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Suarez, a member of the MSN team of Barcelona, also scored 92, because of the disadvantages of his non customary feet and fancy skills, Uruguay ranked fourth in the total score, which made him the top ranked player in the game. After Schweinsteiger's turn to leave, Neuer, the captain of the new German national team, ranked fifth in 92 points after scoring two points. He also became the highest scoring goalkeeper again. The 6-10 - ranked stars were Baer, Ibrahimovic, Boateng, Lavon and David De Gea, with the same score of 90. in addition to shooting the highest C Ronaldo and dribbling the highest Messi, Baer with 94 points to become the fastest speed of the game; the total score is 90 and Boateng is the highest rated defender in the game, and the defensive ability of 90 with him on the data of · and Tiago Silva tied for first; the game score second; high goalkeeper David De Gea to score 90 top reaction ability; become the highest Courtois hand control the ball keeper with 91 points. Of course, the rapid progress in the game is the player this summer of King Pogba, his score in the past 6 years rose by 33 points.Pittsburgh Steelers and new England patriots after exposed a surprising news, Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) in the American League before the sta cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rt of the final do not know Atlanta falcons beat the Green Bay Packers into the super bowl. "no, I don't know they won." He said by the team after the game, "we didn't look at the first game of the day. Obviously, they are a great team, or they won't be in the NBA finals. They've been very good all year. " this is an accepted fact because Biliqieke and his colleagues out of the ordinary coaches. This almost crazy concentration can sometimes bring a little bit of weakness, and perhaps it is not to notice anything that has nothing to do with the current game. But we really believe that no one in his football think-tank in the United States, the afternoon after the packers Falcon victory, Matt began to study Ryan (Matt Ryan), Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan)? patriots began a simple celebration after Sunday night's night race, so preparing for the falcons hasn't really started yet. When asked about the falcons, Danny Amendola Danny Amendola simply replied, "I will go to some videos, but we will catch up." I'm sure they'll do it. Although this kind of conjecture many years ago has been proved otherwise, but Biliqieke recruit everyone is so focused on their own task at hand 53 person team is really admirable. They, like him, receive only the information they need from the side of the year, and then go on to work.even-even soccer equipment network Nike to join the French club of Lille (Lille OSC) jointly launched a new team in the 2015-16 season home court Jersey, modern design brings a new aesthetic design, two tone red and deep navy blue details to promote the traditional club. the new season Lille team bold Jersey home court combines two red tone, to create a fresh and unique aesthetic taste. The main body of the shirt is Lille's traditional red, the shoulders and the sleeves on the red more deep, two kinds of red together to build a powerful and unified appearance. Deep navy blue stripe surrounded by light - this shirt is not only reflected the details of the design of the Nike logo, more players to provide the performance, technology innovation and sustainable environmental protection kits. Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from the body to the outer surface of the Jersey and quickly evaporate. It will keep the players dry and comfortable and put into the game at the best.Water polo |100 freestyle piaotaihuan win Ning Zetao pressure | breaking Asian record Beijing time on September 25th, the 2014 Inchon Asian Games will continue, in the men's 100 meters freestyle swimming finals, Chinese guy Ning Zetao to 47 seconds 70 results beat South Korea's Pu Taihuan won the gold medal and broke the Asian record and the Asian games. Pu Taihuan won a silver medal in 48 seconds 75, still failed to break the gold medal shortage. Japanese player Shioura Shinri won a bronze medal in 48 seconds 85. Another Chinese player Yu Hexin ranked fifth in 49 seconds 50. 100 freestyle men, Chinese team sent Ning Zetao and I celebrate the new play, of which 48 Zetao Ning 27 seconds this year is just refresh the Asian record, ranked twelfth in the world, in 50 and 4x100 obtained from the relay, he will attack his third gold medals. rival, South Korea's Pu Taihuan and Japan's Shioura Shinri the strongest, the former 48 seconds 42 results ranked thirteenth in the world, he is looking forward to achieve the gold medal, and when he won a medal, with South Korea shooting athletes keep 19 medals medals in Asian Games record up to 48 seconds; the latter 69 world ranking tied for twenty-second. Another Japanese player's world ranking is 49 seconds 19, Nanjing Youth Olympic champion Yu Hexin is 49 seconds 25, and the first three people have a certain gap. men's 100 meter freestyle world record was created by Brazil's small West angstrom LOS in the 2009 World Championships 46 seconds 91, the Asian record was created by Ning Zetao in September 2013 48. 27 games, the Asian Games record by the South Korean Star Park Tae Hwan in the Guangzhou Asian Games to create 48 seconds 70. in the morning preliminaries, the Asian record holder Ning Zetao and Japan's original Tian LAN pill in fourth group, he in 50 seconds 43 opponents in second place, the result and the last group, Hongkong's top Chinese Xie Minshu, two people total ranked tied for third, 50 seconds to 20 Harada pill first, the total ranked second; the Youth Olympic champion and I celebrate the New South Korea's team in third, piaotaihuan the strongest, until the end of 76 to 49 seconds ahead of the first to touch the wall, ranked first in total, he is hand selected contestants only swim in 50 seconds mark, I celebrate the new 50 54 seconds ranked second, ranked fifth in the same general promotion. In the final, Yu Hexin second, Ning Zetao third, Pu Taihuan fourth. After the game, Ning Zetao's reaction was not as Pu Taihuan, but his acceleration ability is very strong, 10 meters after he came to the first, then Pu Taihuan and Shioura Shinri in the pursuit, after the half, Ning Zetao first, Shen Pu salt second, Yu Hexin third, Pu Taihuan only ranked fourth. 50 meters later, Ning Zetao has been in control of his own rhythm.

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