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Inventory of 2010 ten | handball handball news || Wu Qi was elected chairman of the Asian Games to win hand Co , the Chinese female hand coach, Wang Xindong, was interviewed by a reporter. (photography Xie Bin) Luca 2011 is a key year, Chinese in preparing for the London Olympics in October this year, the London Olympic Games Asian women's handball qualifiers will be held in Jiangsu, Chinese women hand only the titles can be directly qualified for the Olympics, won the runner up must also participate in the world tournament to qualify. Wang Xindong, the Chinese female hand coach, said he would work hard to prepare for the war, strive for good results and live up to everyone's expectations. Chinese Handball Association recently inventory in 2010 ten news, the State Sports General Administration of discipline secretary Comrade Wu Qi was elected as the new chairman of China Handball Association China topped the women's handball team will defeat the Japanese team won the championship in the Guangzhou Asian Games, to achieve a historic breakthrough in an important position. The ten big news of the 2010 China Handball Association news is as follows: , the Fifth Congress of the Chinese Handball Association was held in Suzhou. Comrade Wu Qi, the discipline inspection Secretary of the State Sports General Administration, was elected chairman of the new China Handball Association. two, China cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 's women's handball team in the Guangzhou Asian Games final in the 31:22 victory over the Japanese team to win the championship, to achieve a historic breakthrough. three and Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, won the right to host the Asian women's qualifying competition in the 2012 London Olympic Games. four, the Chinese women's Beach handball team won the second Asian Beach Games. five, the Chinese women's handball team was first sponsored by the enterprise. The six and Twelfth National Games handball final was reduced from 12 to 8. seven, handball reserve personnel base from 9 to 15 teams. eight, international hand President Mustafa and the Secretary General visited Guangzhou school handball during the Asian Games. nine, the Chinese men's handball team scored seventh in the Guangzhou Asian Games with a record of 3 wins, 2 draws and 1. ten, Sichuan, Shanxi men's handball team fight occurred in the National Youth Championships, punished.The official website of NFL | inventory 2014 League best combination | football Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist who are hoping to get top stars like Manning and J.J. watts from such draft and the free market, but now NFL is still got a hard to find. The team of simou changes some of the heart, since the star is like luck as rare, it does not rely on the construction for many years to build a team, to create a bunch of combination. This column is the same, abandoning the reputation and prestige of the players, only from the actual performance of the season's best performance of the eight major combinations: 8, the saints running back: Pierre Thomas + Robinson - Kaili Saint this season Chongqiu 736 yards only ranked fifteenth in the league, so the road running back attack can enter this list? Of course, all the saints to punch the ball 4.9 yards second in the league, 48 times won the first of third in the league, 7 touchdowns also share the touchdown number 1/3 team, the only problem is that most of the season at the saints after stages, so this season Chongqiu only 150 times, third reciprocal Alliance, but so is Rao, the two saints running back still gave a good performance. ??????????????????????????-??????????????????????????????????????-??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2????????????????????????????????????? the first to talk about the story of Robinson Thomas and Thomas, 07 years of time as a free agent to join the saints from the secret service has been fighting to substitute for the saints running back, then 09 year title from a strong distinctions won in battle, then open the running back to develop a good hand ball technology, become a very all running back this season, at the age of 30, he also became the team's No. three, thanks to the outstanding ability to help him catch and kill back rotation. ????????????????????????-???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Analysis of professional occupation football website focusing data, a total of 20 times this season Thomas breakthrough grapple, Robinson also reached 17 times, although the data is not so surprising, but considering the two were only 56 times and 67 times the ball (red ball + ball) so the opportunity, such data has been very dramatic Dodge, index of two people out of League fourth and twelfth, even higher than the DeMarco - Murray. Robinson is good at playing ball, and Thomas is good at catching the ball.Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham) supernova performance rookie season to get on the football game Madden NFL2016 cover at the end. the New York giants wide receiver in determining who is this cover vote against the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski). He has a champion ring, and Beckham is amazed by his amazing physical fitness. G Ron Kowski is the best near - end of the league, but Beckham is like the Randy Moss in the 1999 season. He seems to have a limitless limit. had a lot of talent in the hands of last season, because of his incredible skills, comprehensiveness and strength, and Beckham came to the fore. He can get his opponent out of the ball after catching the ball or he can throw away his opponent directly at a speed. He can catch the ball in the middle or pass the long pass. His physical fitness was easy to notice, but the ability to deceive the defensive players and to complete the running of each line showed Beckham's players. we heard some people doubting whether Beckham was overly touted. We think it underestimates his rookie season. We haven't seen anything as high as Beckham since Moss. In this position, which is often difficult to transition from college to NFL, Beckham's field is more than Moss.{"averagePoints":8.3,"playerId":12537,"percentChange":-2.8,"averageDraftPosition":115.9,"percentOwned":60.6,"fullName":"Jared Cook","lastPoints":6.5,"pointsSEASON":132.8,"seasonOutlook":{"outlook":"Cook joins the Raiders after playing well during his first and only season in Green Bay. The 2009 third-round pick was limited by injury to 10 regular-season games last season. He scored only one touchdown, but stretched the field with a 10.1 average depth of target (second highest among TEs). He also ranked top 10 at the position in yards after catch (4.9) and has ranked top 11 in yards per reception in seven consecutive seasons. Cook is now 30 years old, and, although he's the Oakland tight end to own in fantasy, he'll be hard-pressed to land consistent snaps and targets with blocker Lee Smith and third-year Clive Walford also in the picture.","seasonId":2017,"date":"Fri May 19"},"positionRank":12,"totalPoints":132.8}

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