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The official website of NFL, the Patriots coach Macdaniels hopes to get a chance in football as a coach wo Macdaniels McDaniels (Josh McDaniels), the new England patriot attack coordinator, wanted to speak out. yes, he is interested in becoming the NFL team leader again one day. However, he has no intention to become Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) in the patriot's successor. this is what he said to reporters at a press conference on Tuesday. Macdaniels noted the recent reports about the Biliqieke he succeeded, he said these reports out of thin air. I really want to be the coach again, he said. Before , we agreed that if a team is looking for a manager, Macdaniels will be the number one candidate. He is waiting for the right opportunity to appear. That's why he hasn't left the Patriot again. though it is not clear what teams are going to look for the next manager, it can be considered that the quarterback, the general manager and the boss will become a consideration. Macdaniels would not want to go as soon as he was in the Denver Mustang as the manager. When he was the next manager, he wanted to command the team comfortably. , as long as the boss reaches a similar level, other teams can create an atmosphere like patriots, which is what Mike and Daniels value most. The inevitable playoffs of the patriots may make the team's interview schedule more complicated. But if there is a suitable position, don't be sur cheap nfl jerseys free shipping prised to ask Macdaniels to ask for leave to participate in the meeting with potential new owners. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Heisman Memorial Trophy (The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award), usually referred to as Heisman (Heisman Trophy), awarded annually to the best American college football player, in recognition of their role in the course of excellence and outside the stadium. Heisman in early December each year (NCAA football before the playoffs) by the Heisman trust (Heisman Trophy Trust) announced the final winners and held the awards ceremony. award was founded in 1935, to commend the "most valuable football player in the East" in the East, which is issued by Downtown Athletic Club. In the sports director John - Heisman Club (John Heisman) after the death, to commemorate his achievements, the award was renamed the Heisman, and issued to the west of the Mississippi athletes. As one of the oldest American college football award, the Heisman has considerable weight in the United States, are all college football athletes dream heavyweight awards. trophy design Heisman trophy designed by Frank Eliscu, the trophy style is a rugby player ball blocking action, the trophy is the prototype of the 1934 season of New York University (NYU) football team Ed Smith. The cup body is made of pure copper, 34.3 centimeters high and weighs 11.3 kilograms. At that time, the designer of the trophy, Frank Eliscu, found his high school teammate Ed Smith and hoped that he could make an action in the rugby game to stimulate his inspiration. At that time, Ed Smith must not think, one of his casual movements, later became a famous Heisman trophy. candidates select In the early days of , only the Mississippi East players were eligible to participate in the award. Since 1936, all the zoning players in the university rugby league are qualified to participate in the selection. But the final winners usually come from the teams with outstanding results in the NCAA first division (Division I). who is eligible to vote includes: - sports journalists (870 journalists each year have the right to vote, and they will decide the final winner to a large extent) - former Heisman winners (this year, a total of 57 former winners have the right to vote, they can choose to abstain from voting, but it will not lose the right to vote. In the rest of life, each of them can divine the Heisman vote) - fans (each year, the Heisman trust commissioned ESPN to vote, vote on its website, fans will become a final vote.is the time to pay again. Seattle Seahawks twelfth logo and related products if you want to continue to use it in 2016, they need to pay a lot of money. It is reported that 12 people this is the first registered trademark in 1990 by Texas A&M University, then in order to use the trademark year Seahawks need to pay $5000 fee. Dezhou aandm Seahawks and the earliest trading began in 2006, in 2011 had an update. The agreement continued until the end of 2016. It is reported that the new contract is likely to increase a lot. seems Seahawks owner Paul - Allen nouveau riche (Paul Allen) the need to open the wallet.The official website of NFL | New Orleans saints cut defense core galactic | Rugby New Orleans saints and their best passing hit hand split. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the saints will cut giugno - Scarlett Wright (Junior Galette). Gallett has made 22 escapement in the last two seasons. Last September, the team renewed his contract with him for 4 years, with a contract worth of $41 million 300 thousand. He got $17 million 950 thousand last year alone. According to reported at Scarlett, Wright met with NFL officials recently. The alliance is investigating two out of the field events involved in challiet, and the saints are increasingly disappointed in him. Scarlett in January due to domestic violence and Wright slightly wounding was arrested, but the charges ultimately revoked. In the offseason he encountered problems this year and pectoral muscle tear. The doctors were disagreed with whether he needed surgical treatment. This will prove general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) once again on contracts mistakes. Because of the salary cap, in fact the team before June 1st can't cut him. Now this year he will occupy the salary cap space for $5 million 250 thousand, and the team in the future but also because of the salary cap space in his contract money continue to consume $12 million 100 thousand. This is how the NFL team is stuck in a salary cap dilemma and can't pull it out. galet is an outside guard, defensive front end hybrid player. He is an excellent speed pass player for a team lacking enough players to match his opponent's one to one counterpart. The saints' other defender, Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan), was a good defensive end, but not a pure pass. Anthony Spencer (Anthony Spencer) to replace the off-season training in galactic position. Defensive coordinator rob Ryan (Rob Ryan) to create a shock tactics blitz quarterback pass. At the beginning of last season, insisted on the media that the 2014 saints defender was more talented than the saints who won the 2009 season Super Bowl. Now, galet will be remembered as a signboard character who failed to play the potential and unstable performance and wasted four points in the defensive team of Drew Bracey (Drew Brees). He will also be remembered as Loomis's big mistake in the contract. Gallett and Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) signed a huge contract renewal last year. Two people are no longer the saints that are clearly in the transition.

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