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Our football equipment network and Schalke 04 Adidas contract expires in the summer of 2018, Umbro will offer. Schalk and Adidas cooperation for 55 years, but because the Schalk athletic performance decline (plus the change in recent sponsorship strategy Adidas is large, only investment giants and competition), Adidas contract terms for each season is only 3 million 500 thousand + bonus (currently 5 million 500 thousand), and Schalk contact other sponsors, was originally the talk to UA. UA, but only the first from the beginning of 2019 sponsorship, so Schalk finally decided to work with UMBRO, the other party is willing to give 600 years in case of the sponsorship fee, can renew the contract for 3 years, 1 years. the Bundesliga team Schalke 04 in the summer of 2018 and th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e end of the Adidas partnership, Umbro will offer. As a cooperative partner for more than half a century, and Schalke three gang finally broke up, the key factor which is just how much the sponsorship amount. After with Schalke, UMBRO shirt sponsorship club also steadily. What do you think of your new shirt sponsor Schalke 04 UMBRO to become? Please speak out in the comments below.The official website of NFL | quarterback Rivers could still play the next game was | football quarterback Philip Rivers in San Diego lightning (Philip Rivers) injury report increased the prevalence of this one, but still listed him as likely to play the game against the Kansas City chiefs. Rivers had been listed as a possibility for a foot injury. His injuries were updated on Saturday, and his injuries and illness were reported, but he still said he might be fighting. lightning also promoted the quarterback Brad Sorensen (Brad Sorensen) from the training group to the list, so that Rivers could not fight to avoid the symptoms of severe cold. But local media reports that Rivers is going to fight. will defend lightning striker Cory - Richter (Corey Liuget) (foot injury) and cornerback Brandon Fluhr - Adams (Brandon Flowers) (knee) in the injured reserve list.New York giant once again signed with Hakim Nicks (Hakeem Nicks). The former first round took the lead in another round of the first round of the giants. What kind of sparks would Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) wipe out? Beckham revealed that his first communication with Nicks began with the size of the palm of his hand. In an interview, Nicks revealed that his hand was bigger than Beckham, and Beckham said his fingers were a little longer. Nicks and Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) were once the giants' winners, but now the two are in a difficult position. Cruz was absent for the whole season again, and Nicks was unable to find a job for a long time. As a matter of fact, Nicks is now only 27 years old, and he has long enough time to return to his peak. Back to his familiar team, again with the top off to become a teammate, the Giants fans expect Nicks and Beckham to give up sparks.The official website of NFL | Dezhou quarterback coach KUDSI will be promoted to the | football offensive Coordinator Houston Dezhou people in the local time on Monday announced that the team originally quarterback coach George ghodsi (George Godsey) promoted as the new offensive coordinator. The team manager Bill - Obrien (Bill O "Brien) announced the news. last season, Obrien and Goodhue joint command team, about the partner, Obrien gave a high evaluation: he has done a lot for the team, this new job he deserves. In 2001, Goodhue served in the Georgia Tech force, when his coach is Obrien. The 2011 season, Obrien became the new England patriot attack coordinator, he brought KUDSI around, appointed him as the near head coach. In the new season of , the quarterback lineup of Dezhou will consist of Malet Mallett (Ryan Mallett), Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) and Tom Savage (Tom Savage). How to exert all their strength, will be the primary task of goodhue.

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