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of the Arizona Cardinals the second grade main safetys tillen - Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) this season has been plagued by injuries, but also because of the past few weeks he has been sidelined in finger injury. The key stage for the partition but at a time when the top, Matthew can't wait to come back. Matthew said in the interview he will return the ball on Tuesday, he said in the campaign against the Seattle Seahawks key this week: "I don't want to miss this battle, but do not want to last two regular season games can only sit and watch." Matthew, the second half of last season on a torn knee ligament, this season is affected, he also admitted not like last year on the field around the dash, but his return will still have a great help for the Cardinals defensive. This week the Cardinals with the Seahawks game will decide who is the National League West champion, unable to display the Cardinals need defense group fist to stand up on the offensive end.with the final whistle cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of the United States Federation, the forty-ninth Super Bowl formally entered the reciprocal stage. Let's read the number to read the interesting numbers about the super bowl. America chowhound 1, Americans can eat 1 billion 250 million chicken wings at the Super Bowl Weekend 2, the day of the super bowl, Americans eat about 11 million 200 thousand pounds of potato chips 3, super bowl will sell more than 50 million cases of beer at the end of the weekend, 4, 1/12 people look at the super bowl to see the advertising and the midfield show 5, only 5% of the people will choose to watch the match alone 6, during the super bowl, 11 million pizza was sent to the families of business competition influence; 1, of the top 10 programs in American history, 9 are super bowl 2, the Super Bowl in the history of the largest audience, reached 164 million 3, a super bowl, can bring 150 million dollars in revenue for the host zone 4, 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising, the value has soared to 4 million 500 thousand US $ 5, since the introduction of the Super Bowl advertising, the cost has been 125 times, an average of 2.5 times per year.The official website of NFL | to patriot yet the full moon line 'Pax has once again been cut | football The new England Patriots quarterback Brandon Online - spparks (Brandon Spikes) to rejoin the team less than a month after he was laid off again. found a car registered in the name of linebacker Mercedes was abandoned at the side of the highway of the Fort Dix came after a few hours of this news in the Massachusetts state police. police said in a public statement spparks car was found on Sunday morning and at the front end of the car is damaged. According to the statement, a representative of a vehicle navigation system company reported to the police that the driver had hit a deer, but there was no trace of deer at the scene. In fact, it was Mercedes' own reporting service that alerts the police. They did not find the driver when the police arrived at the scene. said in a statement, the police said they later received another name of the owner, police said in the same section of the freeway from spparks car was not far from the abandoned place was unknown the vehicle hit the rear of the car. Three passengers were slightly injured in the car. , the police are still investigating the two events, they are not on the spekes no charges, his Mercedes car is not formally linked to crash. Aigo in May this year signed a contract for sparks, the value of up to $2 million a year, but only guarantee in the contract signing bonus income is $25000. After the 2010 / 2013 season for the Patriots spparks effect, but because with the team and leave the Patriots and contradictions in the leave after he had last season expressed dissatisfaction. After a season for buffalo Bill, he was surprised by his return to the Patriots. In the anti run excel spparks originally is thought to enhance depth in this offseason injuries of the linebacker position.The official website of NFL | Ronnie Lott gave Pierre Paul weapon | Rugby since last week's Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) incident broke out, people were mainly concerned about the future of his stadium and the contract with the New York giants. still cares about his finger problems, but no one seems to be concerned about his own psychological problems. Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott (Ronnie Lott) very understand Pierre Paul encounter, Lott's left little finger was removed in 1986. The story of his personal experience of Pierre Lott so Paul said: when the doctor gave my hand put on the gauze, I think: This is why? I've never forgotten that moment, and I just sit and tell myself that I look like a ET person. For Pierre and Paul, he will learn how to play and how to control his hands. All this is different from the original. Pierre Paul once through the treatment process, maybe he will give a call to say thank lotte.

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