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|2015 China handball lottery "on both sides of the three" youth handball summer camp | hand Association [View wonderful group] Cleveland Jiangsu October 1 Kunshan Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) 2015 Chinese sports lottery "on both sides of the three" youth handball summer camp opened in October 1st in Jiangsu Province Economic and Technological Development Zone, Kunshan City Experimental Primary School. The event attracted from four places and more than 290 young people in denmark. this event is sponsored by the Chinese Handball Association. The Kunshan Municipal People's government is responsible for hosting the Suzhou Municipal Sports Bureau, Suzhou Education Bureau, Kunshan Sports Bureau, Kunshan Education Bureau, Kunshan Development Area Social Administration Bureau and Kunshan Development Zone Experimental Primary School. hand song baseball and softball management center director Lei Jun speech director of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song Lei Jun, director of the Suzhou Municipal Sports Bureau Bao Dongdong, vice mayor of Kunshan Municipal People's Government Jiang Hao, Suzhou Sports Bureau, Kunshan Municipal Education Bureau, the Education Bureau of Kunshan City, Kunshan Development Zone Social Management Bureau and other leaders from Hongkong, Macao China Chinese, Chinese Taipei Denmark and other countries and r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping egions of the handball circles attended the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Qian Yueli, President of Kunshan economic and Technological Development Zone Experimental Primary School, delivered a welcome speech. Lei Jun, director of the National Sports Administration's director of the crank and softball sports management center, delivered a speech. Jiang Hao, the vice mayor of Kunshan Municipal People's government, declared the summer camp campaign officially started. Kunshan economic and Technological Development Zone Experimental Primary School President Qian Yueli made a welcome word this summer camp is three days, the activities of both events and handball cultural exchanges. The competition is divided into 4 groups: the primary school for male and female, the middle school for women and men. There are 19 teams from mainland China, Hongkong, China, Macao, China, Taipei and Denmark in 19 countries. In October 2nd, the summer camp organizers will also arrange training demonstration classes, invite high level handball coaches from Denmark to participate in the experience, and then carry out technical exchanges for different types of handball sports. The closing ceremony will be held in October 3rd, and the teams will also perform their programs, interact with each other and give awards. Kunshan Municipal People's government deputy mayor Jiang Hao announced that the summer camp started , the State Sports General Administration of Youth Division business development director Zhu Ying give a high evaluation of the event: "this activity is done very well, the original is the summer camp in China, is now the international exchanges, youth international exchanges in our country is still relatively small, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Denmark all together in Kunshan, to help the children of international exchanges, enhance mutual understanding, in training.'s Indianapolis Colts wide receiver TY- Hilton (T.Y.Hilton) last season and played his best season, according to the occupation football website data focusing, Hilton scoring in the league and took over ten. Excellent performance also won him a four year, 65 million yuan (39 million guarantee) renewal contract. He will continue to work with Andrew Luck in the visible future. nearly two years of the Internet in the free market, pony many experienced former star players, the offensive team veteran accounted for a small proportion, and the young Hilton natural to assume defensive arrows and challenge each other to complete the task size advance, but on this point, he has been Iraq effective assistant. Hilton scored 14 passes last year, and he succeeded in catching the ball. He had 528 yards to catch the ball and 5 times to catch the ball, and from Yu Shenyuan to pass the ball. Two of the data were ranked in the top five of the league. lark tried to pass the ball far to 88 times last year, ranked first in the league, and as lac is about to enter the contract year, the team will try their best to make Hilton play a more effective role with lac. The two is the basic guarantee to the pony offensive big kill four, they also hope to become the best in the League - wide receiver pass attack combination the Denver Broncos this offseason signed a tight end, but not that they most big in this position. Julius Thomas (Julius Thomas) is now turning to Jacksonville Jaguar, while Gil Gil Green has stayed for fifth seasons for the wild horse. In his first four seasons, he had a lot of time as a open cover player, which made him only 23 times a total. Now even if the team signed Erwin Daniels (Owen Daniels), his ball number is expected to rise, because the head coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) the offense often near front as passing target. Green likes this kind of expectation. "I believe I can do a good job in front of me," Green told ESPN. "They don't need me to pick up a lot of the ball, but I think it's part of my game and I can still do that. I like open road cover. In these circumstances, I am proud to have my opponent unable to move according to his wishes. But I am also proud of catching the ball. I think I can do that. I want to expect that. I always believe in my abilities and believe in what I can do. It's all about the opportunity, and I think there will be more opportunities now. " has gone through all these changes after losing to the Indianapolis pony in the playoffs last season, and the wild horse attack team will be quite different this season. If Green is able to meet the higher expectations of his contribution, the change may be less likely to bring the attack team's data down.Minnesota Vikings suffered major losses during a pre - season match on Saturday night, local time. In the face of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Phil Laird Holt arranged the Vikings (Phil Loadholt) served as the starting right tackle. According to the official website of NFL reporter, Ronald Holt injured Achilles tendon in the game, end up ahead. He looked so bad that he needed the help of the car to return to the dressing room. Ronald Holt's ability and his team obvious to people in 2013, a 4 year, $25 million contract agreement. During the period of the Vikings, Caude Holt started 89 games, but was troubled by injuries in the last year. Last season, he was absent from 5 games because of a chest tear. for the Vikings, self-evident adverse effects brought by Holt Lauder lost, especially for aiming at strong comeback running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson). In the end of Holt Lauder, this year's 4 round pick tackle T.J. Kelaimingsi (T.J. Clemmings) to replace his position.

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