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The official website of NFL | Gelon kousky confirmed to participate in the Patriot Mini camp but not | football training the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) on Saturday confirmed the mandatory Mini camp he attended last week's report, but did not explicitly disclose why he did not participate in training. , I am doing something else, doing what the coach wants me to do, so we are all very good. We are all on the same track. open to the media in May 26th the Patriots team training organizations' voluntary Gelon do not play training. previously informed sources revealed to ESPN that Marcus Kowski stayed in Gillette stadium, behind the scenes training, the team is careful for a being that does not become a long-term risk small injury. on Saturday, w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hen asked if he was going to be ready to attend a training camp in the late July, he said, oh, yes. when asked whether he had taken part in spring training for reasons of preventive measures, he said, "I am there, but I am doing something else according to the coach's request, which is very good. I'm fine Gelon 'in the 2012 season and 2013 season were injured forearm and knee injuries in recent years, the Patriots often let him not to participate in training. In the past two seasons, Gelon 'only missing two games due to injury.The official website of NFL | Manning always avoid commercials | their football Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) has recently received comments from his teammates about his advertisement: cheese chicken is delicious, and is the first time that he has won the commentary from his teammates. Defensive tackle Mitch by the Denver Broncos Enrui (Mitch Unrein) said Manning this week a few days before the lunch has been eating cheese chicken, which he had to in the future Hall of fame complaining. and Enrui share a funny story: that they are in the lunch room to eat chicken cheese, I looked for a long time and said: Hey, what is this? Manning replied, "this is a cheese chicken." I replied, "well, how does it taste?" As we know, Manning's honest answer: Yes, I'm just serving them. Manning said afterwards to see advertising, is his most hate he said: I once saw my ad, I will immediately turntable, if my teammates in one room, then I will leave soon, I don't want to hear my voice in the advertisement, so now I seldom see their ads. No one wants to see his performance in the advertisement. , if you think only the new talent will be angry with the NFL alliance, you are wrong. Even those super quarterback who can change the record will become the advertising target of the alliance.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas announced the 2015 Copa Mexico Football Jersey today. In the history of the 2015 Copa Americas shirt, Mexico used the black tone as its keynote for the first time, and the white shirt matches the attractive green and red ornaments. three stripes on the sleeves and the Adidas logo is the vitality green, while Adidas also redesigned the more personalized Mexico Football Association logo. The edge of the shirt is designed by the three colors of the Mexico flag. Three stripes, Adidas logo with black sleeves, and Jersey bottom has a unique green / red horizontal stripes, the back of the collar is Mexico English spelling.The official website of NFL | Edelman and Brady | football funny dialogue screenshot new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) on Saturday against Baltimore crow game completed an unbelievable 51 yard touchdowns, receiver Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola). as a non quarterback completed a 10 yard pass over and created a lot of history, especially for Edelman want Tom Brady (Tom Brady) to understand all this. then he screenshot: yes, Brady admitted that this is a good tactic, but also invited his wife together to watch, then there is no then. It is said that this is not the first time to see Brady Edelman his passing skills.

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