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today is the twelfth day of March. On this day, Russell grabbed 49 rebounds. The Mavericks held a retirement ceremony for Braque's 22 Jersey. Let's take a look at the important events that happened in NBA history in March 12th. (important events are Beijing time) 1965 March 12th Boston Celtic 112-100 defeated the pistons, Bill - Russell grabbed 49 rebounds, which was also the third highest rebounding of the history. 1991 March 12th Utah Utah is 96-105 against Sanantonio's Spurs, and John - Stockton has sent out 20 assists. 2000 March 12th Dallas calf retired lorando Blackman's No. 22 shirt, Bla cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ckman retired with the 24 records of the history of the Mavericks. below is the birth date of the NBA star, which is the local time in the United States: 1932 March 12th Bob - Huo beure Gus was born in Canada Vancouver, 1953 first round was selected to show the identity of the second place. In 1987, Naismith was elected to the hall of fame. Author: the blacksmith Moussewho said that American football was a precondition for a period of time before the show? the Dallas Cowboys made a surprising decision in the sixth round of the draft, they chose Rick Garces (Rico Gathers), a Baylor University star basketball player. Rick is not only short of college football experience, but the 6 foot 8 inch, 275 pound player still lacks training in this field, but all of which touches the hearts of cowboys. after Rick said that football is his favorite, although starting from the age of 13 he had never touched this sport, Rick this season as the starter field of Baylor University have the highest team 9 rebounds, he explained that he chose basketball in college football is not in order to protect their own the body and the knee, to better cope with the occupation career. It is reported that jeans make Rick a tight end Jason Witten (Jason Witten).those in the fantasy platform of choice for the Oakland Raiders defender Tevez Murray ran - (Latavious Murray) the next game player will be very happy. Coach this week the Raiders said the team would give Murray the ball more opportunities, "I want the team to run the ball more, I don't want Murray holding the opportunity to reduce, of course I hope his efficiency is also increase, we will be able to control the ball running team, this is we did not do a good job last year." Murray ran 266 runs and completed 1066 yards and 6 touchdown on last season. He may become a Raider. He has completed a thousand yard run since 1984 to 1985. 's current raider's running guard is in addition to Murray and DeAndre Washington and Jielun - Richardson (Jalen Richard).The Second World Championships will be held | old Bowling bowling in Las Vegas in August world old age Bowling Championships hosted by WTBA, two years, is the second year in August 2015, 23-30, Las Vegas, Sam City Hotel & Casino Sam bowling center, 56 lane, each country has a quota of four men and four women. will be able to take part in 50, single, double, team, elite, all-around, five projects.

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