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The official website of NFL | regular season ninth week Preview: Saint VS Panther | Rugby in the South with the first name of the dispute regular season enters its ninth week, the first opening Thursday night game is striking in South with battle, by the Carolina Panthers in the home court against the New Orleans saints. The Panthers for a draw, the winrate slightly ahead of the saints team behind the division champion. 's Black Panther's defensive strength in last season has been exacerbated by the defensive team's Grieg Hardy's alleged violence on the list this season. 5 of the 6 games have been scored by more than 30 points. The offensive team in the offseason after leaving the main receivers have hope to rely on the ground to punch the ball to maintain, but the three strong running back even just put on the training squad are running back one after another injury, coach Rivera is summoned in hand stretched. The good news is that the main running back DAngelo Williams on Thursday night game injury, the Panthers returned to Gemini runni cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng back more neat lineup. In terms of saints, the 4 games ended in the field in the first half of the season, but on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers won the recent rebound in the home market. Ingram's comeback in time and his performance were still brave, which filled the vacancy of Robinson and Thomas. A week before a shoulder injury is expected to take 2-3 weeks off the team's top catcher tight end Graham Sunday continued its appearance, and with 5 receptions for 59 yards and scored 1 touchdowns declared his lightning return performance. Therefore, it can be said that the two sides can basically fight with the matching lineup, and the competition must be wonderful. One point: Drew - Bracey can win the first away win against two things: anti transmission performance to SaintGreg Greg, a professional bowl player, said in a local interview on Friday that he was eager to return to the stadium, hoping to play for the Carolina Panthers again this season. Greg, Greg. "I want to play," Hardy said. My team is not in a good state lately. I can't wait any more. I want to help everyone. " Hardy has revealed that this week he will meet with his own agent, and the two sides will discuss the possibility of a return. Hardy is still in good shape and physical condition, and he is said to have been training for the time he is unable to compete. Hardy was not alone, and recently some of his teammates and coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) were all supporting him. Rivera has said he believes Hardy will be able to play again as a panther player. despite the strong desire for Hardy to fight, the alliance must still act in accordance with the rules. So far, his situation has not changed any more. He will continue to stay on the president's exemption list until the case has a new development. So far, the Panther has only won 2 games in 8 games without Hardy. The fans have been nostalgic for Hardy's performance. He has made 4 escapement and 1 escapement in the first game. The cruel reality, however, is that this may only be the last flash of his black panther career.When couldn't find a deal, the new England patriots cut off Kony Ealy. The patriots announced on Saturday that they had cut off the defensive end. Yili leave because he was unable to integrate into the Patriots defensive attack tactics varied. I hope he can make the team after the original patriot veteran rob ninkovich fill (Rob Ninkovich) retired after the vacancy, but now apparently their hopes. had to lay off in Yili, Aigo will might be the team's most promising young players - Fluhr, Trevor (Trey Flowers) as the team's top defensive ends. patriots paid the second round draft of this year's draft this year to Yili from the Carolina black leopard and the third round of the black leopard draft this year. But Erie never kept pace with the Patriots, and he trained with the substitute and the marginalized players for most of the training camp. The team Erie in just five months after they quickly left the Patriots is rare players introduced failures.Mario - Williams (Mario Williams) last season in Buffalo Bill's attitude and performance are all bad, it is not a secret. This season he will play for the Miami dolphin, the defensive line player this time assured the fans that he would be different from the last season. through the dolphin's official website, Williams conveyed his excitement with the new team's feelings, he said "everyone excited" hope and new coach Adam Hess (Adam Gase) along with the completion of the new season. He also vowed that every game of his game would be a grade a. Williams is so explained: "the first thing is my attitude, I think, don't care about what happened in the past few years, we can't predict the future but we can do now, every day I wake up and do the best and this is the most important thing." last season, under the 3-4 defense system of Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan), Williams failed to finish 100% performance and ushered in the low end of her career. In the past 3 years, 38 games were completed, and only 5 completed last season. , this season's dolphins will perform 4-3 lineup. Maybe Williams will have more opportunities, because this time he has Damm Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Cameron.

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