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The NFL website will be | Panthers defensive end Johnson in short | football injury list Carolina Panther didn't see the defensive end Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson) until the Thanksgiving Day. due to a hamstring win over the New Orleans saints in the team in the game seriously injured, the 29 year old veteran team was put in the injured reserve list of short-term. The earliest date that he could return to the game would be the November 26th match against the Dallas cowboy. further explains that the team got the Chicago bear defensive side Jared Jared (Jared Allen) on Monday, and Alan will undoubtedly fill the vacancy left by Johnson. He will return to his original defensive front position and may even improve the leopard's passing level. In the first three games of the season, had 1 escapement and a lot of quarterback in the first three games of the season.had a lot of media and experts said that the Philadelphia hawks should be shot in the trading market, try to strengthen the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping team safety. Hawks coach Kelly (Chip Kelly). The topic of voice in the local time on Monday: "a lot of times, people always hope that the team can have the best security guard to protect the last line of defense. I hope so, but it won't be a deal. " Kelly praised the team's current safety combination Nate Allen (Nate Allen) and Malcolm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins), then puts forward his own view on the trading season: "I think people for some transactions excessive speculation, so expect heavy trading is not necessary. It's not like a major league baseball. In the season, people will continue to be buyers and sellers, make up the lineup, and join the small league players in the deal. In this NFL some not practical, we can put the transaction as a conversation, but not actively traded. But if anyone calls us, we would like to hear what the other person is saying. " As the deadline has passed, the Hawks, as the coach has said, have not strengthened their lineup by trading.The official website of NFL | rude collision excitation Saint Graham fight | Rugby ????????????????????????????????????????????3-??????????????Drew Brees??????|????????????????????????????????????????-??????Thomas Davis ?????????????????????????????-?????????Jimmy Graham???????????|??? and it was the impact that inspired the big shoulder - injured player. You know, it was a deliberate act, even before the ball was touched. Graham said that at the beginning of the competition, they tried to keep up with me. Even though I ran normally, I could be hit straight, so I had to protect myself better, which definitely ignited my heart. the collision really inspired Graham. In the next attack on the team, Graham used a hurdle to escape the capture for the team to win 19 yards. The whole game, Graham ball 7 times for 83 yards and 1 touchdowns, his comeback for the saints mediocre offense provided a lot of help. Graham continued: "I just need to play a lot of passion. Before, I felt I was lacking in emotion, and today, it not only helps me play better, but also increases the fighting spirit of the whole offensive team. In the first half touchdown buzzer, Graham made a hit billboard celebration, which he explained: I just want to vent, the season we have tried so many things, but the effect is not satisfactory, some people even give up us, I just for this.NFL official website in Cleveland and the upcoming Brown Shaun Jamie - Collins renewal in rugby nest Cleveland Brown management plans to retain Jamie - Collins (Jamie - Collins), which is about to become a free agent. , according to informed sources, Brown is finalized with Collins's contract, Collins in the new contract would earn more than the Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) annual salary ($12 million 360 thousand). The two sides will be formally signed in the next few days. Brown in the Union trade deadline from the new England patriots for Collins with a draft pick before the date of the transaction, shocked the alliance. In Brown, Collins quickly became the main force in every defense, and Collins finally got 2 escapement in 8 games. patriots had already offered Collins a contract extension of more than 10 million dollars a year, but Collins thought his value should belong to the league's highest salary level. no matter how much it costs, it's a wise decision to leave Collins for a team with a lot of salary cap space but not good players. He will be more like a fish in the team's new 4-3 defense system. even though Collins was accused of being a disobedient player in patriots, at least one of his former teammates thought he was the best player in the defense team. Brown will focus on Collins, Christian Christian West (Christian Kirksey), defend cutting edge Danny Sheldon (Danny Shelton) and angle Wei Jamal Jamal (Jamar Taylor) to create defensive team. 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