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The new coach of the Arizona Cardinals search list has a name can be crossed out: Mike Mengchake (Mike Munchak). the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive attack coach refused to participate in the Cardinals invited second interview. is still not clear why Monchak refused the opportunity, but it may be that in the Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Hailey (Todd Haley) will not stay after he thinks of himself as a candidate for this position, but now the Steelers have been identified by quarterback coach Randy Philippines (Randy Fichtner) took over the strange na. at the same time, the Cardinals will continue to search. They are in the list of the Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve - Wilkes (Steve Wilks), Philadelphia Eagles quarterback coach John (John DeFilippo) Defeili Pino and his defensive coordinator James BETCHER (James Bettcher). boss Michael Bidwell Cardinals (Michael Bidwill) has said publicly that he plans will patiently search, had hired Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) - as a coach before they are so. As for Mengchake, although has not served as the Steelers offensive coordinator, we will soon know whether he will play a more important role in the steelers.2016 season NFL playoff playoff ahead packers @ cowboy @ 〉 〉 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping live link 〈 〈 The national semifinal key play, the Green Bay packer is going to challenge the Dallas cowboy on Monday morning. ??????????-????????????????-??????????|????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-???????10???????run the table?????????????????????????????? But this week, the two teams did not have the absolute advantage, 2 years ago, the same division of the "last" dispute will also be fermented again. On cowboy, two new rookies entered the career bowl and Elliott had no more praise. Beat the packers in the sixth week of the 30:16 game, two people in the old Gothic - we take charge as chief of the absence of Bryant. Some of the instability of duck and Bryant could be a hidden danger, and the defensive team's flush and second line would also be able to stand the test of the playoffs. David Erwin, if once again put pressure on the top pockets of the league, will win more than 10% of the cowboy. One thing is certain: the cowboy's twin playoff debut is Griffin Maurice (the red 2012 season Cowboys running back bench combination) go further. was led by Rodgers to recover, but the offense of the packers has been a sharp knife this season. The running back has been badly hit, had to use full health and take over the punching ball, ball size reached 262.4 yards, accounting for the total code number 71.15%, standard deviation of only 51.32 yards. Group before the season 10 games and averaging 356.7 yards lost defense, the last 7 games (including the giant wild card game) because of injuries did not stop, but has made 17 times of ball. This is probably more than Rodgers's last 7 games of 19 and 0. Take extra Jodi Nielsen packaging Foreman (two ribs) and the number one running back Thailand - Montgomerie (ankle) is doubtful, but Rodgers has not an action to allow fans to "Relax"? broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Shen Siyuenew England patriots owner Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) on Wednesday morning beyond all expectations to meet with reporters, he stressed that the team to maintain the suspended penalty down Brady NFL. "the decision made by the alliance yesterday makes me difficult to understand," he said. angry for his Alliance for a one-way fans at Anfield in May. The tickets for the team included a fine of $1 million, and the team lost its first round of draft in 2016 and the fourth round of draft in 2017. He said he believes it can help "pardon" brady. "Taking into account the actual evidence and alliance this situation punishment for violations of the history, I really believe that I did in May can make the alliance more easily forgive brady. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I mistakenly believe in the alliance, " Kraft attacked NFL's investigation and reiterated the team's belief that the League still did not have any "hard evidence" of the ball's barometric hands. "My conclusion is that this survey is never fair and fair," he said, "." Kraft also attacked NFL's actions, including bringing the appeal to the New York court and not modifying the "wrong" report. He also for union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) published by the Brady mobile phone unhappy with their destruction. He thought this would make headlines Brady destroyed the mobile phone, but may also cover relevant evidence and Brady provided each telephone number time he send and receive text messages and provides each did not join the NFL players union employees, including coach Bill Licek (Bill Belichick) in mobile phone. Kraft stressed he Brady's trust, said some people are determined to damage the reputation of the office quarterback NFL.The Alliance announced on Monday, the Chicago bears defensive tackle Jerry Miami - Ratliff (Jeremiah Ratliff) due to the violation of NFL provisions of drug abuse and was suspended for 3 games without pay. the suspension was due to a traffic accident in 2013. He was arrested in January 2013 because the alcohol concentration in his blood was detected to be two times the legal standard after he crashed his pickup. He pleaded guilty to the charge of the wine and was sentenced to a year of probation. still chose to bet on him after he was arrested. The team continued to renew his contract for two years in the last season, and the contract gave the team a lot of benefit. , the 33 year old veteran in 11 games last season, has got 21 escapement in a total of 6.5 times. He played the Dallas Cowboys had been elected for four consecutive years of occupation bowl, he will become the new team bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (Vic Fangio) core defensive players in the group. bears the new season in the first three games will face National League best three teams -- the Green Bay Packers, the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks, they urgently need help defense group. Facing the absence of the defending front, the face of the top runner Eddie Lacy and Lacy Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is not what he wants to start for the new coach John Fawkes (John Fox).

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