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Seattle Seahawks have made National League finals, quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) is the outstanding performance of the team is an important reason to win. Although the season is not over, but the Seahawks have started to plan to Wilson renewal. The official website of NFL reporters, the Seahawks plans to offer a huge contract for Werwilson, with a long-term contract to lock the Super Bowl champion quarterback. At present, the Seahawks lineup in the star studded, however, as the core Werwilson quarterback, the current annual salary of less than $1 million. The next season he will enter the final year of his rookie contract, the insider said, do not want to wait until the 2015 season the Seahawks consider the contract, they hope to after the end of the Werwilson and extend the contract in this season. At present, the highest average annual salary in the league is Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His contract with the team lasted for 5 years, worth 110 million dollars, with an annual salary of 22 million. Reporters, the Seahawks will offer a new contract for Rodgers Wilson is higher than the annual salary. , in terms of strength, Wilson is not worth the team to give a contract higher than Rodgers, but many times, salary is not directly linked to the strength of the players. Wilson, 26 years old, is heading the seco cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd Super Bowl Champions with the eagle of the sea. He is the most cost-effective player in the league, and the young Quartermaster who has not reached the summit is worthy of a big contract.The official website of NFL | occupation bowl guard Mathis and Mustang to complete the signing of | football Denver wild horse also praised their offensive line for a long time ago. It is young enough. Recently, the team announced the signing of 11 year's Ivan Evan Evan Mathis with a contract value of $4 million. now Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) still have 3 rookie to provide protection for him on the offensive line, were left guard, Jiefeng left and center. John John Elway, the team manager, said that Mathis's entry would improve the level of the offensive line. Mathis spent the first 22 games in the 2005-2010 season in the Carolina panther, the Miami dolphin and the Cincinnati tigers, respectively. His Philadelphia hawk in the 2011-2013 season was rated as a top guard, but last season he missed 7 games with a knee injury. He has been selected for the career bowl for the past 2 seasons. He has been the defender in the 2011 season and has completed the quarterback to kill the least first.The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Cruz accept | football season leg surgery Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) won't play again this season. , the giant who missed most of the 2014 season because of the patellar tendon tear, announced that he would undergo a calf operation on Monday. it was very difficult, mainly because I tried to recover from the patellar tendon tear operation, Cruz said in a statement. I try to recover every day. Receive the treatment, carry on the physical training, carry on the strength training. I feel like I'm 100% recovered. Then the calf was injured, and it was a difficult thing to face. It's hard to face emotionally and physically, but I know that God has arranged for me. I know I have to prepare for my mind to prepare my body 100% recovery. at the start of the 2015 season, even in the leg before the injury, we think that Cruz and Odell - Beckham (Odell Beckham) took over the composition of a strong external combination is the Nanke dream. The tearing of the patellar tendon is very serious and affects the whole lower body. Despite the giant insists there is no connection between the two injuries, it is difficult to imagine this is a calf injury occurred without any cause or reason. had a short period of time during the training camp, Cruz looked like the former giant. He is able to complete the movement of the variable and quickly complete the explosive force, but this time is very short. In a career full of setbacks and difficulties, Cruz has an obstacle to overcome. 's only question now is how much confidence the giant will have on him during his recovery. At the end of the season in the team could shake up and Cruz's contract is no longer included protection of income, we wait and see more of the giants have the confidence to play out over.Beijing time on Tuesday, December 20th, at 9:30 on Tuesday, the Washington red team was in the home town for the Carolina panther in a week and one night match. The Panther kept four consecutive wins against the red skin; the two teams last played in the eleventh week of last season's regular season, when the Panther won the red skin at home 44:16. The campaign, 5 wins and 8 losses for the Panthers to improve the team at bad grades, and 7 wins and 5 losses and 1 draws Redskins retained the first playoff hopes. personnel, red leather Josh - Norman (Josh Norman) will start to meet the old owner. The Redskins linebacker will Compton (Will Compton) and Craven (Su'a Cravens, Insua) were injured, Panther star linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) through a concussion check, but still miss the game. In addition, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) will start with the right shoulder injury. road Panthers attack first, cam - Newton (Cam Newton) near the end Greg Olsen the first pass of the game will find no defense (Greg Olsen), with 31 yards. The wide receiver Ted Jean (Ted Ginn Jr.) is also connected with the short run 18 yards, then kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano) hit a 35 yard free kick, the red Panther 3:0. The Redskins third out after the Panthers again. Cam Newton in passing shot after the right shoulder was Ryan Kerrigan (Ryan Kerrigan) impact, but it does not matter, then the Panthers out of gear. Quarterback Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) in the midfield line pass receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), 23 yards to the kicker Dustin Hopki (Dustin Hopkins) hit a 43 yard free kick opportunity, the red Panther 3:3. Jonathan Stewart - running back panther (Jonathan Stewart) on the left side rushed down the ball 15 yards, and Brown took over concores (Corey Brown) with short run 14 yards. Enter the red half, unguarded wide receiver Ted Jean finished 30 yards the ball in the end zone, touchdown, leading the red Panther 10:3. 7 points behind the Redskins to pass, Kirk - cousins pass by Qiang Wei Kurt Coleman (Kurt Coleman) steals, Coleman 37 return yards, led the team to the red half of the 24 yard line. The game was in the second quarter, the Panthers took the opportunity to hit a 23 yard free kick by Graham ganor, Panther 13:3 lead. Redskins third out again. Panthers quarterback Newton in the head cam have been hit since that earned a yellow flag, but because the opponent was a blow at an unsportsmanlike foul, the Panthers had to punt in our side. Red 〉

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