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Sports Weekly special NFL Chinese website editor Zhao Zhiyuan NFL a new labor agreement signed after the first season, the 2011 season memorable, after a brief shut down, there are still countless new milepost was set up: Drew · Bracey blew up the single season pass distance record by nearly 300 yards; Aaron · Rodgers field 122.5 pass score against all legend history; Gelon Khodorkovsky was dedicated to 18 touchdowns to tight end and establish a new benchmark; Houston Dezhou team for the first time in the playoffs after joining NFL...... All these achievements have made the 2012 season more anticipated. new season regular season in the United States on September 5th as scheduled, the defending champion New York giants home court to 17 than 24 lost last season failed to reach the Dallas cowboys in the playoffs, so many experts by surprise, in fact, from a historical point of view, this is not the result of accidents. The two teams as the NL East rival, the history of confrontation for 100 times, the cowboys with 56 wins 2 flat 42 negative slightly dominant, but in recent years the giants record, it makes people "think" their superior, actually k cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nown as the "American team" the cowboys in 1970s had been full of the world (2 times champion, 1990s) is nearly a dynasty (1992, 93, 95 and three times champion), from cowboys Troy · Ekman, Emmet · Smith is also known to every family teen idols, and all the talented team, they always friction is too large, it is difficult to play the greatest combat, this season to beat the defending as the championship opener, expect them to attack the champion after 17 years. if I champions, I can only tell you, and the cowboys have the same vision I have 15 teams more, this is the characteristic of NFL, the average strength of every where fans can call two voice "we will contend for the first", the experts also always need new the. The course of last season, the New York giants win is a wonderful story, they are not optimistic about the lack of a genius, stumbled and fell into the playoffs, every game and poise, finally using human shields anti patriot do, finally won the team history third Super Bowl trophy this season, who's played Cinderella, is admitted to Stanford University student champion colts, or "God Seth Tibbott" to take account of the jet, or had lost all season last season by rocket lion, we can only wait and see. NFL this season increased Thursday night matches in the eastern hemisphere, the fans may be the biggest beneficiaries, because we can see in the daytime game live, you know ESPN for every Monday game broadcast rights to an average of $300 million a year or more; global brands to provide NFL shirt, more fashion and function more, perhaps in the near future NFL jersey will be put on our shelves; sponsor information equipment replaced from 〉the Carolina Panthers in the fifteenth week will be in the absence of quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) under the condition of battle. team coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) announced on Wednesday that the backup quarterback Drake Anderson (Derek Anderson) will start on Sunday against Tampa Bay piracy. The day before the announcement, Newton laced two muscles down the back of his back in a car accident near the training base. He was discharged from the local hospital on Wednesday morning. this will be the second absence of Newton's career and the two time it has happened this season. The ribs hurt the team's trump player for the first week of the game. Anderson got the chance to start the game in that game and did well in the game against the pirates. now Anderson will face pirates second times, and this time for the 4 - win, 8 - 1, and 1 - draw Panther is a game that must be won.three Baltimore crow starters were included in the list of suspects, but near the end Erwin - Daniels (Owen Daniels) was a Sunday night match against Pittsburgh Steelers biggest problem. Daniels, the second catcher of Raven, returned to training on Friday after he was absent from training on Thursday. He missed the match on Sunday. "In fact, I will then decide whether to play Erwin" game time, coach John Hargreaves (John Harbaugh) said after Friday's practice. defensive end Chris - Candy (Chris Canty) and guard Marshall (Marshal Yanda) - Yan was also included in the list of questions, although two people have participated in training on Friday, Candy due to wrist wound infection and missed the last four games. "Generally speaking, I feel good and healthy." Candy said, "I think the coach feels that I have recovered well. I am very hopeful of having a chance to play for the team on Sunday."The official website of NFL | Mustang proximal front retort questioned his willpower point | football the Denver Broncos tight end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) this season with 9 games took down 12 touchdowns, but the ankle to work two months after he had made. Thomas knows that people are questioning his willpower, especially when he was a basketball player in college. He was compared with the willpower of NFL players. , however, Thomas said that people didn't know that he was going through this dangerous situation: some people didn't know me and didn't know my recovery, so I would say that I played basketball and I was very weak in overcoming injuries, but that's their view. I know myself very well. People often ask me how I feel about NFL. I think when everything is going on, they feel that they should return to injury. Then they also feel that I have almost recovered from injury. , in fact, basketball is not the same as rugby. Thomas added that the basketball season is very long, so there is plenty of time to recover. But rugby is different, that is to say, I have to play with injuries like some of the players. But it doesn't care if the injury can affect them all their lives.

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