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Squash | served as the head coach Wang Weiheng China squash team for the first time to Kunming training Figure : the new national team coach Wang Weiheng in the team for comments. (photography Chen Kun) In order to prepare for the in Guangzhou at the end of the Asian Games, Chinese squash team recently arrived in Kunming Xingyao Sports Center for a month of winter. This is the first time the team came to the plateau for training, the main purpose of which is to improve the physical fitness and basic skills of the team. Jin Hongwen, Minister of the State Sports General Administration of two ball sports management center, said to reporters, the training camp in Kunming national squash team including four male players and five female players in Shanghai Institute of physical education students for the team basically set up. Because squash is still a new project in China, the last Asian Games was the first time for Chinese team to compete. So the team has just been built for more than two years, and the average age of athletes is less than 20 years old. as a non Olympic sport, the most important task of the national squash team is the Asian Games. Although many Asian countries have high squash level and have world-class players, the young Chinese squash team still hopes to make breakthroughs at home. To this end, the team at the beginning of this year hired the former Chinese Hongkong No. 1 player Wang Weiheng as cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the head coach, and determined the plateau training program. (New Jiang Lili) related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! |2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only European countries | pending bid for Chinese hand Co bowling | Chongqing honglink bowling alley in June 2016 third week tournament player Cui Jie 1348 points to win the hands curve! bowling |2016 national bowling championship in the northern section of the north, Jiangsu winning team champion | Shanghai the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling bowling tomorrow officially opened! The official website of NFL | Aigo trading malette | backup quarterback football | China tour's first stop squash squash ended Wang Weicong Li Dongjin to win a The official website of NFL | Toni Luomoyin back briefly left | footballnow new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) only enjoy the off-season players not in the league, recently the Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) participated in the NASCAR race once a year. , according to car racing official website, Olsen will cruise the safety car for the venue. Olsen told us: "I think these racing drivers' work is wonderful. Only when you are involved, can you understand all this. This is really another experience." The NAS truck race will be held on Saturday in May 21st, and the first name of the game will be awarded $1 million. Olsen will work as a safety driver to help the track to control the speed of the car.fifteenth week night match, Philadelphia ushered in the eastern Eagle sortie's strongest rival Arizona cardinals. The NL West Title Cardinals already clinched a playoff spot, now is the need to ensure that their first round bye qualification card. The eastern region of the eagle's national union continues to remain in chaos, and the red, hawk and giant are likely to be out of line. 6 - 7 Philadelphia eagles on a large scale in the offseason challenge team. From the transaction to the former champion rams quarterback Sam Bradford apparently can not meet coach chip Kelly's tactical style, although able to maintain health over almost the entire season, "big Sam" can not convince fans: 2664 yards passing yards with 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, passing score and the scores of the league the last quarterback. Kelly Bradford Exchange this deal with Fowles in the offseason, now is not a standard. Last year at Diego Murray DeMarco this season in the same struggle, auxiliary left front attack cowboy cosmic level this season, Murray won only 603 yards, even once had 13 embarrassing data only scored 3 rushing yards. Jeremy took over Mclean in the offseason lost the main outside after the second grade, wide receiver Jordan Mathews took over the team's top international banner, with 680 yards and 4 touchdowns. He said, can only be achieved in passing, but the eagle if you want to qualify for the playoffs he needs to come up with a more dominant performance. In view of the hawk's defense, this season has brought more surprises to the fans. Benny Rogan and Jordan Hicks have made a good performance. The defensive frontline made by Rogan and Fletcher Cox can make any team headache. And composed by Malcolm Jenkins and Walter Thurmond safetys combination is union group of good combination of safety, after a season of running, the young eagle defense group believe that next year will give fans more to look forward to. 11 - 2 in the Arizona Cardinals have been needless to say, the basic lock National League second place. As long as we keep the status quo, it will not be difficult to get into the super bowl. Palmer, the main quarterback Carson, has played a better season: 4003 yards and 31 touchdown data. He is also in the leading stage in the competition of the regular season MVP. In the Chris Johnson after the season, rookie running back David Johnson took the Cardinals offensive pavement banner, Lianpao then won a total of 9 touchdowns he, far ahead of other rookie, this performance enough to make many missed his team to marvel. The veteran Larry - Fitxgerald led the Cardinals external group this season gave Palmer more support, and Fitxgerald was swept away in the season around this season, strong glow second spring, so that the performance of the Cardinals will give greater confidence to restart the Super BowlPaxton - Lynch (Paxton Lynch) will be the first to start the first NFL in the next game. , the Denver Mustang first round quarterback, will start in a match against the Atlanta falcons, according to people familiar with the matter. Austen Davies (Austin Davis) is expected to serve as a substitute for Lynch, but the injured Trevor Trevor Trevor Siemian will not enter the list. , who suffered a sprained left shoulder joint sprain, was limited to Friday's training and may not be determined to be listed in the injury report. The team coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) said on Friday an sago will get more training time on Saturday to test the injured shoulder, then assess whether he will start the next game. "we have 48 hours to see, so we'll see what he's going to do tomorrow, he feels," Kubiak said. "But he's going to have more training today and we'll see him." obviously, Kubiak found sago recovery has made him an worried. Lynch was the third selected quarterback in the first round of the show this year, and the fifth of the new rookie quarterback this year. After being injured in simian's last game, Lynch was a good player and led the team three times in only half a game.

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