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The official website of NFL, champion quarterback Goff will not enter the first game of rugby squad, wo when the Losangeles ram starts the new season on Monday night match against San Francisco 49 people, this year's top champion, quarterback Jared Jared (Goff) will not be wearing the jerseys, and the team's discard will be the three quarterback in emergency. Coach Geoff - Fisher RAM (Jeff Fisher) said on Tuesday that Sean (Sean Mannion) - man ion will act as a backup quarterback, punter Jonny Hekel (Johnny Hekker) will become an emergency backup quarterback. also said Fisher gove and man ion position possible in the next week against the Seattle Seahawks home court in the opener of swap. He also said Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) - be starting in Philadelphia and gove is completely not the case as the eagle. Fisher gove said one day it will become the first but until he is ready to start. This decision of goats can be interpreted in 1000 different ways. On the one hand, if a team gets Goff at a huge cost like a ram, will they not let Goff lead the team in the first battle of the season? r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ams have always had a steady assessment of Case Keenum, the first to get the first place. After the team general manager les Snyder (Les Snead) and Fisher said it's a good chance at the start of the season as a starter. Goff's poor performance in the pre - season could not help him get a higher position so early. It is also important to realize that some of the old coach is love let players start cold-shouldered 1. 2004 Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and the 2005 Alex - Smith (Alex Smith) are able to start until mid season. rams feel that they have a winning lineup, which is the only reason why they don't want Goff to suffer setbacks and learn from them. But if you continue to enter the gove lineup, more problems will be put forward. Fisher said Mr Gove will continue a lot of training. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is not sure when he retired, but he knew he would not do with vigour and vitality. on Thursday, Fitzgerald said he did not want to organize such a full of praise, gifts and ceremony before retired tour, Kobe Bryant, Derek and David Otis Jett do. In contrast, more love another Fitz retired star players, the great star only sent a statement to inform the public of their own to retire. "this is a whole team game, not me alone." "I'm just one of the 1600 NFL players," Fitzgerald said. Although I enjoyed the time of playing, I wouldn't try to make every decision of my own. It's not my character, it's not my way, I think I'm more like Tim - Duncan. " on Sunday may be his last game, but he still has a chance to get the league this season first ball number, because the current leader Antonio Brown (106 times, 102 times Fitz will be rested for 17 weeks). But Fitzgerald himself did not want everyone to put him on the ground too early and would only wish to have a low profile.Yi Seoul - Eliot gathered (Ezekiel Elliott) last week against the Seattle Seahawks during the team made a rookie who may make mistakes. when the team came to the Northwest Pacific area, Eliot went to the tobacco store. Although this is nothing in Seattle, it is not suitable for Dallas cowboys' team rules. team boss Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) expressed his dissatisfaction. He used "bad" to respond to inquiries from the outside world. After that, our rookie runner apologized to the team. on Monday U.S. time, Eliot for the first time have the opportunity to discuss this matter in public, he said: "this is the wrong decision, only to see the past around my curiosity too heavy, had not thought too much, but this is not to say that I need to hide what I photograph in there and people. I know that my behavior doesn't offend any rules, but it's a wrong decision. I shouldn't have done it, and now I understand. " has been well received since Eliot was chosen by the cowboy. At the moment, his career starts well.Cleveland Brown's 2015 season finally ended in a struggle. The team announced in the last game, coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) and general manager ray Farmar (Ray Farmer) was fired. Team boss Jimmy - Haslam (Jimmy Haslam) revealed that the newly appointed Executive Vice President Brown (Sashi Brown) - csathy team will take over the operation of things, and ruled that the list of players. in a short period after the two season, Brown and Pettine part company each going his own way. Although management believes that the coach needs to bear the main responsibility, but some players choose to defend pettine. Left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) said: "I think he is a good coach, this is not his fault." this season, Brown's offensive end problem continues. The quarterback has never been finalized, and the overall lack of talent in the attack group has deepened with the season. But it is undeniable that Brown's defense team retreated this year. Last season, losing ninth of their league this season, falling to 29. Farmar, the general manager of , was also not reassuring. He had been punished for 4 games in the competition because of his involvement in the competition. And his leading talent show is more disappointing to the fans. In the past 2 seasons, Brown has held 4 first round signs, including Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel), Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert) and Cameron Erwin (Cameron Erving). At the moment, they still do not have the first level.

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