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Derek - Carle (Derek Carr) in San Diego and the lightning match well, the last time he tried to pass the game had the chance to help the team win. At the time of the Oakland Raiders behind 3 points, 1 points with 15 seconds left in the game, Carle to try to flank long ball, and wide receiver Brice Butler (Brice Butler) to complete the connection. But to his disappointment, this year's first round of lightning rookie cornerback Jason Valek (Jason - Verrett) with a bye steals kill Raiders hope of victory. when the Raiders were close to the free kick, did Carle's choice be too radical? Maybe, but he did not regret his choice, even if the team was unfortunate to suffer 5 consecutive defeats. Carle said in an interview, "I've done this 100 times, and I'm just trying to find 1 to 1 teammates." I will go back and look at the video, I think that Brice has won a chance not to defend the safety, so I choose to pass." , on the whole, did a good job of Carle, and it was his excellent play that made the Raiders always have the chance to win. He finished 34 in 18, a total of 282 yards with 4 touchdowns. The Raiders will feel sorry for the loss, but they have a reason cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to be better.NFL official website, the Chicago bears signed veteran linebacker Dan Adams, Coulthard football nest is reconstructing a Chicago bear who has signed a veteran. The bear has signed a year with Dan Skuta. Previously, skuta played two seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguar. is an outside guard at Jaguar Kutta, but he may be a midline in the bear team. He will bear in the team and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio (Vic Fangio). Previously, David Coulthard in 2013-2014 season with 49 people working together in San Francisco fangio. At the time of the 49 people, skuta fought 30 games, of which 18 were the first. is even more important, sign, which means the main line may be Coulthard David Danny (Danny Trevathan) - Trevor visen in November last year after a torn patellar tendon may not be ready for the start of the season back. In Terre wiesen after the injury, the bears let Nick Covey (Nick Kwiatkoski) at Sikorsky to fill the position, but this is more in order to let him experience in failure near the end of season. Found a new face and Fangio old acquaintances in the free agent market, bears choice to fill this position with veteran. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.53 people's official list: quarterback (2) - A. Rodgers, B. Hundley [tailored: J. Callahan, T. Hill] running guard (4) - T. Montgomery, J. Williams, A. Jones, D. Mays [K. Phillips] all guard (1) - A. Ripkowski [injury Reservation: J. Kerridge] The take the place of (5) -- J. Nelson, D. Adams, R. Cobb, J. Janis, T. Davis [may be retained: Janis, and be cut off: "," near end front (3) - M. Bennett, L. Kendricks, R. Rodgers [A. Peak, E. Byrd] attack frontline (10) -- C. Linsley, L. Taylor, J. Evans, D. Bakhtiari, B. Bulaga, B., Taylor, and Taylor. defense frontline (6) -- M. Daniels, D. Lowry, K. Clark, R. Jean Francois, C. Francois, and "Hou". (7): C. linebacker Matthews, N. Perry, J. Ryan, B. Martinez, J. Thomas, K. Fackrell [part out: V. Biegel; D. Talley; injury retention: cut J. Calvin, C. Heiman, D., Mathews, R. Gilbert, J. Tripp, J. Letuligasence ] corner guard (7) - D. House, D. R〉The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: steals | football lore 13-14 season of the League of nations there is no doubt that the owner of the final competition this season the qualification race, the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49 people as the two favourites for the audience to send an epic duel. Russell Wilson is the start of the game the Seahawks quarterback dropped the ball to the opponent sent a gift, 49 people in an excellent position to seize the opportunity to play in attack free kick scored 3 points. Then the 49 quarterback Colin Kaepernick taifashenwei first half with 98 yards on his red ball also creates a relaxed one yard touchdown run for chance, running back Anthony Dixon 10-0, leading 49 people. Before the end of the first half, Wilson and Doug Baldwin used a 51 yard connection to create a 32 yard shot and 3 points for the kicker Steven Hauschka. At the end of the first half, 49 people were 10-3. to start the second half, the first half was repeated road attack the Seahawks suppressed finally achieved success, Marshawn Lynch once again opened his beast mode with 40 yards from a wonderful score. Has been gradually eroded by the advantage when exhausted, 49 people to respond quickly, Kaepernick with a 26 yard pass to find the square to score in order to take over Anquan Boldin 17-10. In the third quarter before the end of Baldwin by meritorious again on a 69 yard kickoff return once again created a 40 yard shot, for Hauschka 17-13, the Seahawks still four points behind. at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Wilson has been found in the attack to throw off the mark Jermaine Kearse player with a touchdown and the score became 20-17 completed ahead. On the defensive end, the Seahawks detonation Legion members began to play, defensive end Cliff Avril forced Kaepernick to drop the ball and let the Seahawks offensive team began their attack on the other side of the 6 yard line. Touchdown looks pleasant thing, but a recursive Wilson and Lynch make the ball the Seahawks the attack on a line of code is ruined. The Seahawks defensive group again on the Kaepernick and Kam Chancellor by pressing safetys success in 49 before the 40 yard line interception success, Hauschka reconstruction work the field of odd good hit the long shot, a 47 yard 23-17, the Seahawks have achieved in the game before the end of the 6 point lead. even though it's backward, 49〉

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