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it's really scary to find a big guy on the edge when you have a strand of hair. On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks game against the New York giants in a really flew to the Seattle Seahawks mascot stands cheering for the team. photographed this scene fans on twitter said: "well, the Seahawks flew off residence landed in a lady's shoulder, and I was on the edge!!! Look!!! " all over the lady there taking pictures, and she only looked at her shoulder and the Seahawks remain stagnant. Most people are happy to leave the seat to find this cute guy. some people also say, I feel very scared about it. What if the woman has food on her body? According to FOX sports reporter reports, small Seahawks still stay in another fan head.Chris - Johnson (Chris Johnson) running back position in the Arizona Cardinals position will d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping epend on the next three weeks of his performance. , the runner, said Tuesday that he did not try to prove anything. "I don't say I'm going to prove anything to someone, I think it's something to prove to myself," Johnson said. "After everything, I'm happy to be able to return to the stadium on Sunday." What he mentioned is that he was shot in the shoulder in March this year. He said, "of course, it changed the way you look at life." 's performance has been declining since the 2009 season in the 2009 season. Last season, when he was playing in New York jet, Johnson's first professional season failed to win a single season. He only got 155 times to go to the ball and advance 663 yards. but he thinks his talent has not disappeared. "I don't think so," Johnson said. "I actually think I was more explosive last year." Johnson felt it was a good thing that he could play, or he wouldn't sign the contract even if his game video didn't support him. As a breakthrough never grapple player, Johnson rely on their own power to find space forward, and with the increase of the age of his ability to decline. but, on the other hand, he in the performance decline each season rushing for 4.3 yards than the current main Cardinals running back Andrea Ellington, (Andre Ellington) on the season 3.3 yards to 1 yards. "they have great players on the outside to open up the floor, they have to pass to the depths of the quarterback," Johnson said. "In my entire occupation career, I have to face the 8,9 players in the middle, and there is no one like Carson - Palmer (Carson Palmer) that the quarterback, no space for me to pull over. So I think it's a good situation for me here, and I come to a team that has been winning the game and entering the playoffs. I think this is the right choice. " now Johnson has to do his best in the face of the runaway players, or it might be his last chance to pick a team.Without the culture of the court and the style of the fashion, no one will pay attention to the dress of the football. FILA has released a video to tell consumers how they made polo shirts. On the stadium, the FILA POLO shirt is a landmark fan dress. has passed for decades and has not changed until today. They are the best matches in the hearts of the fans. Usually no manufacturer is willing to expose the process of production of its own sacred products to the world, and there is a story behind each product. From the cotton picking to the present product completion, the process itself is a combination of art and technology. I believe this video will bring enough warmth to the fans.even-even soccer equipment network in the Premier League twentieth round match, West Ham striker Marco · Anaotuoweiqi (Marko Arnautovic) scored two goals, scored 5 ball of fire burns in 5 games. But as news headlines, and not because of Anaotuoweiqi goal, but because there is no correct spelling the name of the master of the Austria striker! at West Ham 3-3 draw with Bournemouth in the game, Anaotuoweiqi Jersey behind the name is printed into ARNOUTOVIC (Anu Tor Vecchi), but the correct wording should be ARNAUTOVIC . On the Jersey misprinted his name, it doesn't seem to have brought him luck, even at the last minute, he scored two goals in the game, could help the team win.

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