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The official website of NFL | Richardson: I am still third show I | football Indiana Colts running back Clif Trent - from the Browns in exchange for Richardson last year (Trent Richardson) this season was disappointing. But Richardson said he was still the elite's runner when he was selected by third. and he will face the old owner this Sunday, and he has the confidence to use his strength to remove people from questioning him. And the source of confidence was the same as he had to prove when he was removed in 2012 by third. said, "when I hear people talk about me and laugh at me, I will only laugh and bless him." I want anyone to see and realize that I was the runner of the year, which was picked by the Brown team in third. Many people said I was smuggled goods, and no longer have the courage, but now I have to let them see, I will prove myself in the next 4 weeks. let us see what is going to happen around the next four weeks. But we can see his 27 games before the Colts played, average 3.05 yards rushing, averaging 33.5 yards rushing, this figure is basically an undrafted data. But Richardson still feels he matches third and knows he didn't play third.NFL's official website, the 2016 Hall of fame ceremony held in Waterloo rugby players selected The number of fifty-fourth NFL Hall of fame players was formally elected on Saturday night, and the number of hall of fame was up to 303. Bre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t faffe (Brett Favre), Kevin Green (Kevin Greene), Eddie de Ba TORO (Eddie Debartolo Jr.), Ken Sitabule (Ken Stabler), Dick Sitanfuer (Dick Stanfel), Orlando (Orlando Pace) - Perth, Toni Deng Ji (Tony Dungy) and Malvin Harrison (Marvin Harrison) head statue unveiled at the ceremony. Sitabule among these people and Stan Faure died, their families on behalf of their announced statue. is probably the most popular player faffe ceremony in his speech affectionate remembrance of his father. In December 2003 to Favre 399 yards passing with 4 touchdowns and lead the Green Bay Packers defeated the Oakland Raiders on the same day, the father died. Farve says his success is driven by his father and eventually in the hall of fame for their high demand. Green has made at least 10 escapement in 10 years of his 15 year career, including 14 escapement in 5 seasons. He chose the professional bowl 5 times. Harrison a full 13 year career in the Indianapolis Colts spent his career, completed a total of 1102 receptions, 14580 yards and 128 touchdowns. He set a 143 season record for the season in 2002. Pais also worked at NFL for 13 years, for 12 years for the goats. Pais was selected as a professional bowl for 7 consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2006. He helped the ram win 7 super bowl and win the thirty-sixth Super Bowl Championship. Dungi has 11 season into the playoffs in 13 seasons at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Indianapolis colts, in 7 seasons at the pony, pony each season at least 10 victory, he also led the Colts won 5 division titles and forty-first Super Bowl champion, became the first to win the Super Bowl champion African American coach. de Ba TORO's self - mockery in his speech may be the only member of the hall of fame that did not join the team in high school. But he helped 49 people in San Francisco from the union belly became the 5 Super Bowl champion winner. also served as ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen (〉in the morning of October 6th Beijing time, the new England patriot defeated the visiting Cincinnati tigers at home, and won the fifth week, day, night and night match. Win this game made last week by the slaughter of the chief patriots swept away the haze, but also means that the tiger streak cracked. It is worth mentioning that the game patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) from 292 yards, the milepost career passing yards 50000+. is different from the first few weeks of slow, this game a patriot to quickly enter the state, with all the way into the tiger region through continuous run before the first quarter to 10 minutes left, starting running back Stephen Ledley Patriot (Steven Ridley) on the left out of the 1 yard touchdown, the Patriots made the initiative. On the contrary the tiger attack is difficult, the first wave of attack finally stumbled to promote the Patriot half 34 yards, the tigers kicker Mike. Jane (Mike Nugent) is an unexpected force shortage when shooting, try not to succeed. Back to the Patriots continue to put pressure on the tiger defense group, or through the combination of the tigers run smoothly into the red zone, and the proximal winger Tim Wright (Tim Wright) with 17 yards passing touchdowns Brady completed. At the end of the first festival, patriots set up the advantages of 14:0. At the beginning of the second quarter, the attack stalled, the referee has become the protagonist of the game, 6 minutes of continuous Chuifa both sides were 7 fouls, the tigers also rely on the continuous efforts of gifts to advance, by Jane scored a 23 yard shot, scored the game's first tiger. The rapid advance of shooting and the Patriots scored 3 points, to the left 1 minutes and 17 seconds, but the first half sealed tigers star receiver A.J. Green (A.J.Green) then sent gift, he received a quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) did not protect the ball right after passing that was the top patriots cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) manufacturing dropped the ball, the Patriots linebacker Jamie Corinth (Jamie Collins) then quickly won the ball, the Patriots won the tiger attack in the red zone opportunities within before half-time and eventually again by star kicker Stephen kousky gesite (Stephen Gostkowski) completed a 19 yard drive. The Patriots took a 17 point lead to the halftime rest. When came back in the second half, the game changed quickly. The third section is to have 11 minutes and 32 seconds, Dalton line receiver Mohamed (Mohamed Sanu) - Thanou completed a 37 yard touchdown, the score will be back at 10:20. Go back to the Patriots through successful reading defense continuously complete size advance on the ground, easily came to tiger red zone, then Brady again find a big kill tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) successfully.The official website of NFL | Jonathan - Stewart: Curry in the incentive | Panther football NBA's MVP has been driving the League of NFL national champions. with Stephen - Jinzhou warriors curry (Stephen Curry) after the fourth playoff scored 40 points and helped the team win over the Portland Trail Blazers, the Carolina Panthers running back Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) and his teammates on Twitter: @ Curitiba by incentive, we will continue to work hard. It is reported that the library to block the NBA regular season MVP honor, which is previously had no players have done. library grew up in Sherlock, his father had been playing for the Hornets, Panther fans, he also became the Panthers fans, he is also the Panthers quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton). is now looking to become another big star in NBA, and the fans in NBA know all that, and all the other sports people are aware of it.

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