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on running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the issue of the future, the Minnesota Vikings still have a lot of choices. They can cut him off, trade him, even renew or reorganize his contract. In spite of this, there is not much time left for the Vikings. Before making the final decision, and Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) plan to go to Texas to have face-to-face communication with Peterson. Mike, Mike. According to the NFL official, the two sides are planning to meet on Wednesday local time. had previously revealed that the Vikings did not plan to retain Peterson, and the latter wanted to be able to find a new host. The meeting will turn the status quo. According to YAHOO sports reports, the attitude of both sides has eased up. The Vikings emphasized the importance of Peterson for the team. Peterson also revealed in the interview that he would like to discuss with the team about the reorganization contract. At the same time, both sides have not denied cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the possibility of the transaction. in addition, the Dallas cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis colts, San Diego and Tampa Bay Lightning Pirates of the super run who expressed interest.The official website of NFL | announced sacked Jaguars defensive end Bryant | football last offseason, Jacksonville Jaguars grabbed the former Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bryant Reid (Red Bryant). But only a year later, the Jaguar decided to give up the big man. Last season, Bryant in all 16 games in the team to the first identity, completed 15 grabs, contributed 1 times. a year ago, the team and Bryant agreed on a 4 - year contract worth $19 million. In the original contract, Bryant will get 3 million 230 thousand of the basic salary in the next season, causing a 4 million 500 thousand impact on the team's salary cap. In the sacked Bryant after the American tiger spare 4 million 500 thousand payroll. this offseason Jaguar performance was very active in the defensive attack position, the team has signed former Miami dolphins player Jared - Odd Rick (Jared Odrick), and Tyson (Tyson Alualu) to renew ARU ljubljana. The next season, the American tiger arrangement as the starting defensive end audric, taking into account the anti running ability decline of Bryant, the team finally decided to cut back his departure.The official website of NFL | c-hawks consider ace cornerback Sherman in attack | football The attack of the season pass Seattle Seahawks struggled, averaging 191.8 yards ranked thirtieth in the league, in the past 4 consecutive games in less than 200 yards. When the Seahawks team was passing attack in order to solve the problem, and took over the problem, an idea is to let the team ace arise spontaneously, cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) participate in the attack, he was in the Stanford University also played wide receiver. manager Peter Carroll said in an interview on Friday: I've been thinking about this plan for a long time. Sherman and I have been talking about the possibility, and he also knows that if I need him to take part in the attack, I'll tell him. A piece which is earlier this week, Sherman said, he told the "Seattle times" said: I took a strong shot. The defender can hardly guard against me, so this is the case and I should have a good performance. because the Seahawks lack key to come forward the take over, especially in the red zone, so they should take account of Duhem - Saunders (Deion Sanders) using Sherman's advice. Carol said, "of course, Sherman is a good foreign player. When we saw his defensive ability, we could see that he had a good command of the receiving range. He would be happy to play it. So he's ready, and once it's urgent, he knows I'll call him up. and Carol mentioned that the emergency should be a injury. However, with the downturn in the offensive this week and will face the Arizona Cardinals first in the league, if Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) and a group can effectively complete the ball, Carol is likely to be released in a state of emergency.Minnesota Vikings Why it could work None of the Vikings' current quarterbacks has a contract beyond this season. The Vikings are an NFC contender as it is, but their odds for getting over the top and winning a championship could increase with Cousins, who is more proven than Case Keenum and more durable than Teddy Bridgewater or Sam Bradford. Minnesota has a history under general manager Rick Spielman of adding veteran quarterbacks such as Brett Favre, Donovan McNabb and Bradford. Cousins would arrive in that tradition. Why it couldn't work The Vikings aren't really broken, so why should they pursue an expensive fix? They could be more likely to re-sign Keenum and/or Teddy Bridgewater. They know both players much better than they know Cousins, who figures to carry a higher price tag that could be a deterrent. Keenum outranked Cousins in Total QBR last season. A defensive-minded coach such as Mike Zimmer might not want to spend so much for a quarterback.

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