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automatic playback switch automatically play Pearce singled out the match score collection breakthrough back playing well versed in loading... Tencent sports news Beijing time on February 11th, according to NBA reporter Marc J. Spears revealed that the Celtics for Pearce today held a retirement celebration dinner, in tomorrow's game against Cleveland, the green army will be held at the Pearce Jersey retirement ceremony, however, Garnett, ray Allen and Rondo is not expected to attend. Pearce will be retiring at tomorrow Pearce's Jersey to be retired, in his 19 season, his first 15 season playing for Celtic in the Lvshan army, "the truth" averaged 21.8 points and 6 rebounds, 3.9 assists, helping the team win the championship in 2008, during the period of Celtic, Pearce received a total of 24021 in team history, ranked second, is only inferior to Ha Free Cheik. Pearce's number 34 jersey will become the twenty-second jersey number retired Celtics history, he is also since 2003, Marx, the first to enjoy the honor of the Celtics' jersey, February 12 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping th, Pearce's number 34 jersey will be high hanging in the TD garden. Green Army legend Robert Parrish in an interview he said: "Pearce is the Celtics history's greatest offensive player." today, the green army also held a ball service retirement dinner for Pearce, but unfortunately, on the night of Pearce's Jersey, his three former partners Garnett, ray Allen and Rondo were not expected to attend. 2007, along with Garnett and Allen joined the Celtics, the formation of the big three, and work together to win the 2008 championship, and Rondo growth, green army group of four all-powerful, but with ray Allen in 2012 to Miami, the green army three giant disintegration. In 2013, the Celts packed Pearce and Garnett into the net, and sent to Rondo in 2014, which meant the end of an era. as the year to rivals, ray Allen, Garnett, and Pearce had Rondo xingtongmolu, however, ray Allen and Pearce in the last year together are invited to participate in the Basketball Super Penguin masters, many years later meet again, two people sit together talking, swallowing too. (cat big bear) copyright statement: This article is the exclusive article of the Tencent sports. It will not be reprinted without authorization, otherwise the legal responsibility will be investigated.NFL official website, University of Oregon player Alan won the Olympic 110 meter hurdles final, fifth Rugby nest Devon Allen from University of Oregon took part in the men's 110 meter hurdles final in the Rio Olympic Games. Eventually he was fifth, with a score of 13 seconds 31. Alan ran out of 13 seconds 36 in the semi-finals, though he failed to enter the top two of the group, but he scored the best among all the top two players, so he was able to enter the finals. His score in the preliminaries was 13 seconds 41. though he can become a professional track and field athlete immediately, Alan said before he took part in the Olympic Games that he plans to play for University of Oregon football team again this autumn. He had only finished 9 times with a knee injury last season, but he finished 41 times in the 2014 season.One or two months before , the Dallas cowboy took over Terrence Terrance (Terrance Williams) for some reason, which seemed to disappear from the attack of the cowboy at once. In eight of those games, Williams only received a more than 20 yards and a touchdown pass, you know in the season's first 6 games, but Williams won 7 times more than 20 yards and 5 touchdowns, passing the! familiar with Williams finally in the wild card game against the Detroit lions in the resurrection, Williams, with only 3 catches A new force suddenly rises. will gain 92 yards and two touchdowns. In this regard, Williams said: "in fact, what did not really change things, I still use the old way to run before the line, perhaps quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) gave me more opportunities." this is the Cowboys needed, but this is not just a Williams ball, Williams is more superior to others of the interdiction capabilities, especially in the depths of the offensive line this season, Williams has been repeatedly into battle in the distance to block opponents defensive player, running back DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) clear a path.The official website of NFL | veteran defensive striker Cory Redding retired | Rugby veteran defensive front player Cory Redding (Cory Redding) announced his retirement decision on Wednesday at tweet. he said: I will leave me for 23 years of sports. Thanks to the teams I have played, the coaches, the teammates, the fans and my family. ????35???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3???????????????1??13???????? Since the second round of the 2003 draft was selected by the lion, he started 147 games and got 35.5 escapement. in the last season due to an ankle injury and was put in the injured reserve list, Redding was laid off and the Cardinals No one shows any interest in in the free agent market in April this year. It was a big difference in 2007, when the lion used a 7 - year - 49 million - dollar contract to make Redding the league's highest paid defense. he never played the performance of the contract, but reed certainly made a career that many colleagues would feel satisfied.

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