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Water polo | men's doubles 10 meter Taiwan Lin Yue / Chen Aisen | Chinese won 4 consecutive strong ascent Lin Yue (right) / Chen Aisen displays the gold medal after the award ceremony. On the same day, in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games men's double ten meter final, the Chinese combination Lin Yue / Chen Aisen won the total with a total of 496.98 points. Cao Can, a journalist from Xinhua news agency, China IOC official website news August 9th, 2016 Rio Olympic diving project continues, men's ten meter platform, Chinese combination of Lin Yue / Chen Aisen leading the way, to win the championship by 496.98 points, Chinese team to achieve four consecutive Olympic Games of this project, and Lin Yue / Chen Ai Sen also achieved double jumping Grand Slam (a collection of the Olympic Games, world championships, world cup champion). The United States 31 / Johnson with 457.11 points to win the silver medal, the combination Daly Goodfellow won the bronze medal with 444.45 points. Since the diving double project into the Olympic Games, China team lost the first man ten meter double gold medal, until the Athens Olympic Games, China team before recovering, and have three consecutive gold medal, the award was Tian Liang / Yang Jinghui, Huo Liang and Lin Yue / Cao edge / Zhang Yanquan. Rio cycle, Lin Yue and Chen Aisen has become a fixed partner, two people got the Kazan World Championships, wor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ld cup champion Rio this year, in good condition. Lin Yue / Chen Aisen including the main rival in the final Rio World Cup runner up the combination Daly Goodfellow Rio, the world cup runner up Germany combination Klein / Haositing, London Olympic silver medalist Garcia of Mexico / Sanchez, Russia's Slech, Ukraine Minnie Nazarbayev / Dole / Gore J Corvo Geoff, the United States gove 31 / Johnson. The final has six rounds of action, the first two rounds are the prescribed action, the difficulty is 2, then the optional action. The first round of the game, Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choose the difficulty factor of 2 101B (forward somersault half pike) action, two people very good synchronization, the water tower also successfully suppressed, almost no flaws, they got a good score of 57, ranked first, followed by 31 / Johnson 54 points, wear Lee Goodfellow and Garcia Sanchez are 51.60 points, ranked tied for third. The second round of , Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choose the difficulty factor of 2 401B (inward somersault half pike) action, the two player action in a clean manner, open the link is slightly out of sync, but very small, they successfully control the water into the water, get the 57 points, a total score of 114 points, ranking the first. 31 / Johnson with 107.40 points, followed by Daley Goodfellow with 101.40 points ranked third, Garcia / Sanchez ranked fourth with 100.80 points. third wheel, Lin Yue / Chen Aisen choice 〉The official website of NFL | back to the glory days of starting point? Welker's visit to | dolphins Rugby Miami dolphins will meet a player who has been sent away by them. NFL official website (Ian Rapoport) - Ian Rapoport reported that Welker - wide receiver Weiss (Wes Welker) will visit the dolphins on Wednesday, this is his first visit to this offseason known. the unsuccessful rookie into the League for 33 years and took over the start of the 2004 season high stage of their own occupation career in the dolphin, he had only stayed in San Diego lightning game. He played in dolphin's third season, he made 67 receptions for 687 yards and 1 touchdowns. The subsequent offseason he was Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) with a second round and a seventh round pick price traded to the new England patriots. There, Welker became one of the most high-yield grooves in the new millennium, with more than 1000 yards in 5 seasons in 6 seasons for patriots. He has played for the Denver Mustang for the past 2 seasons. 's career in a series of concussions after 11 seasons put his career in danger. Last season Welker in violation of regulations after the expiration due to doping ban played in 8 games and missed 2 games. He couldn't pull up the space with his opponent's corner guards, and only got 464 yards from 49 passes. That's the lowest data he has ever received since he came out of the second season of dolphins. if dolphins now choose to sign Welker, it is most likely that he will be a young overseas catcher to guide dolphins to be gathered as a forefathers, including Jarvis Landry (Jarvis Landry) and Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), who has recently been traded.recently, Footy Headlines has made an early exposure of Real Madrid's Stadium shirt template for next season's West Liga game. images are derived from Footy Headlines 's home shirt reminds us of the 2005/06 season's Real Madrid, and the guest shirts are characterized by innovative skew stripes. The picture comes from the ASP Footy Headlines said about Real Madrid next season in the Jersey, Adidas will make a return to the classic style, New Jersey and Real Madrid home court during the 2005/06 season Jersey is not what is different, both are decorated with black stripes the classic white shirt next season will also home court and traditional white shorts and the combination of socks. images are derived from Footy Headlines tournament Jersey seems to show an innovative design, including oblique stripe, which is composed of smaller stripes, which also gives people a gray shadow effect. The sponsor's logo is black on the home shirt and white on the passenger shirt.The run Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) glory of buffalo Bill's career has come to an end. The team announced on Monday that they had cut the old man. Jackson has worked for Bill for ten years. Doug Wiley (Doug Whaley), the general manager of the team, said in a statement: "today, we make a hard decision to cut Fred Jackson. He has devoted an incredible career to the team for ten years. Jackson, 34, has been the main runner of the team in the past 8 seasons. When he played Bill, the best season was in 2009, when he led the team in the 1062 yards of the ball code number. He had punched the ball code for more than 900 yards in two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. He's in Bill's career in a total of 5646 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns, which made him very popular with the fans, and he is also one of the team captain. Bill surprised him, but Jackson's age and the annual salary of 2 million 350 thousand dollars made Bill decide to find another person. They didn't even ask Jackson to reduce their salary. He feels like by coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) typical players love, but Bill ran Wei Jackson liesle position overcrowding, Sean - Mccoy (LeSean McCoy), and Anthony - Dixon (Anthony Dixon), Brice Brown (Bryce Brown) - Williams and rookie Carlos (Karlos Williams) competition time. Jackson must have a chance to find a new job on another team. His presence is still better than a lot of young running guards, but Bill fans are sure he won't be able to wear other team shirts.

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