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The official website of NFL | Seahawks signed tight end with the Cardinals training group took over the football | Seattle Seahawks activity on Tuesday, they signed tight end Toni - Moike (Tony Moeaki) and re signed a kickoff / punt returner Blaine Waters (Bryan Walters), also from the practice group signed safety Duhem Bailey (Dion Bailey) and Saunders (Jaron took over Jalen Saunders). The team in order to maintain a list of 53 people, the team cut linebacker L.J. Ford (L.J. Fort) and the safetys Terrence Parkes (Terrance Parks) placed on the injury list. The Seahawks also cut out over Chris Mathews (Chris Matthews) and near end Britt Braque - (Brett Brackett), the team decided to rookie safety Eric Perkins (Eric Pinkins) - into the team retained list, ending his season journey. signed Moike (6 feet, 3 inches, 250 pounds), which may cheap nfl jerseys free shipping be bad news for the initial near end Zach Miller (Zach Miller). He injured her ankle in October and missed the 5 games of the past. Moike was selected in the third round of the emirate of Kansas in 2010, he played three seasons at the Emirates, but because of injuries missed the 2011 season, Moike in 30 games in the 29 round, 80 receptions with 1009 yards and 4 touchdowns. He signed a contract with Buffalo Bill in December 4, 2013, but only played two games. Saunders is this year the New York jets in the four round of the next election, in September 29th to be laid off before he played three matches and 6 punt return yards with 26, Saunders in October 1st by the Arizona Cardinals training group signed in October 25th, but was cut.The has been the New Orleans saints fired rob Ryan (Rob Ryan) recently wearing Buffalo Bill's clothes in the training field of Bill on Wednesday. perhaps this is his brother Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) with long hair on the side of the field. But it didn't seem to be a show. Rob did visit the Bill training ground. So does this mean he's going to be a member of the Bill coaching team? later Fawkes sports reporter said: "rob told us that he was only visiting Bill training, not being a member of Bill's coaching team." Bill will play in Philadelphia this Sunday, and maybe rob is to support his brother.The official website of NFL, Keneiliusi - Lion tackle Lucas signed a contract bidding, football nest The team started most NBA off-season training now, restricted free players should also begin to sign his contract. according to Detroit media reports, the lion Keneiliusi tackle - Lucas (Cornelius Lucas) signed restricted free agent contract of their own, will participate in the offseason project. first started 3 games in the first 3 games last year as a substitute for 5 games, and it is expected that this season will be competing for the wagging front. His bidding contract is at the lowest level - $1 million 797 thousand a year. will be the deadline for restricted free players signing contracts from other teams on Friday. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pirates and patriots linebacker | football complete substitute transaction at the trade deadline before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is indeed worthy of attention support team, but traded a backup linebacker specifically in the League will not attract much attention. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to two sources reported that pirates completed the veteran line guardian Jonathan Casillas (Jonathan Casillas) to the new England patriots trading. But the details of the deal were not disclosed. , 27, has played 55 games in 5 seasons for the New Orleans saints and the Tampa Bay pirates, of which they start in 15 games. Is struggling with a hamstring and groin injury he had not played in the defense group in October. Casillas was the defender's rotation at the beginning of the season, roughly half of his time as a side guard. plus his special service team experience, Casillas can provide a bench for the main line guardian Jerrod Mayo (Jerod Mayo) and Chandler Jones (Jones Jones). The deal was an insurance for the Patriot defense team, but did not significantly improve the defensive team level.

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