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even-even soccer equipment Adidas announced the 2014-15 news team new season away and two Jersey and the French club Lyon, and prior to the release of the new season home court two jersey shirt, this attention to detail, modern, elegant and innovative in a body. New away kit is blue, the team will finish this jersey on Sunday and the Marseille game debut. Different shades of blue gradient in the modern way presents the Rhone River Rhone River originates from the club, he runs, and the direction of the gradient and the territory of the Rhone Leon to remain the same. and New Jersey home court, ball collar engraved with the slogan "Nous sommes L" Olympique Lyonnais (US is Leon) ", reflecting the strong identity symbols are the players and supporters of the club to share. and the national team to participate in the Brazil world cup jerseys, Lyon New Jersey the use of adizero technology to produce lighter and more comfortable playing uniforms, weight more than 40%, less than 100 grams, is the lightest Adidas ever since the game shirt manufacturing. It helps the players to perform faster and play more freel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y on the field. The fan version of the Jersey uses ClimaCool technology to ensure air permeability and keep dry during the movement.The official website of NFL | Dezhou and the first round pick Fowler to complete the signing of | football Houston Dezhou people need to enrich their line-up, so as to provide help to the DeAndre Hopkins (DeAndre Hopkins). In the draft convention, the team picked out the Will Fulller with the first round twenty-first. This week, the two sides agreed on a 4 - year, $10 million 200 thousand contract. Like other first rookies, Fowler's rookie contract has fifth years of team options. Fowler was long in speed, and he was sent with great hope. Experts and fans hope that the arrival of Fowler can strengthen the threat of the Dezhou people's pass attack in the deep direction. In his rookie test, Fowler's 40 yard run score of 4.32 seconds. The biggest problem facing the 6 - foot speed catcher is how to improve the success rate of the ball. In the last two seasons of the University of Notre Dame, Fowler had 9 times to get out of the ball. 's pass in the Dezhou last season was only a reliable point for Hopki, and this season the team will provide a lot of time for the rookie. In addition to Fowler, the three round rookie Brice Miller (Braxton Miller) will also have the opportunity to prove himself on the game.There is no doubt that the 03 generation platinum most regrettable superstar, I believe we all know Anthony before entering the League before the name to James and not much difference between first season in, even after entering the League of the gap between the two is not very obvious, but the 15 season to James is still the first person Anthony alliance basically has become a role player. But in Anthony's career both in Denver and Nicks or Anthony are not the thunder now had a convincing record and achievement, but also did not let the team have what break through the view of the current situation of Anthony even retired will not enjoy this honor. we all know that Ray Allen is the Timberwolves selected and then traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in 96 years, while in the Bucks 6 years the best record is the semi final, at the same time when Ray Allen is in the peak period of supersonic (Thunder Thunder predecessor) so certainly not retired a not played in your own team the player jerseys, even the most likely relationship between the green army retired now and Ray Allen is also very subtle, in Anji some time ago in the interview when he said publicly to retire Pearce and KG shirt but not provided Allen, so that Ray Allen retired also is only a dream. Maddie successfully entered the hall of fame, but Maddie is concerned both in Toronto period or in the period of magic, even to the end of the period of Maddie rockets are not able to prove themselves and not to be able to lead the team to achieve better results, especially for the Rockets seemed to Maddie is retired Jersey has no interest to. Know Yao Ming's Jersey has been retired for a long time. read the original copyright statement: the content and editing of this article are from the Internet's debate on Sunday's game was heated, and there was obviously a lot of eyes looking forward to it. before the occupation bowl offensive linemen Chris snith (Chris Snee) said the League should pay attention to the referee for online play. This is the key to rugby. He said there was a lot of inconsistencies in the quarterback protection network in many competitions. according to Disney's narrative, we can see the change rule began in 2010, the defensive line players have more space to play freely, which makes the decision more and more from the line, resulting in the referee could not see what was happening online. Sni said, "I know that if we increase the online penalty, the attack group's drag and pull foul will be blown a lot, but we can't see any defensive player being blown away, because the referee is not in the right place. This season has followed changes, the offensive tug of the foul 70 times, and the defensive tug of foul dropped to 10 times! " ney points out that if the defender is allowed to pull, this means allowing the line guard to expand the defensive line and slow the attack speed. Disney pointed out the solution is very simple, "would you put your best judgment on the line? Because the referee only needs to look at the confrontation of those online players, it doesn't mean they need to move like those of the group.

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