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Automatic playback switch automatically play the Brown season top ball: long arm guards sent lore touchdown loading... Tencent sports news, what's happening in the NFL alliance today? Let's take a look at it: does not choose to retire, looking forward to the new season veteran quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in more than a month after deliberation, finally began to yearn for their 2017 season, after Tom lost the American League finals. Brady, Ben Rosli, once he Rosberg the idea of retirement. Fall again in the playoffs let Ben lost the football confidence in life, but with the Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown took over the contract, franchise tag leviant - operation of a series of Baer, his defensive players James - Harrison and later, Pittsburgh Steelers and the next year to continue the competition champion team, which makes this hesitation, he and Pittsburgh Steelers in the contract period, he can continue to lead the team to the Super Bowl impact. is not surprising, and it's not an anecdote to return. Now this is said so, he tends to consid cheap nfl jerseys free shipping er 2017 again, in the offseason, he should take care of and consider their own body, to assess their own good, and consider all options. The 35 year old quarterback had more injuries in recent seasons than the rest of the quarterback, which made the big body sick. It is not difficult to understand the need to take into account their own future, other than the quarterback burly body is easy to let it down, while the body weight let Wallace suffer greater pressure. The return of Brown, leviant - Baer and Weiss - Bryant Mata stay healthy, Steelers had the league's best offensive configuration. This is full of hope for his teammates, the idea of retirement may still remain in his heart, but the Steelers a thriving scene, this should be confirmed to play. The Seahawks reinforcement, Werwilson regression Seattle Seahawks team proximal front lineup is full of hope, Jimmy - Graham last season gradually find the feeling in the Seahawks, if Jimmy Graham can return to the peak period of the state, then the Seattle Seahawks tight end configuration will reach a horrific situation. Recently the Seahawks had one strong proximal front back to the squad, the Seahawks and tight end Luke - Werwilson signed a contract for a period of one year a Luke Wilson will spend fifth years in the Seattle Seahawks, this will be his NFL career for fifth years. this 〉The official website of NFL | Raiders nearly 16 game losing streak is expected to refresh the record in team history | football , though there was a 7 - game record of 0 - 16 in NFL this season, but for the Oakland Raiders they were only one of the 16 consecutive defeats. this season, the Raiders have lost 9 games, plus the end of the season 6 game losing streak, if this week's game in San Diego and then losing, so since the defeat of Houston in November 17, 2013 in Dezhou after the team, they will reach the 16 game losing streak. 2008 season Detroit lions final losing streak to 19 games, the Raiders 1961-1962 year 2 season has 19 game losing streak. The Tampa Bay pirates still keep their 26 - game League record. , if the Raiders ended with 0 wins and 16 losses this season, they will refresh the team's record of consecutive defeats, and want to catch up with the League record, which may be put on next year.A focus of the war this week between the Detroit lions and the new England patriots. The focus of this competition is undoubtedly the positive confrontation between Kelvin and Johnson Calvin Johnson and Darrell Revis Darrel. Lives first began his voice before the game: "he can stand out in all people, you have to pay attention to him all the time." 6 feet, 6 inches, 230 pounds, 40 yards but only 4.3 seconds. It's strange. I like players like him, and of course he is very respectful to him. He has already won the respect of the League through his own performance. " Lives in training with rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowki) Gelon pair, but he said in an interview with Johnson is a completely different opponent: "he's too tall, like a NBA player." Of course, the Patriots another option, they can choose the body stronger Brandon (Brandon Browner) says to mark Johnson, ray Weiss to arrange para more flexible Gordon Tate (Golden Tate).The official website of NFL |49 who took over: not because of lack of time and trouble | football last week, the official website was mentioned, Stevie Johnson (Stevie Johnson) is currently the 49 highest efficiency team San Francisco ball hand. When Johnson played in Buffalo Bill, he had 3 seasons in the season. But after joining 49 people, he came out in the order of Anquan Boldin, Michael Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) and Blanton Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd). He only took part in the 20% attack of the team. but Johnson himself didn't care about it: I didn't feel so troubled by it. What is more important is how to become a competitor and strive for more opportunities. The team has a lot of excellent players. It's great. I will be ready to play at the moment when the team needs me, not to be sullen at the edge of the field. in the past two games, Johnson has finished 5 times. Season so far, he has the ball 315 yards, 3 touchdowns. Fans and coaches are looking forward to the continuation of Johnson's good state during this week's civil war with Saint Louis rams.

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