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when it comes to Michael Vick (Michael Vick) people will have a variety of topics, but there is no doubt that he is on foot to hot wheels". After the Randall Cunningham (Randall Cunningham) in 2011, he has been in the NFL's quarterback for three years. and on Sunday with the New York jets 20 to 13 victory over Pittsburgh Steelers game, Vick again reached a new milepost: he became the first occupation career to punch the ball more than 6000 yards. NFL in the Vic to punch the ball player rankings ranked 83, Calvin - Hill (Calvin Hill) and Cedric Benson (Cedric Benson), if he continues to serve as the jets starting quarterback, and at the end of the season up to 75 according to the current momentum in Sunday's game he rushed the ball 8 scored 39 yards. Vic once brought his play to change the NFL tactics into the league and reminded us of what was the purest football. And if the Vic had failed to get out from the shadow of dogfighting, he will continue his offense? Can he continue to keep the momentum that he had shown up in the Atlanta falcons? We will never know. Of co cheap nfl jerseys free shipping urse, the current reality is that after the renewal of the alliance, he is still active on the field, and enough for us to see his talent. and the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm is most active has a chance to catch up with vic. After three seasons, Newton scored 2289 yards before the first night of this season, enough to make him ranked twentieth in the quarterback, ranking between Mark Brunel (Mark Brunell) and Roger Strbac (Roger Staubach).NFL official website of the British Daily Mail | wrong name | patriots football the new England patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks this season to win the Super Bowl champion. At this great moment, the media have to reconfirm their manuscripts. The British Daily Mail reported the super bowl with a great length and introduced and analyzed the title of the patriot. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and his wife is the key of the daily mail. however, the daily mail of special news in the flaw in the plan, they made a mistake when you push the Patriots team. They mistook the Patriots as another team under the Kraft (Kraft) family, the new England revolutionary team of the major league of American football. Twitter shows: congratulations on the new England revolution to win the super bowl. soon, the daily mail corrected the mistake. While immersed in the joy of winning the Patriots fans is this laugh. Congratulations to the Patriots, they are the champion of this super bowl. Can such a Wulong report be a dessert after winning the title?patriots wide receiver Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) recently was dogged by bad luck. After losing two teeth in training last week, left the field in the fourth quarter of this week with a shoulder injury. In a 3 yard by Tom Brady (Tom Brady) pass, he suffered from lightning player Hayes - Prade (Hayes Pullard) a record shitailichen impact. two players fell on the field and Prade went off the field. Hogan, on the bench, tried to move his right shoulder and back to the dressing room. Before left the game, Hogan finished 5 hits and got 60 yards. Then he will be scanned by MRI on Monday morning. Next week is the patriot's weekend off, so Hogan has a lot of recovery time.The official website of NFL |NFL star micro interview: have a chance to compete for the Steelers Super Bowl football | Beijing time on November 20, 2015 at 11 in the morning, NFL Pittsburgh Steelers three legend Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark and Taylor AIKE came to the tiger Shanghai company, and NFL China fans on the network for the interview, the answer Chinese concern for football fans. Q1: how do you think of the old basketball players who can play rugby? Do you think if they don't play NBA, will they have a success on rugby? The feeling of strength is a little bit worse than A: absolutely impossible! Haha, they are not so strong ~ we actually can play different positions, such as Jimmy Graham (the Seattle Seahawks near end) is also very strong, he can play basketball; Antonio Gates (San Diego lightning in the end) is also high school basketball player. But if you are only then just started there will be a time of struggle. Q2: the three stars in the future occupation planning can spoilers under A: Ryan Clark: I'm currently working at ESPN as a commentator, and it's great to be able to continue to discuss Rugby after retiring. Troy Polamalu: I started a partnership with a financial consulting firm Ike Taylor is NFL human explanation guest Q3: pola Maru and the former Baltimore Raven legend Lewis are the best defensive players in the century. How do you evaluate Raytheon from your perspective? A: I think he's stronger than me, haha Q4: can three bits predict a super bowl's opponent? A: panther and the Steelers! Ha ha Q5: I want to ask three predecessors of the Steelers season forecast. A: we think Antonio Brown played well and the defensive team played well. We feel that their current lineup has the chance to win the Super Bowl every year. Q6: did pola Maru think back to NFL when he retired as a coach? A: never never! The time for my playing is over (laughs)! Q7: the three stars that the Steelers quarterback Roethlisberger big this is what kind of person? Do you think you can get this Steelers Super Bowl? (PS: I am a loyal fan of the new England patriots, but 〉

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