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Our football equipment network KELME to join the Shijiazhuang Club of Yongchang jointly launched the team's 2018 season in a home and away jersey. The new home court shirt continues the traditional main colors of the club, the advanced computer jacquard technology adopted by the Jersey and the latest fabric technology developed by Carle and the United States, while ensuring the "face value" of the shirt, while helping athletes eliminate interference and focus on the their team history one of the greatest quarterbacks will get people on the weekend, the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback is expected to be sidelined. In the hall of Fame Game, the packers may make two defeated rookie quarterback, Joe - Callaghan (Joe Callahan) and Williams (Marquise Williams) - mackeys appearance. packer two quarterback Bret Hendry (Brett Hundley) missed training for second times on Thursday night because of ankle injury, which made him unlik cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ely to play this game. Although the packers did not officially declare Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) would miss the game, Rodgers did not take part in the training on Thursday, which was a sign that he would not play. last year, in the hall of fame at the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers are not sent for the starting quarterback. In an interview at the beginning of this week, Rodgers didn't sound like going to the game. "if I don't play, I in the past few years has missed many playoff - I will wear a headset to maintain communication, I will listen to the offensive tactics, I will help (Hendry), I will also help Joe and Marquise," Rodgers said. "I'll keep in touch in the game." , if neither Rodgers nor Hendry can play, Callaghan will probably start, because he has been training as quarterback quarterback three since he joined the packers. Williams may be replaced by him later. packaging cost matches against the Indianapolis Colts coach chuck Pagano (Chuck Pagano) said on Monday that he plans to make the starting quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) appearance and health of the rest players, but he did not say how long the first player will play.Philadelphia eagles in this offseason respectively with the transaction contract and free agent recruited quarterback Sam - Bradford (Sam Bradford) and running back Murray (DeMarco, de Murray) two generals, but because these two people have had injury history, the coach group is prudent to consider not to let these two people. In the first preseason game, but also pay attention to the scientific distribution of the amount of training in peacetime training. But in the second - week pre - season match of Beijing time 23, two of them appeared in the first quarter and all showed their physical and physical condition. for Bradford, this is his first year again return to the game, in the game he will show up anxious mood, fast ball are especially prone to spread that tall and stimulating, but also have a good mastery of placement, 5 to 3 to get 35 yards and eventually lead to a wave of touchdown. Murray scored 5 yards to the ball and got 17 yards, and he scored two yards in a row. His performance was pretty good. Besides, his Ryan Matthews was also very efficient and contributed a touchdown.the Denver wild horse has changed the quarterback. Mustang announced Wednesday coach Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) has informed player Bullock (Brock Osweiler) - Oslo vhailor will replace Trevor (Trevor Siemian) - Ann sago first in the next game against Philadelphia eagles game. in the three game losing streak, this decision is not surprising. Joseph, who was defeated in Kansas City chieftain in the last game, made it clear that the quarterback would be carefully evaluated. Simeon had 3 passes in the last game, and since sixth weeks he has been passing 6 passes but only 2 passes. At the beginning of the season, the positive performance we saw in him all disappeared. that Oswald Wheeler became the starting quarterback and the second grade quarterback Paxton Lynch (Paxton Lynch) at the beginning of the season because of a shoulder injury sidelined, now slowly return to training. Oslo vhailor after the failure of Houston Dezhou and Brown Cleveland career career in September this year to return the mustang. Although it is an old face, what he can do is doubtful. also, the problem of wild horses lies not only in the location of the quarterback. Their offensive fronts are not good, they are bad when they attack the ball, and their position is plagued by the injury. then they will face the Philadelphia hawks, which may also open the switch for the quarterback with the wild horse rotation. Oswald vhailor may not be started against the rest of the campaign, on the contrary, may decide the squad for the weekly mustang.

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