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Le Classique2016 products, whether in the form of design or style, emanate the unique freedom of Paris. Like a team of motorcycles, they not only attract you, but also make you more interested in their own city. 2016 products have this kind of implication, and again confirm that Paris is a place to come. In the European Cup in 2016, maybe you could see a group of guys wearing Le Classique.The official website of NFL | Mike - Wallace will be traded to the Vikings Football | Minnesota Vikings announced that the team had found a new toy for the quarterback Teddy Bridge Voight (Teddy Bridgewater). according to ESPN, Miami dolphins have exchanged a fourth round draft of the Vikings by their outside hand and the seventh round of draft. The outer hand is Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace). Because the team needs to trade Kenny Stiles ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Kenny Stills) earlier, it needs enough salary space to go, so Wallace's departure is inevitable. Wallace is 28 years old. He has a 5 year contract worth 60 million dollars with dolphin. In the 2 season of Miami, he completed 1800 yards catching and 15 touchdown. for Vikings, their young quarterback has more connections. Wallace may not be the first to pick up, but he is stronger than the current team's foreign players.this season, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) in passing accuracy with a score of 80.6% followed by the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson), the second highest in the league. Smith was in the top five on the weekly pass precision list. if it only looks at the precision of the pass, the new fans are likely to mistake Smith in the elite quarterback. But it may not be the case. Let's see why Smith's passing precision is so high. first, Smith's far-reaching pass attempts were the least of all the major quarterback in the league, with only 5.7% of his pass over 20 yards. It is the lack of Smith's old habits, last season his remote proportion is only 8.1%, ranked third to last all quarterback. He has 11 long passes this season, the 3 in 8 over 73 yards and two times by the dismal performance steals. But Smith is not only a lack of long, even in his passing distance are not many, most of them are short distance line similar to the screen pass. So far, 100 of his 144 pass attempts have been passed to the back court or within 10 yards of the front court. but we don't deny the advantages of low risk Smith the high success rate of short strategy, just to remind everyone to give priority to the list of the quarterback passing style when passing accuracy ranking next to see, this is more important than the data itself.Bowling | brief: CPBA 3rd anniversary National bowling fellowship ended Nanjing Hu Kui double Association legend no, yesterday, today, to open and challenge, Nanjing Hu Kui Open Championship and scored a trend which cannot be halted, challenge stage champion! his magic brave impressive according to the articles of association, the number of awards for the open competition is the first 25; challenge Hussein foreign players have to return, replacement came in several famous, bowl gathered, hot, unusually warm ... is a wonderful rank name unit G1G2G3G4G5G6 points difference score sharing 1 Hu Kui Nanjing 23319918025723321318133322202 Zhang Haitao Lv Bin 23421523518425619001314219-193 of Henan Xiguang Hebei 25918922822519120401296216-374 Nanjing 23220220320422321601280213-535 Xiamen 17622619023824520101276213-576: Cao Peng Tao Karen 18221027920220718901269212-647 Nanjing A Taiwan 19025522422817719101265211-688 Beijing 20422918222523219201264211-699 spades Liu Guimin Lin Youyu Taiwan 19520320221123221901262210-7110 Beijing 22618826419020119101260210-7311 Hebei 20619221720622521101257210-7612 Zhao Xingde Jiaxing wangdali Shenyang 20817822321426816601257210-7613 Dalian 20020319025720919601255209-7814 Europe Zhibiao yuan the doors of the temple of Foshan 203218203189216193301252209-8115 cattle Lishun Wu Kairong 213193213160236202301247208-8616 of Anhui Xiamen 2 Liu Shaoyi 4122419218219121301243207-9017 Dalian 20920319524621217801243207-9018 Nanjing 22720820521720018301240207-9319 〉 Wang Xu Berger

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