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The official website of NFL | pirates cornerback Werwilson due to fireworks accident | football Tampa Bay pirate horn C.J. Wilson (C.J. Wilson) was injured in a fireworks accident last weekend, and his agent confirmed the news to ESPN. 's agent refused to discuss any details of the injury and said any further questions related to Wilson's situation would be answered by the team. The team said to the local media that they had known Wilson's accident but would not make any comments. , , 25, is the second NFL player who suffered a fireworks injury at the end of the independence day of the United States. The New York giant defender Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) injured his hand during the fireworks accident at the end of last week and still remains cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in hospital. Wilson played 2 games last season and got 4 tackles. He entered the last year of the two-year contract. In the 2015 season, his contract amount was $585 thousand in the unsecured base salary.before the start of the San Francisco 49 people attack attack is in a disastrous state in the season, but they are very happy to know that at least some of the best players, such as Alex - Boone guard (Alex Boone), can lead the team through the difficult transition. but Boone may have been out of the last game of a 49 player career. According to the NFL - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reporter of the NFL official network, Boone's medial collateral ligament was sprained and the season was reimbursed. He does not need surgical treatment. he will turn his attention to the free agent market. Before the start of the 2014 season, Boone once stopped training and finally won the battle of 49 men's high-level sawing. He persuaded them to move the bonus of the season to the season's salary. Rapoport reports that Boone's contract stipulates that he can't be labeled as a privileged player or a transitional label, so he will become a free agent almost next March. 28 year old Boone at the start of last season is a rumor, especially in the market lack of quality guard and the other team's first choice can not reach the requirements of the situation.The official website of NFL, Jaguar and patriots pre-season training in football will nest Although and two previous Super Bowls to meet a different, but Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) and Bill Bailey Cheik (Bill Belichick) and let their team with the opportunity to battle. Jacksonville Jaguars and new England Patriots will be 8.7-8.8 in Foxborough joint training, after the season at the Gillette stadium. will have a chance to work together in the pre - season and the defending champions to be of great benefit to our team. Jaguar manager Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) said that we are very grateful to coach Bailey Cheik's invitation. The Jaguar also announced that the two days of training would be open to the public. The Patriots had also invited the Dezhou people to train together, but did not get a response. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Steelers continue to shuffle veteran defensive end cut | football Steelers fans next season will not see is known as a bearded veteran defensive end Bret - Kaiser (Brett Keisel) figure. Kaiser will lay off Steelers $1 million 500 thousand salary cap room. This is in the League for 13 years in the Steelers veteran was drafted 242 overall in the 02 year of the draft, the 06 season in the starting lineup, occupation career total made 30 sacks last season due to injury, he missed 4 games through the end of the season. Although has not defense group star, only 1 selected occupation bowl, but Kaiser's conscientious attitude and charitable activity has been well received by the Steelers fans love him.

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