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The New Jersey new home court fusion Club long tradition and is dominated by yellow find everything fresh and new, Jersey attracted a lot of attention, join the front shirt decoration fine black, black V collar and sleeves along the wide black lines constitute the overall appearance of the ball clothing. The BVB Leistungsversprechen (Dortmund commitment) rule can be seen in the collar of the fans, which is a traditional Club oath and promises to do better.recently, President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) said he appreciated the performance of Aaron Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of Green Bay Packers. You need to know that Obama himself is a big fan of the Chicago bear. Rodgers said after an interview, "I understand how hard it is for the president to encourage me as a bear's fan, and I thank you very much. He has a lot of responsibility, more than we have to do, so his comments are always on the right side, which is the greatest respect for me, and thank you very much. Remembe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r that when the forty-fifth Super Bowl received the president's reception, he gave me the feeling of being very approachable and very nice. in fact Obama detailed analysis of Rodgers's pocket and the pocket of the positioning of mobile feeling, Obama explained: "you need to be looked at in front of the fast moving receiver, and then moving constantly to ensure their own safety, I think this is a very good ability." recently suffered from shoulder injury. Rodgers's play ups and downs led to a series of losing games. Even fans accused him of being Olivia Munn's mistake. , in fact, the failure of the packers cannot be all blamed on Rodgers. At least, his data is excellent. And as a super fan of the bears, Obama can clearly understand the failure of the packers. news: Mccarthy: this week ressi will get a chance to????|?????????????????A??????????????????|??? The chart is: Mr. Hassan Mustafa, President of the international hand Federation, was interviewed by reporters (photography Xie Bin) Luca November 15th morning, deputy director of the International Association chairman Hassan Mr. Mustafa, Secretary General Zhu Er and the State General Administration of Sports Center bangleiqiu hand song Meng Wei in Guangzhou City, Dongpu middle school and primary school to carry out the investigation Jubei handball. President Mustafa and his delegation watched the training competition of Dongpu middle school handball team and the handball group gymnastics performance of Guangzhou primary school, and fully affirmed the handball achievements of Dongpu middle school and Che Po Primary School. At the same time, we should encourage schools and small hand players to continue to work hard to improve the skill level of handball and make a positive contribution to the development of Chinese handball. accompanied Yao Sujie, Minister of handball department, penning, director of China Handball Association's Teaching Committee and Guangzhou Tianhe District Education Bureau and other related leaders. (Paul)In the | softball games softball preliminaries: Guangdong | approximation Jiangsu to ensure that the top two outlet Cleveland March 27 Xishuangbanna Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) the Twelfth National softball preliminaries today in Yunnan Xishuangbanna Nan Jing Xincheng training base to continue: already qualified for the Jiangsu team with another victory in the championship game, the Guangdong team won the competition for the National Games finals last admission qualification. four Pelosi sends the system in the game, has won the National Games finals of the four teams fighting: Jiangsu team remain undefeated, with 10-1 victory over the Sichuan team, directly into the championship battle, to enter the top two; Beijing team defeated the Shanghai team in 5-1, the Beijing team won the team and Sichuan for another championship tickets qualification. five to eight Pei sends the system two games is directly related to the Twelfth National Games of softball last finals, so the competition is very fierce: Guangdong team with third innings 1 points and fifth consecutive hits bureau with 5 points, the final victory over the Henan team with a total score of 6-4, winning the last national Games ticket to the finals qualification. In another key competition of , Tianjin team decided to win the National Games finals and win eighth of the games with 5-4 victory over the Liberation Army and the liberation army. Tianjin team continued to retain the hope of entering the finals of the National Games. The next Tianjin team and Henan team battle, the loser will miss the final games, the winner will be with the Guangdong team will compete for the final ticket, a national final. The softball preliminaries of the National Games will be all closed in March 28th. With the announcement of the final ticket of the final of the National Games, the ranking of the preliminaries will also be produced. (finished)

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