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Our new Southampton football equipment network 2015-16 away kit provided by Adidas, in February of this year, the Southampton team announced that Adidas will return to Southampton news. The 2014-15 season of the Southampton shirt for the club's own production.buffalo Bill took over Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) to believe he could catch the first week of the game. Watkins participated in the training on Tuesday. During the interview, the two grader revealed that he could play in the match with Indianapolis pony. "I think I'm ready," said Watkins. What I need to do now is to make my body and body get ready for the best game, I need to do some confrontation and then come out in the first week. Watkins said the injury was in the past and did not worry about it: "the coach and the staff helped me a lot, and the injuries were completely solved." I have the ability to finish a whole game now. " the new season, Bill will be the starting quarterback Taylor de Taylor (Tyrod Taylor), he and Watkins in training on Tuesday and trained 28 stalls. Last sea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping son, while playing with Kell - Orton (Kyle Orton), Watkins still contributed to 4 games with over a hundred yards. In the new season, he hopes to continue to make progress.The official website of NFL | football commentator -- Scarlett in cross-border interview | football each year to participate in the marathon enthusiasts every year to participate in thousands on thousands of, basketball commentators across the screen, every year English major students are innumerable beyond measure. However, running and running in Jiayou throughout the marathon, running to team to do charity; with age from 2 million players in the NBA commentary contest to become the two member of talent shows itself, on behalf of the United States is the only CCTV commentary NBA all star game, and the only explanation has been engaged in the basketball. This one to scarlett. famous basketball CCTV commentary on Kerry recently appeared in the NFL weekend football scene, this time the narrator does not discuss whether James's dunk force split Huashan, but took off his shirt, suit, wearing a chest shoulder pad of the New Orleans Saints Football Badge, hand holding a black and white Riddell Revolution helmet, NFL in comprehensive training, although you can not see the past chic elegant, but cross Tim strong and brave. Group a CCTV football team? I took over the outside line, but the center is Shatong CCTV commentator NFL to football weekend is not the first time in the first week of September 14th event, football poet He Wei had come to Beijing Normal University experience, and said in an interview to play quarterback, and Scarlett had repeatedly said that for the wide receiver position, if CCTV to group a football team. And who can get a position in the attack and defense, the secret service in the group? other position I have to think about it, but the center should allow Zhang Bin to play or Shatong, just a regular a substitute, only they can give a sense of security He Wei quarterback, almost without thinking, she is in the two big finalized a core position, other position, two the running back was arranged for Duan Xuan and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, Kerry explained Duan Xuan will play football, running too fast, when he and Zhang Bin is the team 'a high one', although in the past so long, "high" that is not how to run, but I still want to believe the "fast" or run very fast. Cornerback defense group has been left to two young colleagues -- basketball commentator Liu Xingyu and tennis commentator Zhang Sheng, who is a professional Rowing Athlete Liu Xingyu, upper limb strength, good physical condition, can play defense solid backing; while Zhang Sheng benefited from long-term exercise, body and endurance not bad. , in fact, the position of the quarterback should be further considered. In Jijia's memory, he didn't run fast before, because he commentated football in the early morning, so he couldn't keep up with our normal playing time.The official website of NFL | Justin Smith consider joining the alma mater team coach | football Justin Smith (Justin Smith) earlier this year announced his retirement from NFL, but the former San Francisco star 49 people may not get away from football for long. University of Missouri coach Gary Ping Kerr (Gary Pinkel) said Smith, who was playing the role of University of Missouri for 1998-2000, is considering training as an assistant coach to join the coach team of his alma mater. Smith, who retired from 49 people in May, ended his 14 year NFL career and worked for the Cincinnati tigers in the first half of his career. After the news of Smith's retirement, Pinkel made a push on tweet and thanked the latter. Ping Kerr said Smith was building a ranch in Columbia, Missouri. During his last season in Missouri, Smith's data were impressive. He got the top 81 tackles of the team, 24 of which resulted in the loss of the opponent's number, and the other 11. he came from the city of Jefferson, the state capital, about 25 miles south of Columbia. He will live in Columbia, and we will hope that he will come back, said Kerr. I talked to the current quarterback coach, Andy Hill, who recruited his current quarterback, and let's wait and see.

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