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| administration under the leadership of team handball athletes | visit the new Olympic cycle at new heights | hand Association Cleveland, January 29th Beijing (reporter Zhang Rui) 15 pm today, director of the State Sports General Administration Liu Peng, deputy director of Duan Shijie, Xiao Tian and Cui Dalin to visit the State General Administration of sport training the national team is stepping up training, on behalf of the State Sports General Administration for him who sent a tiger Lunar New Year wishes. At the same time, it is hoped that the players will work hard in the new Olympic cycle to achieve good achievements in the London Olympics in 2012. at 15 p. m., the head of the General Administration first came to the weightlifter. Looking at the players are training the State Sports General Administration Director Liu Peng, deputy director of the Duan Shijie administration and other leaders do not disturb you, but for fall soft center director Ma Wenguang, manager Chen Wenbin talking about training team and arrangement during the spring festival. then Secretary Liu Peng delivered a speech on behalf of comrade: today, I Shijie and Comrade Xiao Tian, comrade Dalin, the leaders of various d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping epartments and our coaches and athletes together to advance our happy new year, we will be a few days and Chinese delegation went to Vancouver to attend the Winter Olympic Games, so early today to see you. After the Beijing Olympic Games, all our teams are in the new and old stages, and I see a lot of very young players today. With this opportunity, you also have to tell your parents that our leaders also give them a year of worship. weightlifting team won eight gold medals at one time in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Facing past achievements, Liu Peng said, "we won brilliant achievements in 2008 Olympic Games, and also created valuable wealth of leaders, coaches and sports teams. This is also the foundation for the future success. But to see is now all teams are on the project to strengthen the importance of the Beijing Olympic Games eight gold and one silver also let us become a target for all. In the face of the more severe challenges in the 2012 London Olympics, it will be our greatest goal to show the brilliance of China's strength in the past. next, Liu Peng, Duan Shijie and others came to the badminton team, gymnastics team, swimming team and synchronized swimming team to watch training, and to pay New Year's visits to coaches and players. In the swimming hall with indoor temperature as high as 30 degrees Celsius, several leaders including Liu Peng kept sweating, but when they saw the serious training of the players, Liu Peng didn't want to leave the swimming pool and watch for a long time. He said: although it is very hot, but to see the training of the environment is very good, the enthusiasm of training is very high, very happy in the heart. The team has improved its achievements in the last Olympic cycle. In the new year, in the new cycle, I hope they can achieve a double harvest in spiritual civilization and athletic performance.The official website of NFL | or Brown and | football quarterback Heuer contract , the US's quarterback Brown Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) agent revealed that the team is actively contacting Heuer on Saturday, and hopes to renew the quarterback with the veteran quarterback on Saturday. The broker said: we have never discussed the details of the contract. The team just told me that they wanted Heuer to come back. Heuer is about to become a free agent in March this year. According to the broker said Heuer Pettine will in the next week and coach Mike (Mike Pettine), general manager of ray - Farmar (Ray Farmer) talks. Both sides will exchange views on the team's future, Heuer's position, and even Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel). Heuer's agent said: I think the decisive factor in Heuer's return to Brown will be the first quarterback of the team. If Brown tells us they want to let Manzel start, or want to find a first half quarterback from draft or free market, then our choice will be to leave. In addition to position, Heuer likes Brown very much.even-even Australia and Nike soccer equipment network today jointly "football kangaroo" announced the 2014 Brazil World Cup Jersey, New Jersey and technological innovation, while the performance of the Australian football history proud of the design details. "this is the three consecutive Australian finalists the world's highest level of football arena, in this regard, we have gradually become accustomed to. But we hope you can create a review of the Australian World Cup for the first time in history to qualify new jersey, Jersey reflects Australians fighting spirit and attitude to 1974." Martin ·, a global creative director for Nike football, Loti said. Obsidian blue away kit design inspiration from Australia 40 years ago in the West World Cup wearing jersey. The collar and cuff of the New Jersey are yellow and are from the suit 40 years ago. In the logo design, the design team will be Australia on a new coat of arms, engraved 1974 Jersey style to meet the players desire to "feel the history of the nation". Delta tag on the inner side of the collar is a sign of the Australian Association, around 1974 the Australian national team captain Peter · Werwilson's classic slogan "football (We Socceroos can do kangaroo equal to anything the impossible)". during the course of the game players to effectively adjust the temperature so as to improve the performance of the field, is the focus of the work of Nike design team. With the combination of Nike Dri-FIT technology, burning mesh and laser cutting air circulation technology, Nike designers can achieve the most desired dry effect of athletes.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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