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The NFL website will | Steelers Jia Kobe Jones relegated to substitute return hand | football Pittsburgh Steelers seems to have dropped back into the hands of Kobe Jia Jones (Jacoby Jones), the team in the local time on Tuesday announced the squad he banished in attack and as a substitute kickoff return 3 punt returner. Prior to this, people do not even know the punt returner can substitute No. 3. (Markus Wheaton) - Marcus Wheaton replaced Jones as the kickoff return and 2 punt returner and punt return team will still work by Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is responsible for. Coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said: I think our team has been explained the problem. Marcus is ready, and then let's see what he and Brown can do for us. played two times in the first half of the game with the Indianapolis pony last week. The Steelers originally signed him hope he can reproduce the league's top return hand performance, but the fact that Jones no longer have the courage. Previously he played for the San Diego lightning in the retrenched before him in 5 games to attack code is only -0.8 code.The official website of NFL | Monday night game preview: Bill @ patriot | Rugby eleventh week night race back to the American League East, one after another in the eastern civil war made two straight buffalo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Bill will visit the Gillette stadium challenge this season unbeaten defending champion of the new England patriots. The two teams this season on a confrontation, the Patriots had away victory over the opponent, back to the home court again in the face of Bill, the Patriots still greater odds. 9 - 0 of the new England patriots continued to remain unbeaten this season. Quarterback Tom · Brady in the main line incomplete situation is still a high optical performance, 9 games, 3043 yards, 24 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, three figures are top of the league, PFF score as high as 111.1. In the old rival Payton · when Manning was old, Brady is still able to maintain a high level of play is not easy. The most trusted partner, tight end rob · Gelon Khodorkovsky still maintain a dominant position in the League for 806 yards and 8 touchdowns, can not only make trouble in the red zone, also good at long range with long code number, Gronk is becoming more and more powerful. Although the Patriots offense was so smooth, but the main running back Duhem · Lewis for the season and the main receiver Julian · Edelman's regular season games and defensive awards Jermaine · Collins has not recovered to the already disabled full camp patriot Mongolia a shadow, defending form is not optimistic. The Patriot chief Chandler · Jones has captured 10.5 times this season, and the Patriot defense team led by him will continue to perform steadily, maintaining the unbeaten season of the season at home. 5 wins 4 negative buffalo Bill recently won two consecutive victories in the eastern civil war. Bill's main four point defense Rhodes · Taylor returned after the return of flat, two games only 339 yards. In grade two, Sami · was taken over. Watkins's performance was still extremely unstable. Although he could take 168 yards when facing dolphins, he only got 14 yards in the last one. Over the factors of instability or injured in this season, Bill attacks rely more on the road, but this play impressive rookie running back Carlos · Williams will continue to run Weile and star Sean · Mccoy propped up Bill road attack. By the end of the last round, the two men have jointly contributed 988 yards of Bill's punching code and 7 touchdown and 3 passes to Bill, which can be said that the two players played a decisive role in the attacking trend of this season. The middle linebacker Preston · Brown and Yu Wei Cory · Bill Graham is defense security, which is one of the best safety performance of this year's league. For Bill, the bad news is this season's comeback.The NB Dry technology used in the new series of jerseys can keep the body cool and dry in motion. Sweat cloth can quickly remove wet sweat from human body, and at the same time, ergonomics design can fully match the player's body shape and make the movement more relaxed. the new season, the Lille team will put on the new New Balance White Jerseys to commemorate the home court, 70 years ago (1946) the team won the first French league and the French Cup double, bright white shirt front has a series of red and grey V font pattern, symbol of this made many great victory team. Navy Shorts and socks are selected in the new season. They are also one of the most important colors of the club. Navy blue shorts and socks are also consistent with the team's dressing from 40 to 50s. new ball collar with "1946 - 2016: il y a 70 ans, Le Premier doublé (1946-2016 years, seventy years before the first double), medial hem is back before the editor Gabriel · Arno (Gabriel Hanot) is a famous saying:" Le LOSC EST b Ti; sur Pierre, rien NE peut L é branler ("Lille is built in stone, indestructible)". Underneath the neckline of the New Jersey, there is a red and white lilies shield emblem, which is the badge of the Lille city and the original badge of the Lille club. The design of the new season second away from two different shades of blue, the front has a series of asymmetric V type lines, also decorated with green venom details. Shorts and socks are in line with the shirt. and home court shirt collar, second ball away with "1946 - 2016: il y a 70 ans, Le Premier doublé (1946-2016 years, seventy years before the first double)". the goalkeeper's jersey using the NB Flex technology, through the special fiber structure. The ductility of Jersey is greatly enhanced, more conducive to the smooth operation and comfort. The three goalkeeper's shirts are venom green, orange and vibrant green. Lille captain Mavuba (Rio Ma ")The official website of NFL |JJ w Tuesday for surgical treatment of inguinal | Rugby Houston Dezhou star JJ- Watt (J.J.Watt) can not rely on their own strength to help the team win the game, the final team to 0 than 30 defeat to Kansas chief, the first round of the playoffs is eliminated. Watt apologized to the fans after . Maybe his aggravation of the groin is the main reason for his instability. So he will solve this problem quickly in the upcoming season. Watt said in an interview on Sunday that he would operate on his Tuesday groin on Tuesday in the United States. He also said it had been bothering him for 7 weeks.

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