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, seven years ago, on a cold Friday morning, John Schneider was sitting in his office in the blue fort stadium, aftertaste his wonderful NFL trajectory, considering what challenges he will face ahead of him. Schneider grew up within a few miles of the Green Bay Packers' iconic gymnasium. During the university period, he has made an incredible breakthrough, and he has chosen to turn to the field of administration which is booming but must be low-key. He is also a "sneak traveler" from a small man who fantasized into NFL's small runner to the future Hall of fame general manager. Then, in his second years as a packing worker's rugby operation director, his life has finally been completed, but he is also on the road to exciting adventure. was looking for the Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell's successor, the former in the mid season submitted a letter of resignation, and served as a supervisor in the 2000 season the Seahawks players at the beginning of Schneider are considered to be one of the candidates, his interview was also arranged in the packaging industry to the Arizona Cardinals off the scene of the first round of the playoffs after two days, he for a manager to plan and explain their philosophy, which also includes occupies a large part of his preference for the coach specific list of candidates of the outline. Then , Schneider Office of the TV screen out several big news: the Seahawks in 5 wins and 11 season after fired coach Jimmy Mora and close to the team and the University of Southern Calif (USC) Pete Carroll agreement. Ma cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ny people were shocked, including Schneider: with such a high-profile (and soon get a high salary) coaching, the general manager's job was not so attractive at once, and Schneider began to hesitate to fight for it. "I have prepared my documents, I think I'm at midnight the day before the FedEx Kinko's there all ready -- when I get up to go to the airport to fly to Arizona, all cheered because 'Pete Carroll served as the head coach position (the new Seahawks)" is halted." Schneider recalled, "so I had to tear up the courier immediately, and took about 30 notes about the coach, and then went blank in the brain. next week and a half things might not go according to plan; are unpredictable in some aspects, like the cardinals in the playoffs 51:45 overtime loss and beat the packers as xuemaibizhang unknown. However, when the Schneider was introduced in January 19, 2010 will become the Seahawks general manager, one of the greatest success stories of twenty-first Century NFL in confusion was quietly opened. Excluding the same, the excitable "jiangshang" and "the preference low-key Bole" become a power power on a mutually satisfactory cooperation partner, will also be the olive.The official website of NFL | Chris - Johnson in the jets training in the eye-catching performance of | football runner Chris Johnson (Chirs Johnson) got the full play in training last Thursday after her knee injury, and this is the first time he has participated in the whole training after he joined the New York jet fleet. I feel very good. He said, I have no pain, and there are no other discomfort. last season Johnson's right leg knee meniscus tear was operated and he signed with the jet team in April this year. Most of last season he was playing with, but in this case he still rushed the ball up to 1077 yards, the second best in his occupation career data. jets out of caution in the offseason and mini camp in limiting the activities of Johnson, hope he promised to play again after recovery. I'm ready. As Johnson said. Chris - Johnson, 2006 yards from the Tennessee Titan in the 2009 season. The flank of losing the ball at one pass reflects the speed of one of the fastest players in the league. Occasionally he will act as a relay, and the jet fleet may take the role more frequently. Johnson created the 57 highest career successor record in 2011. He finished 42 times in spite of his injuries last year. With the speed, his future player's identity has created a lot of incredible moments. you have to be careful when you see Johnson on the spot. The outside hand David Nelson said. If they go against Johnson, they will leave a large space for the grooves, but if they do not go, he will go farther. He has opened up a completely different way of attacking, especially in passing. (Jared Goff) - Gerald gove will become a Losangeles rams home court against Seattle Seahawks quarterback No. 2. coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) to return a list of gove said: "I am very excited, he is ready to play for." the first week of the game, Goff did not enter the play list, the team to 0 than 28 defeat to San Francisco 49. The game's starting quarterback Castro (Case Keenum) - based 35 pass 17 completed 130 yards but there have been 2 steals, was sacked 2 times, Goff as this year's champion but can not enter the play list, clearly shows that he has a lot of room for improvement. if the next game of goats is again frustrated, Fisher may make the necessary adjustments in the game.Washington Red first red skin won the seventeenth Super Bowl in 1982, when MVP was run John - Li Jinsi (John Riggins). Li Jinsi graduated from the University of Kansas, the university period is amphibious athletes, are football, basketball and 100 meters. In 1968, he led the school team to the Big Eight Conference champion and succeeded in breaking into the Orange Bowl, but eventually lost 15 to 14 to me at Penn State University. He became the fifth record in the history of University of Kansas with 2659 yards of punching ball. After , Lee Kim was selected by the New York jet in the first round and sixth place in 1971. In the jet's rookie season he became the first person to punch the ball and the ball team data, October 1972 Li Jinsi 168 yards against the new England patriots game, teammate Emerson Boozer finished 150 yards, it has also become the history of NFL only a single field of two players completed more than 150 yards rushing the ball record. Despite only 4 seasons in the jet, Li Jinsi was the fourth runner in the team's history with a 2875 - yard shot. 1976 Li Jinsi completed a 4 year $1 million 500 thousand contract as a free agent and red, although the 1977 season because of a knee injury and could not play really well but in his 2 season thereafter were completed for 1000 yards rushing, has become an important group of the team's offensive firepower. In the summer of 1980, because of the difference of contract negotiations, Li Jinsi missed all the matches of the season. After that, he returned to coach in 1981 and he was able to return. All came to the 1982 season, this season is a shrinking season, there are only 9 regular season games, so the 16 teams went into the playoffs, and the playoffs Li Jinsi broke out this year. he was in the playoffs against the Detroit lions, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas cowboys in the game to complete a total of 444 yards, including the game against the Vikings for 185 yards into the playoffs one way to punch the ball record, he in such a terrible performance to help the team successfully into the super bowl. in the super bowl of red met blocking Miami dolphins, the first three games finished, the dolphins into the fourth quarter to 17 than 14 lead, and all the suspense until the last 10 minutes of the game, was changed by a miracle, when the game 10 minutes left, red fourth stalls 1 yards against the fight, with Li Jinsi the ball from cornerback McNeal Don holds, completed 43 yards long range touchdown, finished ahead for the team, and for the victory of the game for the team, also won the historic first Super Bowl champion for the red. at the end of the game, Li Jinsi won the Super Bowl MVP with a 38 shot of 166 yards.

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