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The official website of NFL | Starks instead of Rethy packers starting running back into | football when Eddie Lacy Eddie did not perform well, the Green Bay Packers changed their running sequences before facing Detroit lions. chief coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) told reporters on Wednesday that he thought James Starks (James Starks) is the top runner of the team, and racy acted as the two runner. I would say that James will be the number one running guard against Detroit, Mccarthy told the local media. He won the opportunity. I'm not very confident of relying on a major runner all season. We're going to let two people turn out. 's poor performance has made Wisconsin feel anxious, especially during the two failure of the packers. The three grade runner only got 308 yards for 83 shots, averaging 3.7 yards each time. In his past four games, ray Xidan had no more than 38 yards in the number of punches and only one match was more than 2.1 yards. whether it is due to injuries (ankle and groin) or increased body weight, Rethy has been unable to effectively find space and lack of power. Rei was limited to Wednesday's training, and he left early in the game because of a groin injury. Starks has been a better running guard in recent weeks. He also acknowledged this on Wednesday, including playing 10 times in the sixth week, 112 yards of the ball. His first video game is his rapid explosive force and make changes to the ability to find space in the backcourt, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Rethy lack of such ability. two did not perform well this season, but Starks had the best chance of ending the wrapper. In the face of the thirtieth lion defense against the runaway league (133.8 yards on the field), the packers are likely to return to the right track in the attack and win.The formations of row injury problems this week San Diego lightning will be troubled by the team in the next game. This week the team against Oakland Raiders, safety Eric Wardle (Eric Waddle) have been identified missed because of a groin problem, running back Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon) and Keenan Alan (Keenan over Allen) respectively for ankle and hip injury is still in the observation period. Stevie Johnson veteran receivers (Stevie Johnson) due to a hamstring injury also is listed as doubtful". according to NFL official website reporter, the professional bowl near end Antonio Gates (Antonio Gates) injured the knee collateral ligament in the match with Green Bay Packers last week, which will lead him to be unable to play this week. It was Gates's first knee injury in his 13 year career. local time on Friday, Gates said: "I will try to find a way to come on Sunday." If I can't get out, I'll let the coach know it as soon as possible and give them a chance to adjust. I'm very optimistic now because I know what rugby is. But to be honest, this is really a difficult thing to overcome. This is the first time I have encountered this kind of injury and let us see what will happen. "Full cooperation of the major league of professional baseball and Chinese educational institutions baseball As the host of the Beijing Kevin school in Beijing, which is managed by the Tsinghua middle school, Kevin's education is currently concerned by parents and people from all walks of life. Beijing Kevin school regards sports as an important carrier for the all-round development of students. In the campus planning, there are many sports facilities including indoor gymnasium, golf, baseball club, football field, water sports field, tennis court and so on. Recently, Xiaobian has heard that Kevin education is going to cooperate with MLB in an all-round way. He interviewed Kevin, Mr. Xu Guangyu, President of education, and asked Mr. Xu to talk about his international education idea and some related situations about cooperation with MLB. first of all, please introduce you to Kevin education Xu total: Kevin education focuses on the field of basic education internationalization. K-12 stage, including primary and secondary schools, starts from physical schools, and constructs a complete curriculum system, and extends to online. The first school we started with Tsinghua and the Beijing Kevin school will start this fall. why is Kevin's education focused on international education? Xu: at large, Chinese from the first batch of students from the late Qing Dynasty has been more than 140 years, experienced in the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of Beiyang, until now, the emergence of a large number of received international education talents in modern China history, in politics, economy, culture, science and technology in many fields of national defense, leaving a lot of wonderful passages, today, in the global trend of the development of globalization, the international demand than any period of history are strong. On the other hand, China is a large population. China's education situation has obvious shortcomings. Public education is committed to the equalization of educational resources, while differentiated education has great market demand, especially international education should focus on private education. What is the definition of Kevin's school for international talents? Xu total: international talents first need to have a thorough understanding of the international advanced technology and culture, the world trend and other international affairs, including language, code of conduct, political economy, science and technology law, sports culture, art and so on. Knowledge must be thinking and philosophy, especially the innovation ability and critical spirit, to achieve these goals, curriculum reforms to transcend the simple cognitive subject knowledge, the curriculum must include the ability to obtain critical analysis, with different cultural backgrounds and creative ability of independent thinking and collective work. The second is the mentality of tolerance. Throughout today's international community, conflict and disharmony mostly begin with ununderstanding, inability to identify and not to tolerate each other. International talents should have an inclusive mentality and broad mind, and be able to accept multiculturalism and accept it.The official website of NFL | Falcon starting left Jiefeng | football season for fear of injury Atlanta Falcon's plan is to make this year's sixth ranking rookie Jack Mathews (Jake Matthews) take the right cutting front and veteran Sam Beck (Sam Baker) as Zuo Jiefeng. Such a plan needs to be adjusted. in the pre - season match against Houston Dezhou on Saturday night local time, Beck was sent out of the battery car because of a right knee injury. He was in pain when he was lifted and apparently unable to bear any pressure on his legs. He didn't come back to the game later. NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) quoted a source of information on Sunday morning local time that the initial diagnosis was a tendon tear in the knee. If the later test confirms the diagnosis, the injury is almost sure to end his season. Beck had only 4 games out of his knee injury last season. Since his first round of the 2008 draft was selected by the falcons in the 2008, his career has been uncertain because of his back injury. Losing Beck was a bad news for the bad falcons attacking the front last season. this game as a right tackle for the poor performance of the Mathews barrier rapid shock may soon be moved to the left position of Jiefeng.

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