBA.com.

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