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The first home shirt of the Baoding large team a league is light blue as a whole, decorated with a new trend of gradual stripe, showing a new and positive spirit of the new army. Jersey back right side home court also joined a Chinese freehand blue dragon, the core part of it comes from the club badge. and home court Jersey collocation is black shorts and blue socks, shorts with blue stripes side. and away shirt collocation is blue shorts and white socks. away on both sides of the body and the back with more breathable mesh, to ensure that the outstanding player in high strength against the play. Away Jersey blue into multiple changing seaman lines, shaped like a breeze blowing over Baiyangdian on the waves, show the Baoding local pride natural scenery. details, two shirt collar embroidery after "Zhili (Zhili)" two words powerful, Baoding in the Qing Dynasty and early Republic served as capital of Zhili Province, has an important position in politics and economy, Zhili culture has become the history and culture of Baoding in an indispensable part. a shorts waist also sho cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ws "Zhili (Zhili)" two words, echoes with the design of the shirt collar. in addition, "Hebei" two words appear in a right rear leg pants, stressed Baoding as part of Hebei Province, Baoding brigade will fight for the Hebei football.NFL official website | North laurel packers football | status is changed In the last battle of the North District of the 2015 regular season of the season, 13-20 of the Green Bay Packers at home were lost to the Minnesota Vikings. The National League playoffs are all finalized at this time. The packing work for the No. 5 seed against the Washington Redskins, the Vikings as the No. 3 seed against No. 6 seed Seattle Seahawks in the home court. first quarter packers Vikings first tee. In the first section, both sides have the attack and defense each other, push forward some numbers but can not find a good way to solve the problem in the red area of the other side. The two sides cross the free kick. At the end of the first section, the Packers' home and the Vikings drew 3 to 3. second before five minutes both both defense group invariably imposed on the quarterback pressure, the biggest episode was the course of the conflict the Vikings wide receiver Digges and Stefan packers inside linebacker Mathews klein. The first half with 6 and a half when the Vikings began to promote the continuous, two more than 10 yards passing directly to the Green Bay 26 yards before the end. However, to push the ball into the red area of the packers, the Vikings could no longer find the chance to reach the array, only 3 points from the kicker. At the end of the half - time, the Vikings were 6 - 3, a little ahead of the national north champion. At the beginning of the second half of the , Peterson showed power in the first round of the Vikings. The last third attack by Peterson, the star running back three consecutive push to help deliver the goods, the Vikings first touchdown. 5 minutes and 02 seconds left in the third quarter, the Vikings quarterback Tactic jiwote - Bree at quarterback protection net torn after very panic, choose to use left hand passing by the packers cornerback Hyde steals. The Vikings challenge the unsuccessful, the attack and defense in situ conversion. A dramatic scene in the packers offense, Rodgers was sacked by the Vikings chose to throw the ball forward, back to pick up the ball after touchdown return. The packer protested that the referee did not blow and stop the game, but after the referee looked back to the video, the referee thought Rodgers passed the ball without the ball, so it was found to be effective. fourth was 6 minutes left, and the Rodgers brothers took the first match for the packers. The packers scored after the Vikings return nearly 70 yards back to attack the handkerchief Patterson, but at the last moment by the open player Crosby holds off the ball by the Green Bay, escape from death in a great catastrophe to regain the ball right. Rodgers has not been able to create a miracle, pass to wide receiver Jones pass in the end zone by the Vikings cornerback Rhodes steals. The final packer failed to create a miracle, and 13 to 20 was negative to the Vikings.The official website of NFL | spent fifth years to retain the option of Steelers rugby | di Castro According to NFL Albert - Brill media (Albert Breer) reported on Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers decided to guard David Di Castro (David Decastro) fifth year rookie option. The 2012 total twenty-fourth players became the San Diego team outside lightning guard Malvin Gram (Melvin Ingram) and the Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck), with the player of third by the use of this rule. for the Steelers, this decision is a do not need to. After having experienced a serious knee, Di Castro became better and better, becoming the first class guard in the league. In data statistics on the website, Di Castro could be the eighteenth of all 78 qualified guard fronts in the League last season. we believe that as long as Di Castro can continue to continue his own stability, it is not an extravagant hope to get a big contract in the future.Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Your Facebook name, photo & other personal information you make public on Facebook will appear with your comment, and may be used on ESPN's media platforms. Learn more.

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