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new England Patriots will be able to become the most dreadful attack group in the alliance one or two weeks. The proximal front Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus' Thursday morning to return to training and wear kneepads took part in training. On Friday, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) also return to training. Since the Edelman since mid November against the New York Giants game sidelined midfoot fracture. as a quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the most reliable passing target, play well in Edelman slot allows the offensive team to keep running. The absence of Edelman was a big blow to the Patriots. but it's not all good news. A cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ccording to Boston media reports, Edelman looks a little limp, he may still need a week or two weeks to return to the game. the patriots have lost a lot of important members this season, but they are able to return to their return before the playoffs. And Edelman may be the most important one of them.according to a number of local media reports in Chicago, the bear team than the 13 to 27 score an ugly loss to the Miami dolphins, all star wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) in the locker room after the game be furious, is criticized the good partner, quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler). But Cutler was interviewed on Thursday after the end of the training team said that this rumor is It is sheer fiction. "not like the media, he didn't get close to me, didn't name me, and actually he didn't fire anyone." Cutler said, "he is an easily excited person. He will always talk and hide. He is angry because the team has not won." Cutler also said that the team lost should not lose the game, so the team mood is low, the team played poorly than Marshall accused a time on Monday, Saint Louis ram's coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said that the team will start the next game with Case Keenum instead of Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). Fisher said he had to make decisions about the bad performance of the team in the past 4-5 weeks. He said, "this is my decision. We have to do that in the face of all this." on Sunday's game, Fowles 36 17 in 200 yards, no touchdowns harvest but 1 steals, the score is only 53, the team lost to San Diego in the home court of lightning. Fowles has only finished 1 passes in the past 4 games, and the number of passing numbers in the league is the first in the league this season. related news: the League fines the ram Joyner foraccording to Cleveland media reports, Brown is completing the contract with Todd Hailey (Todd Haley). Hailey will become the first offensive coordinator who is responsible for the on-site tactical arrangement under Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson). after the division series lost 42-45 jaguars, Steelers did not choose the contract with Hailey, for his six years of career ending in Pittsburgh. Hailey will take over Jackson in the two offseason hiring offensive assistant from New York giants Adam - Henry (Adam Henry) and former Cincinnati tigers offensive coordinator Ken Adams (Ken Zampese) by. Hall of fame quarterback Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) affirmed Hailey's performance last week, he tweeted: "if I can play, I tomorrow morning to go to Todd - Hailey." Hailey has served as offensive coordinator in the cardinals.

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