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NBA is very hot in the world, but in the United States, they are only third sports. The first line was the rugby league NFL. local time on the evening of February 5th, the fortieth session of the NFL "super bowl" was held in Detroit, the American League Pittsburgh Steelers 21 10 Lectra National League champion Seattle seahawks. NBA makes way for the super bowl every year. This year, only 3 games have been arranged, and they are carried out early. "super bowl" was held in Detroit. Although the pistons recently gained 2 wins and 2 losses, 70 wins were hopeless, but George ·, a scouting director, still went to the super bowl with ease of mind. "For a few weeks I've been trying to get tickets," David said. "I can do anything for the ticket." After all, the game is held in the city of David, was allowed to enter the stadium, but he must act as a caddie, pick up the ball in the sea side. Nuggets coach Carle Pittsburgh, he and the Steelers coach Culver a good relationship, I'll write to him, "because the Nuggets away warriors, Carle watched the live broadcast of a hotel in San Francisco, I love Pittsburgh". The knight of the a day off, the players choose to watch the video, returned to Cleveland, Marshall smile on his face, because he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is loyal to the Steelers fans. I heard someone say the Steelers win by the referee, Marshall said: "the total win win for the Seahawks Steelers is strong." is supersonic and the Seahawks City brothers, the boss is Paul · Alan, but the 3 day supersonic race in Houston, 4 days at Dallas, 6 on the road to confront the Hornets coach Hill Sherlock announced in 5 days of training, the team is extremely happy, cheer for the Seahawks at a local wine shop. Unfortunately, the Seahawks have lost the ball and supersonic. The Mavericks point guard Terry is from Seattle, he and the team manager Wheatley is the equipment in the process of the Seahawks supporters, the Seahawks lost two people, such as in hell suffer. Dallas is already the 11 game winning streak, Terry for the Seahawks cheer: "well done, they reached the final, I think they will be back next year." Wheatley needs to pay the price, because his sea eagles win, in 6 days to prepare for the Lakers' training, he had to put on the Steelers Davies bryant. some players did not see the "super bowl", as the Jazz team was going to play on the night. The most avid jazz in the Steelers fans, Williams · Williams was disappointed, his father was from Pittsburgh. source: the editor of the weekly journal of sports: Wang Xiaoyi _NE0011The official website of NFL |NFL players union announced the Brady appeal recorded testimony | football public now has more information to determine the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) for a gas discharging door is honest. 457 page June Brady appeal process recorded testimony submitted to the Manhattan court of the NFL Players Association on Tuesday. Brady denied in the ALCS for ball tampering or let anyone on the ball tampering. in the record, Brady denied and caddy discussed game ball pressure, also denied that he had considered charging degree these balls in the selection of the ball when. He said he didn't know the rule of inflating the ball until he played against the New York jet in October 16, 2014. He complained about the size of the ball in that match. In the appeal process, Brady said he had never been told that a short message would be banned. His lawyers for Bret faffe (Brett Favre) refused to hand over the mobile phone only fined as a precedent against the ban in Kinmen investigation tours. Ted Wells, the independent air valve investigator, admitted that he had never told Brady that Brady would be punished if he didn't hand over the short message, but he said Brady didn't hand over the cell phone and asked him to question the quarterback's credibility. in addition, Brady during the appeal that he never knew was considered the gas patriot equipment management personnel Jim Mcnally (Jim McNally). He said he had to recognize the face of the latter but did not know the name. The alliance asked judges last week to decide whether NFL would make a proper decision. The judge has asked the Brady and League president Roger goeldel, (Roger Goodell) next week to testify. He strongly hopes that the two sides will be able to reach an agreement to settle the matter.According to the official website of NFL reporter, local time Friday Kansas City Chiefs had decided to carry out the two occupation bowl defensive - wave spike Tangta (Dontari Poe) fifth year rookie team option contract. It also means that he will continue to serve the chief in the 2016 season and get more than $6 million 140 thousand in salary. 's decision is in line with the expectations of previous experts and the media. The chieftain was in the 2012 season at eleventh, and he was seen as an important part of the team's defensive tactics. The 6 - foot, 4 - inch, 350 - pound frontal giant has both strength and athletic ability. In the last 2 seasons, he was one of the most efficient inside punching players in the league and contributed significantly to the run. San Francisco 49 man Arrakis Boone (Alex Boone) once said such a wave: "it's like fighting a monster against him." He is like a beast, and he can attack his opponent in any direction. I have never seen a strong opponent to him before. "The official website of NFL | Jaguars and wide receiver Alan herness renewed for 4 years | football Jacksonville Jaguar has signed a long-term contract renewal with Alan Hearns (Allen Hurns). NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter, that Jaguar and Hearns agreed to sign a contract worth more than 40 million dollars for 4 years. He has a contract in the next 5 seasons. Rapoport also said the contract includes $20 million in guaranteed income, plus a bonus that he can make up to $11 million a year. Hearns received a hernia operation in a month. He was only absent from one match in spite of many injuries last season. as an undrafted Jaguar joined Hearns last season the ball 1031 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2014. He scored an average of 14.9 yards of data each time in the team history of second.

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