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The official website of NFL | high-profile show off their wealth and low-key simple NFL car | football players coexist The NFL alliance is just like a small society. The players in the league have both the rich (the stars who earn more than ten million dollars a year) and the middle class (the backbone player of the annual salary of millions), and also the civilian class (the blue collar players who get the basic salary). As we ordinary people, they will buy their cars according to income, and they also have a car person, before a hit HBO drama "players", to several characters kept the car probably gave us a deep impression on the table. So what is the real life of a dozen million dollar players in these years, what's the taste and the actual purchase of the car? I'll give you a brief introduction today. The economic car of the civilian class is actually not all NFL players that flaunt ruthless struggle, after all in the country on wheels, the car for most people is more like a necessary daily tool. The same is true for players. Most of the time, cars are transported to training facilities from their homes (lots of players renti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng apartments or houses near the headquarters of the clubs during the season), so they don't necessarily need a luxury car. this is the most representative of the Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris, he is so far the car is still a 1991 Mazda 626! Yes, it's the predecessor of the familiar horse 6. The two 25 year old Mazda Alfred knowledge from the community at the university play period father bought, then the priest only symbolically charged him $2. Morris gave the 626 nickname Bentley, and was open until he was picked by the red team. Washington, 2013 Mazda dealers in order to encourage Morris, specially spent 275 hours in the car were refurbished. Although the car's performance and configuration is not worth mentioning, it is a sentiments for the Morris, which is as precious as a luxury Bentley car. also compared by NFL players welcome commuter car and a Mercedes Smart Fortwo, this is only half the car so much the car to any of the NFL players can buy toys when opened up, though not what sense of control, even small internal space to hold two big players, but for those who love the players alone, this little guy is already enough. Smart Fortwo for the love of a Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, Keenan Lewis, the New Orleans saints cornerback former Cincinnati tigers star took over Chad Ochocinco. And it's like Jack.Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) is about to expire with Washington's red skin contract, but he doesn't seem ready to talk about the contract with red skin. recently when accepting Washington radio interview, Cousins hinted that he would like to stay to play, want to stay in a place he said: "every Monday when everything changes, no one is the same, you always want to do their work in their own wants to stay in place, I am no exception, we will in the next few months I found that place where. It's a bit far away from our discussion, and now our work is not finished yet, and all this should go to the rest of the season. " According to the news, will sell the quarterback after the season, but will not make him a free player, which will also ensure that he can get a high income.Does Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick) leave 49 people in San Francisco? NFL official website reporter Gatlin Getlin said on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter, Capet Nick's agent has asked the team to trade the quarterback, Rand. the day before the news leaked 49 general manager Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) said he was "completely" looking forward to Capet Nick next season in the 49 'lines. Capet Nick's $11 million 900 thousand salary will become full guarantee in April 1st. Buck said the team of the Capet Nick plan is to keep him until April 1st. in the ninth week of last season, 49 people asked Gabot Gabbert to take the place of Capet Nick as the first quarterback. Capet Nick was put into the injury reserve list in November. At that time, he was listed as a left shoulder injury on the eleventh week list of injuries. But he suffered the injury in the fourth week and started 4 games later.Andrew - Williams (Andre Williams) started in the Sunday night match this week, the first start of his career. But the game, whether the process or the result, is quite different from what he imagined. The rookie from Boston University took the lead this week instead of the injured Rashard Jennings (Rashad Jennings). He played the ball 16 times, taking only 58 yards. The New York giant was finally finished by the Philadelphia eagle in 0-27. After the , Williams said: "the hawk's defense is excellent and I can't find a breakthrough." The first attack of the game Williams is the only bright spot appeared in the giant, then he rushed the ball once for 8 yards completely defeated the eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins). He holds the ball 10 times at work and only flashed out of 25 yards. Back in the lounge, the team was 20 points behind. In the second half, his performance was not too big, the whole game failed to finish a catch, and even failed to have a chance to be a pass goal. The giant's other runner Payton - Hillis (Peyton Hillis) ran out of 24 yards for 5 times in the game and 28 yards for 3. Williams said he would go back to analyze the video, find the problem and make up for the missing part. before the game, the giant's ground attack was ranked fifteenth in the league, 121 yards out of the field. Jennings is now a 396 - yard League runner fourth, and at least one more game will be absent. Next week, the giant's opponent will be Dallas cowboy, and Williams will face great pressure again.

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