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The official website of NFL | number one cornerback pony be confronted with a formidable enemy, | football comeback soon Indianapolis's little horse head Kok Weng Weng Pagoda - Davies (Vontae Davis) recovered smoothly, plans to return to Houston Dezhou people this week. Davies took part in the training of local time on Wednesday, though he was wearing a red training uniform without any confrontation, he had shown a very good competitive state. now, the team has opened the green light for Davies, and he will be able to play as long as he passes the consortium's concussion test. Davies suffered a concussion in the November 30 local time against Washington red skin, forcing him to miss the match against Cleveland Brown last week. Coach chuck ppagano's (Chuck Pagano) revealed that Davies will attend the Thursday local time combat training. Pagano said he was doing well today and we have a more specific understanding of his situation. We plan to get him to take part in the confrontation in tomorrow's training, and let him wear armor and look for it. I believe this is not a problem for him. If you can beat the people i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n Dezhou, the pony will lock the division champion ahead of time.2016 season's regular season fourteenth week day and night race cowboy @ giant 〉 〉 live address 〈 〈 this week, this Sunday night race, continue to the League of nations in the East, cowboys will go to New York away to challenge the same zone of the same zone the dead enemy giants have not yet been defeated this season. The giant is currently leading the National League wild card playoff seats, want to continue to consolidate their advantage in the game will not be lost. the New York giants won 6 games in the last 7 games, temporarily won the NL wild card playoff seats. The New York giants also this season the only team defeated the Dallas Cowboys team, they won 20-19 away cowboy in the first week of the season. The team - Renton Qiang Wei Collins is an important player this season, the rise of the giant defense group, he was already this season with 94 tackles to lead the team. And he was the only player in the season to take at least 3 escapement (3) and 3 times (5). this season, the Dallas Cowboys rise so that all the fans did not expect, in a run of 11 consecutive wins, they became the first team to determine the playoff teams, the game can take as long as the cowboy giant, can advance to lock the NL East title, will ensure that the first round of the playoffs and wild card playoff bye home court advantage. Rookie four points, Wei Dake Prescott has become the first NFL player to win at least 1 Games in 5 consecutive games and has not been cut off. And the new runner, Eze Kiel Eliot, now runs the league with the ball number of 1285 yards, and at the same time, he has got more than second times of the league's 12 times. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang YunSeattle Seahawks season winning hero Sean Lynch MA (Marshawn Lynch) finally back. Recently, ESPN broke the news in a TV show in the way: after 8 days of the strike, Lynch will soon return to the Seahawks team training camp, began preparations for the new season. An important reason is to return the Seahawks led Lynch to their salary increase of $1 million. It is reported that , the Seahawks team in the new season will be Lynch to increase a salary of $1 million. The Seahawks also is not defensive, raise the $1 million is incentive bonus, if Lynch can appear in the team list and can be more than 1500 yards in a season run array, he was able to get the full $1 million bonus. In addition, Hai Ying, in order to further retain Lynch, also promised to send him an additional $500 thousand bonus at the end of the season. That is to say, if Lynch can maintain a high level of competitive state and the Seahawks play at the end of the season, his salary will reach $6 million 500 thousand this season. Lynch is one of the Seahawks players in recent years, the most outstanding, in the three season for the team in his team rushing 4051 yards, and scored 39 touchdowns, is an important means to attack the team. The main team quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) of Lynch exalting "have a like Lynch all star running back is very important. His player is very high, he always can help the team in the most appropriate way. Last season, Lynch's total number only promote the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) less than 5 yards, second place, and he in the red zone (Red Zone) in the ability to score is the highest in the league, he scored 12 touchdowns for the team. Although Lynch hasn't made it clear that the new season to stay in the Seahawks, but he returned to training camp is a good signal. The 28 year old Lin Qizheng in their own occupation career peak, keep playing believe he can continue to provide high quality ground offensive for the seahawks. history of the Jacksonville Jaguars played one of the longest players will fight a season. The Jaguar announced on Tuesday that they would choose to perform a 1 - year $3 million 500 thousand player option for the 1 - year Marcedes Lewis. The 2018 season will be Lewis's thirteenth season for Jaguar. Lewis, a 33 year old, was selected by the Jaguar on the first round of the 2006 Draft. Last season he finished 24 ball 318 yards and 5 touchdowns. At present, he has a history of second, and third of the team history. He still has 1 games and is able to play second in the history. Lewis on the 16 game of the season attendance, this is his second time to do this since 2012.

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